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Diggins 6: Skylar's Hobby of Note

Skylar's Hobby of Note

June 7, 2013 | Anthony Oliva,

Sometimes being classified as a standout point guard just isnt enough. So many of the games best distributors -- because of their unique styles -- can only be analyzed in metaphors. Theyre poets. Magicians. Wizards.

In Skylar Diggins case, how about musician?

The 22-year-old point guard, whos known for being able to keep her teams offense in rhythm, has found a new hobby for when shes not racking up assists.

Ive been playing my keyboard now in my free time, said Diggins, who picked up the new instrument three or four months ago. I took piano lessons at Notre Dame, so Im trying to spend my time learning a new instrument and perfecting it.

On the court, Diggins is the one dishing out all the direction, making sure her teammates are where they need to be. When she sits in front of her keyboard, however, she becomes the one taking the direction.

I just look up songs to play on YouTube and go to the piano tutorial and try to figure it out, Diggins said.

So if youre one of her neighbors -- although Diggins says she reserves practicing the keyboard for normal hours -- what might you hear her play?

Popular songs, Diggins said. Typically artists that play the piano like John Legend and Alicia Keys. Rihanna has a song called Stay and its on the piano so I learned how to play that. Its fun being able to play some of my favorite songs.

One thing you wont hear much of, however, is Skylar singing along to her songs.

Maybe just to move me along, Diggins said with a laugh.

Diving into music isnt something new for Diggins, although its been a while since shes been able to devote ample time to it -- time that she has discovered as a result of not having college courses to worry about.

In elementary school I could play all the string instruments, Diggins remembered. I was pretty good at the cello and the violin, but I stopped when I really started getting into basketball heavy. But now that I have so much free time, its good just to be able to pick up a new hobby.

Listening to music -- which Skylar says started with her parents being avid fans of 90s music when she was growing up -- is a big part of Diggins daily routine. She even listens to music whenever she is in the gym or shooting around.

It helps me catch that rhythm, Diggins said.

Skylar -- who has seen so much of her life of change over the past two months, what with graduating from college, getting drafted and becoming an even bigger national celebrity nearly overnight -- said that music has become a bit of an escape for her. An escape from the good, the bad and everything in between.

Theres a song for everything, for every moment, Diggins said. If youre really happy, if youre down, whatever mood you have, theres a song for it and a song you can relate to, so thats why I love it.