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Looking Back, Looking Ahead

August 1, 2013 | Anthony Oliva, WNBA.com

Skylar Diggins and the Tulsa Shock tip off their second half of the season on Friday, August 2 against the Los Angeles Sparks. Sitting at 6-15, just 2.5 games out of the last playoff seed in the Western Conference, Skylar and the Shock still have plenty to play for the rest of the way. Before she devotes her energies to a playoff push, however, Skylar took some time to look back at the first half of her rookie season and also talk about what she expects out of the second half.

WNBA.com: Looking back on the first half of the season, what has been your top moment on the court?

Skylar Diggins: It would probably be the first game that I played because I put on that WNBA jersey and it kind of all came to life. It was surreal for me because I was just in a Notre Dame uniform a couple months ago and now Iím in the WNBA. So thatís probably the proudest moment I had, that first game of the season where I got to put my jersey on and it was official.

WNBA.com: Now focusing off the court, what has been the shining moment for you over the past few months?

Diggins: Getting drafted and graduating, that was pretty special. Graduation was a big moment for me and my family because I promised my mom I would go to college and get a degree and I told her when I got my degree Iíd give it to my mom.

It was special for me to share the moment with my family, my new Roc Nation family and my new Tulsa Shock family came out to support. Just being able to share that moment with so many people I care about and people that have been with me since day one, it was special. I am so blessed to be able to say I graduated from Notre Dame, which has always been a dream of mine, and from the No. 1 undergrad business program.

WNBA.com: From the time you got drafted Iím sure you had a perception about what life in the pros would be like. What has been the biggest surprise for you?

Diggins: I donít know, thatís a good question. I heard a lot about the game being fast and physical, but it really is. Itís a lot faster than the college game and itís very physical, very physical. Just going from being a senior in college and being protected as a good player, maybe you get the call when you get fouled, but in the league thatís not a foul. No blood, no foul in the league sometimes. Itís definitely a physical league, even I can attest to that, I had stitches my first day on the job, so itís a way more physical game that people talk about.

WNBA.com: Halfway through the season youíve been able to travel to many road arenas. Aside from playing in Tulsa, what has been your favorite place to play so far?

Diggins: Thatís a good question too. My favorite place to play is either L.A. or New York. Those are obviously very nice cities and thereís a lot to do there. I donít get to visit those cities very often so itís nice to be able to go and see some of the bigger cities in the country.

WNBA.com: If there was one thing you could have changed about your first half of the season, what would it be?

Diggins: Oh wow. Well Iíd want to play a little better. Yeah, that would be it. Obviously I wish we could have won more game, but I think that could be direct to what Iím saying, to maybe play a little better. I definitely didnít have the start that I wanted to, but Iím looking forward to this last part of the season so we can finish strong.

WNBA.com: Our first call, we talked about adjusting to living on your own and away from campus life. I remember you were experimenting with cooking and cooking tacos. How has your adjustment to life out of college and your cooking progressed?

Diggins: Yeah, my cooking is almost non-existent, but Iíve been trying to do better. I get kind of lazy in the season, where Iím like I want to go to a restaurant and have someone cook something for me or something, but itís been okay. Iíve been trying to cook once a week, but now weíre so busy on the road and stuff like that, but Iím just really poor at cooking right now. Hopefully I can start getting a little better.

WNBA.com: I know youíve had a ton of media attention and a ton of fan attention, what has been the strangest question or request youíve gotten over the season's first half?

Diggins: I get some pretty strange ones from people just wanting to -- I donít know if theyíre serious or not -- but I get questions if I say Iím in a certain city asking like where I am going to be or where Iím staying or if I wanna meet up or grab lunch. I donít think thatís too bad, but Iím not even going to tell you the worst that Iíve gotten. But the most frequent is Ďwill you marry me.í I get that a lot.

WNBA.com: I know youíre only halfway through the season, but people always talk about the rookie wall? Does the rookie wall exist?

Diggins: No I havenít experienced it. Iím young, Iím energetic. Of course it is a little quicker pace like I said and youíre traveling so much, but now I actually feel like I have more down time than ever. I donít have classes, I donít to worry about group meetings or tests or anything things like that pertaining to class, so now I just kind of live for practice. Itís the best job in the world. You donít have to work 9-to-5, you just come in and work really hard for the time that youíre in the gym or in the weight room or what have you, so yeah Iíve had a lot of time to rest my body and rest is so important. If you donít have rest -- doesnít matter if youíre a rookie or not -- youíre going to be tired and fatigued. Iím sure it exists, but Iíve been lucky enough not to run into it yet.

WNBA.com: You said you didnít know much about Tulsa before you moved there. What are you initial impressions of the city and what do you like about it?

Diggins: I still get lost sometimes around here. I really donít do too much. Iím really boring actually. Itís kind of sad, but from what I heard, I heard that people in Tulsa are really nice and that held true. People have been super nice and the fans are loyal and thatís something about Tulsa that I know now, that every part of the city of I go, people are so nice, whether they know I play basketball or not, so I think thatís special.

WNBA.com: I think I know it, but what is the goal for the Tulsa Shock in the second half?

Diggins: The goal is to make the playoffs. Thatís been the goal and the crazy part is we still have a chance. We let a lot games go that we were in position to win and that shows our youth, but at this point itís time to really buckle down. Every game is like a playoff game for us so thatís where we are now.

WNBA.com: Is there anything for you, either statistically or in general, that you have set as a goal for the second half?

Diggins: I want my assist-to-turnover ratio to be better and I just want to make my open shots. Thatíd be great. This league is all about making shots and my shot hasnít been falling like it should, like I thought itíd be, but yeah, I just want to be better in every category Ö and I donít want to think too much. Thatís when I donít play very good basketball, when I think too much. I just want to improve and get better and win more games.

WNBA.com: Heading into the second half, is there, for any reason, a specific matchup that you have circled on your calendar?

Diggins: I canít think of one in particular but I guess Iím going to be pumped up for every one because we have to win these games now at this point in the season where we are. We have to approach every game like itís a playoff game.

The first half of the season didnít start like I wanted it to as far as individually and as far as our record goes. Our season hasnít gone how I planned or anyone had planned, Iím sure of it, but at this point now, you canít cry over spilled milk. I think that itís just all about moving forward. We canít go back and make a new start, but we can make a new finish. So thatís when Iím looking forward to the most.