Have You Seen Her? Rebekkah Brunson

Sacramento Monarchs forward Rebekkah Brunson is coming off a breakout season in which she earned a regular spot in the Monarchs starting lineup, was rewarded with a trip to the All-Star Game and made the All-Defensive 2nd Team. Despite all her accolades last season, the four-year veteran remains one of the league's more unheralded stars, but that's not likely to last if her career continues its upward trend in 2008. Take time out to learn more about the Monarchs marvel in this Q&A with Brunson conducted by WNBA.com.

Q: What is your motivation when you don’t feel like working out, running that extra mile, waking up early, etc.?
BRUNSON: “Knowing that when I’m not doing something, someone else is. If I’m not working out, someone else is working out. So I’ve got to keep up.”

Q: Was there a time in your career/lifetime of playing basketball when you thought about giving up the game because it may have been taking up too much time, you didn’t think you were good enough, etc.?
BRUNSON: “Well, I thought that I wouldn’t want to play when it became a job. When it was something I had to do, I didn’t think I’d want to play it any longer. But I’m still here and I’m still enjoying it. And I think I’m going to stick around for a while.”

Q: What got you beyond that?
BRUNSON: “Just the love of the game got me beyond it, and that this is what I really, really wanted to do. I still enjoy it as much as I did when I was playing for fun.”

Q: Do you have any healthy snacks you prefer, good meals you rely on?
BRUNSON: “I’m not really a health nut, but everybody gets on me for liking low-fat granola cereal. It works. It’s good (laughs).”

Q: What’s your workout regimen like?
BRUNSON: “There isn’t really anything extra I can do. Overseas, I have somebody come over and work out with me working on shooting and cardio, stuff like that. I try to stay in the weight room. I try to eat right. I try to keep my body right.”

Q: What else drives you? Do you have other goals you have set for yourself off the court that you’re pursuing?
BRUNSON: “No. I don’t have anything set in stone right now that I would definitely like to do. I have some things in mind that I would like to do when I finish playing basketball, but it’s constantly changing. The more I grow as a person, the more the things I would like to do later on change. So it’s a work in progress.”

Q: Which is the most effective post move: turnaround fall-away J, hook shot, up-and-under?
BRUNSON: “I would have to say probably the up-and-under just because it’s something we work on all the time. Hook shot isn’t really my thing. Turnaround J works for me also, being able to elevate above other players.”

Q: What’s your favorite sock length: ankle, quarter or knee-high?
BRUNSON: “Ankle, definitely.”

Q: Best basketball movie: Hoosiers, White Men Can’t Jump, Hoop Dreams?
BRUNSON: “Hoop dreams!”

Q: What’s your favorite non-WNBA team in your city?
BRUNSON: “Non-WNBA? It would definitely be the Kings.”

Q: What’s your favorite big city: New York, Los Angeles or Chicago?
BRUNSON: “New York.”

Q: “Cereal, waffles or pancakes?”
BRUNSON: “Pancakes.”

Q: What’s your favorite type of movie: comedy, drama or horror?
BRUNSON: “Horror films.”

Q: What’s the best way to spend down-time on the road: go shopping, watch a movie, or catch some zzz’s? BRUNSON: “Those are all great options, but shopping is definitely what I would be doing.”

Q: What game show would you most like to appear on: Deal or No Deal, Are You Smarter Than a Fifth-Grader?, or The Price is Right?
BRUNSON: “The Price is Right!”

Q: What’s the best way to get to a game: plane, train or bus?
BRUNSON: “Plane.”

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