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Fans had questions and now players have answers. From all over the country, fans wrote in to the Seattle Storm, asking players and coaches about what's happening on the court and about life off the court. The Storm have happily responded, revealing the inside scoop here on

Questions for Sue Bird

What song best describes Lauren Jackson?
-Amits, Manila, Philippines

The song that best describes Lauren is Party Like a Rock Star. I am sure she is going to love that I said that.

What was your first impression of Diana Taurasi?
-Anaphe, Philippines

The first time I met Dee was on her recruiting trip to Connecticut. We talk about it all the time. She was very outgoing and very personable. She still is. She is a jokester. If any fan ever sees Diana, ask her about the first time we took her out at Connecticut. That is always a favorite story. Her dance moves were very West Coast and she was on the East Coast, so that is something I will always remember.

What is the hardest part of not being able to play due to injury?
-Erin, Mukilteo, Wash.

Just watching, as a competitor you want to be out there and you want to be helping your team, especially if things aren't going that well. If you are losing a game, it is hard to just sit there and not have any control and not be able to give anything. At the same time you always just want to be supportive and be that cheerleader. So that is what I tried to do in the five games that I was out.

I got injured and I am afraid I will be timid when I get back in fear of hurting myself again. Do you have any advice?
-Christa, Wilbraham, Mass.

I have had three knee surgeries now: first was an ACL, the second was a microfracture and then the third one was just a scope. With all three experiences I learned that you can't let your mind take over your body. If you are going to get hurt you are going to get hurt, whether you are tentative or whether you are aggressive. It is probably going to happen if it is supposed to happen. So I would just play free and not worry about it.

Have you ever played one-on-one with Diana Taurasi? If so, who won?
-Karen, Seattle, Wash.
This past season in Russia we did it a couple times. More so jokingly, so I really don't know if there was an actual winner but she posted me up all night, so she might get the "W" in that one.

What is your favorite basketball/sports movie?
-JB Calhoun, La.
My favorite basketball movie is definitely Blue Chips because of the cameos that are in there. Sometimes you go back and watch that and it is kind of funny. But I also liked Hoosiers and the feel-good basketball type movies.

What is the one question you get tired of answering?
-Andy, Wash.
Recently, the one question I get tired of answering is "What are you going to do if your team moves to Oklahoma?" I am kind of sick of that one. Longer term, though, I'm tired of answering if I am related to Larry Bird. That one is played out, but I still get a laugh out of it.

Questions for Coach Anne Donovan

Who do you think would pose the biggest challenge for Seattle in the playoffs?
-Camille, Seattle, Wash.
It is really difficult to pick a team from the East. Obviously Detroit and Indiana have been playing great basketball all year. Connecticut is certainly making a push right now at the right time of the year. You want to be playing your best basketball in the second half of the season, which they certainly are. With New York and Washington, there is no telling who is going to be there in the end.

Do the talks about the Seattle franchise moving affect the team's overall play?
-Kayla, Oklahoma City, Okla.

I don't believe they do, no. I think once the jump ball goes up, all distractions, no matter what they are, pretty much disappear.

How do you think Sue's return will help the Storm capture a playoff spot and will it take pressure off of Lauren?
Dana, Washington D.C.

It definitely will do both those things. Sue is one of the best players in the WNBA and she is also the catalyst for our team. Lauren's the MVP this year, for sure, but Sue is what makes our team go, so we have definitely missed her since she has been gone.

Questions for Lauren Jackson

What player do you enjoy playing against and why?
-Carolyn, Davao, Texas

I enjoy playing against everybody. But obviously when Lisa Leslie was playing, I really enjoyed playing against her, because it is such a competitive battle. But everyone in this league is pretty good.

How do you stay motivated after experiencing tough losses?
-Amits, Manila, Philippines

You've just got to get back on the horse. Our team has been up and down for a long time now, so you just get used to it.

Having played these past few games without Sue, other players had to step up. How well does that equip the team depth-wise going forward?
-Susan, Stanthorpe, Australia

I think everyone got a little more confidence. It was really bad when Sue went down and had to have surgery, but most of the other players stepped up and got a little bit of confidence out of it. Hopefully that helps our team in the long run.

Lauren, I was reading in Sports Illustrated that you want to finish your WNBA career in Seattle? If Seattle does relocate, would you stay with the team?
-Lauren, Brownsburg, Ind.
Depending on where they went. Obviously it would be a serious consideration, but I don't know how I'd feel about living in Oklahoma. I don't know if that would suit my style or not. It is going to be hard for me to relocate after spending so long in Seattle. I feel at home here now.

If you could have any player from anywhere in the world to join the Storm tomorrow, which player would you choose?
-LT, Brisbane, Australia

Probably Diana Taurasi. She is the best player in the league.

You play overseas after the WNBA season is over. How does the competition there compare to the WNBA?
-Kevin, Halifax, Nova Scotia

The WNBA is definitely the best league in the world. The players over here are the highest quality in the world.

Do you have a daily routine or superstition that you follow before games?
-Brittney, Springfield, Ore.

I have a few. I listen to music. I get ready an hour before we leave. But mostly lots of loud music, stuff like Marilyn Manson and Nine Inch Nails.

Questions for Iziane Castro Marques

What do you think is the biggest adjustment having to play with the bigger ball back home and then playing with the smaller WNBA ball?
-Jasmine, Charleston, S.C.
It is very different changing balls, especially for shooters. You have to feel the ball in your hands and grip it, too. It is hard when the ball is bigger especially for the shooting. I prefer the smaller ball.

If you couldn't wear the number you are now, what would be your next choice and why?
-Jess Greenville, N.C.
I would wear No. 4 because that was Hortência's number. She is my idol. She played basketball for the national team in Brazil back in the day.

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