WNBA.com Pick One Challenge
Welcome to Pick One Challenge, WNBA.com's new daily pick fantasy game. If you're looking for a low maintenance, high excitement, strategy-based fantasy challenge, Pick One is your game! Create a league and invite your friends or join a public league with fans from around the world. Pick for fun, pick for prizes, but just Pick One!

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How it Works
  • Each day, select one player and collect fantasy points based on that player�s performance.
  • Score one fantasy point for every point, rebound and assist your selection records in that day's game (Your total = P + R + A).
  • The catch: You can only use each player once throughout the entire season. Hint: Plan early, reserving players for days on which there are three or fewer games.
  • Set your lineup daily, weekly, or plan as many days in advance as you�d like. It�s up to you!
  • You must make your selection before the start of the first game of that day.
  • Everyone is eligible to win prizes (subject to Official Rules), but you can also heat up the competition by playing against your friends in public or private leagues.