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Read About The WNBA’s Partnership With FanDuel

Play the “Official One Day Fantasy Game of the WNBA” at FanDuel, which is a free-to-play daily fantasy game. The user’s objective is to create the best line-up within the defined salary cap to maximize their team’s fantasy score. Games will be live on any night there are two or more WNBA games being played.

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WNBA MySquad

WNBA MySquad is a real-time, in-game companion fantasy game that allows users to choose the player that they think will perform the best statistically throughout the game. When the selected player scores, rebounds or records assists, the user will gain points. Users can change their selected player as many times as they would like at any point during the game. To increase users’ chance to win, it is recommended that the game be played while attending a game live, or watching on broadcast, League Pass or Twitter.

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