Meet the Rookies: Alex Bentley

What are your impressions of living in Atlanta so far?

I love it. I absolutely love it. I love the city, I love the people and getting around is pretty quick and easy. Im having fun!

How is playing in the WNBA different than playing in college?

Its different because everyone is at a higher level. People are quicker, just as fast as you, smarter, stronger and its something that Im still adapting to.

You're from Indianapolis and had an internship with the Indiana Fever while you were in college. What did you do for them, and how did that help you as a basketball player?

Yes, I interned for them last summer. I was working with their video coordinator, so I was working with Xs and Os, and I watched, cut and edited a lot of film. Watching the game, learning it and seeing these players beforehand, it was helpful.

Is there another player (NBA or WNBA) that you would compare your style to, or whose style of play you admire?

I cant compare myself to anyone yet. I just got here and Im a rookie, so Im just learning from the great players here. But I love Derrick Roses game. I love how he pushes the ball up and how he can get inside the lane and create for his teammates, or get his shot off. He does it all.

What is your earliest memory of playing basketball?

Playing in the YMCA with all these boys, backing them down and getting lay-ups.

What is your all-time favorite basketball memory?

Im not sure, but hopefully it's still coming.

If you werent playing basketball, what would you be doing?

I would be in theater. Acting or something.

Tell us something interesting about yourself that people wouldnt know?

My mother is Filipino and Spanish, and my Dad is African American.