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Game Recognizes Game

Who knows these top prospects better than themselves? After four years of going head-to-head, we asked them to scout their fellow seniors and future WNBA colleagues.

Lindsay Bowen on Megan Duffy:
She has great leadership and command of the floor. We played them a couple of years ago and I remember that she is just a great point guard, a great passer with good court savvy. I think she can be a great player in the league.

Lindsay Bowen on Liz Shimek:
She is just a tough girl. She'll go hard all the time and will definitely make some coach happy. We were A.A.U. teammates, college roommates, college teammates... we've been through it all.

Alexis Kendrick on Shanna Zolman:
Shanna is a great player and one of the best shooters anywhere. Yet, she also does a great job of creating for her teammates.

Alexis Kendrick on Sherill Baker:
Flat out, the quickest player I've ever played with or against. You think you have the ball, then it's gone.

Alexis Kendrick on Fifi Camara:
She is a strong post player that we played this year in the NCAA Tournament. She works hard down low, has a good pull up jumper and is so good at getting rebounds,

Sherill Baker on Tye'sha Fluker
She's a good player in the post for Tennessee. She has really improved tremendously since her freshman year and I have to give her some real props . I hope she goes high in the Draft.

Sherill Baker on Alexis Kendrick:
Lex is great friend and I love her on the court, too. She goes hard every play in practice and in games, which is what I really admire that about her. She always takes it to the next level, so she should have no problem making it in the WNBA.

Sherill Baker on Dalila Eshe:
Yeah, she is really good. She'll do well in the WNBA, too. She just has to maintain her motivation and intensity, but I think more experience will help her tremendously.

Barbara Turner on Ann Strother:
Her best asset is her work ethic. She is one of the hardest working people I've ever played with. She is a great outside shooter, and at 6-2, can play inside and out. She has her mid-range also. She is also really good at using screens to get her shot off.

Barbara Turner on Brooke Queenan:
She is really good. Has a good face up game. Stretches defenses a bit and can knock in threes. Great footwork in the post. Really strong, nice base, great competitor.

Ambrosia Anderson on Kim Smith:
A solid, all-around player. She is good inside and out, whether rebounding, shooting the three or posting up smaller players at the 4, 3, 2 or 1. She has a great court sense and passes well. She is so coachable and will do anything asked of her. She also has great court sense and a good feel for the game.

Ambrosia Anderson on Shona Thorburn:
She has blossomed. Playing against us she was good but wow did she really come on in the NCAA Tournament. She can get any shot off and has a good vision of the court. She's quick, like a little Magic Johnson.

Liz Shimek on Lindsay Bowen:
A great player, I've been playing with her forever. She is a great passer and we know each other's games so well. She has a great ability to anticipate, not to mention an amazing shooter. She's amazing.

Liz Shimek on Crystal Smith:
Quick, and hit everything when we played them. She is athletic, plays hard, is aggressive, quick on defense and really pushes the ball.

Ann Strother on Barbara Turner:
She is a tough competitor. That's what I will say about Barbara... competitiveness. The way she played down the stretch is the Barb that I knew in high school and will remember. She is so versatile and can do so many different things. I know she is working to be more a of a guard and was an undersized post in college, but she has never had any problems.

Ann Strother on Cappie Pondexter:
I got the chance to play with her in high school for a U.S. Team, and to see her then and now, she has taken off. she is talented. One of the best I've ever played against.

Brooke Queenan on Ann Strother:
Every time we played her team, we had to think about her shooting and defend against it. She comes off handoffs well, but is such a tall, versatile guard who also posted up against us. She has great scoring ability.

Brooke Queenan on Cappie Pondexter:
Wow, she had some big games against us - 35, 37 points. She's just aggressive and drives to the basket. She is so good one-on-one.

Kerri Gardin on La'Tangela Atkinson:
Definitely a rebounding machine. A great rebounder, good defensive player who brings an aggressive attitude to whatever team she's on.

Kerri Gardin on Tiffany Stansbury:
A low block player, big, strong, aggressive, hard to play on the block one-on-one. We needed a lot of help on her.

Kerri Gardin on Tamara James:
A pure scorer. She can light it up many ways. She can shoot the 3, post you up, knock down a mid-range jumper and take it to the hole. She knows how to score and is also a very good defender and rebounder.

Tamara James on Monique Currie:
She is a big guard, which always is a plus, but she can shoot or create her own shot.

Dalila Eshe on Seimone Augustus:
Just an amazing player overall. She scores at will, and her team has depended on her. She will have no trouble at all making the trainsition to the WNBA. No trouble at all. Won't miss a beat. One of a kind. She has movements like guys players, which sets her aside from college competitors and will do the same in the WNBA. And such elevation. Yeah, an wwesome player and a nice woman.

Dalila Eshe on Alexis Kendrick:
A good player for Georgia out of the strong SEC. She is a very quick guard.... and as a shooter, she killed us this year. We always had a tough time with their guards. So I'd say aggressive, deadly shooter and good attacking the basket.

Tye'sha Fluker on Seimone augustus - she is a guard. Plying committed defense. Guard her a a team. No open shots. Play her smart.

Tye'sha Fluker on Shanna Zolman:
Known for her shooting ability, something very few people have... You can't leave her open. And even if she misses a couple, she'll come down and knock three in a row. She also is quite good at getting other people open and her mid-range game has gotten a lot better. A tough player to guard.

Tye'sha Fluker on Dalila Eshe:
Good post moves. You can't let her catch the ball or get the ball where she wants it.

Kristen Kovesdy on Nikki Blue:
An explosive player, a great leader, a great point guard. She can find people and likes to pass and shoot.

Kristen Kovesdy on Lisa Willis:
When she's hot, she's hot, and look out. She'll score 30 on us. With a great step-back-and-shoot, she has this great move where she rocks forward. So good from 3-point range and in.

Kristen Kovesdy on Kim Smith:
We played Utah in the NCAA Tournament and she was a great all-around player. You wouldn't expect it from her by looking at her, but she does great things for her team, those little things. She rebounds well and has good court awareness.

Abiola Wabara on Sophia Young:
Well, I guarded her every day the past 4 years in practices, so i know how good she is. She brings lots of excitement, a work ethic, a passion for game and is a quick learner. That will help.

Abiola Wabara on Erin Grant:
A great point guard. Great passer. Sees you open. That will help her teammates. She gives them the basll in the right places.

Nikki Blue on Lisa Willis:
I'm telling you, people are sleeping on her. She doesn't get the recognition she should, but she is one of the best in the nation. She WILL be a WNBA because of her work ethic. she works like a champion. She also has that killer mentaility that will make her standout in the WNBA. Her jumpshot is deadly, but she dribbles to the rack very dangerously.

Nikki Blue on Kristen Kovesdy:
She's really good. She killed us, I know that. A very good post player, great moves, great body. Big inside presence. She'll be great in the WNBA. She will bring a threat inside to a team that will make her hard to defend. Very great passer. Good scorer, good blocker. Good all-around. I would love to pass her the ball and get assists.

LaToya Davis on Sophia Young:
She is as athletic as I don't know what... She can shoot and also jump over you. She will be a great player and a team will be lucky to have her.

Kari Koch on Melanie Boeglin:
Such a tough player, also a very good defensive player. She gets to to the basket anytime she wants to and has improved on her shot.

Shanna Zolman on Sherill Baker:
Sherill Baker and I go way back ... the SEC connection. She's one of the best defenders I've ever gone against. She's so unbelievably quick. She's got quick hands, great hands. She's so explosive. She's a great guard.

Shanna Zolman on Tye-sha Fluker:
Tye's got an unbelievable body that she can just use to punish people down low. She's so strong and she's so big that, if she wants to and she get's the mindset to create space, she can definitely do whatever she wants to down low. She has gotten a lot better over the years with being able to finish, with contact also. She's a great force inside.

Shanna Zolman on Alexis Kendrick:
She's a great combo guard. I think she looks for her teammates a lot, especially in transition. She's a great person, a great personality. She's got a great pull-up jumper and she's also a very good defender too.

Kasha Terry on Monique Curry:
Monique is just an all-around great player. She's not cocky at all, but very condident in her game. It's always a pleasure to play against her. She always brings a lot of energy to her team. You can tell she's a real leader on her team.

Kasha Terry on Tamara James:
I don't think she likes me very much, just because we've met them so many times. I think we played them like three times last year. She is actually a great power forward. I really like her game. She was always the one we were worried about when it was time to play Miami. She's a great player and I have much respect for her.

Kasha Terry on Kerri Gardin:
The rebounder. She's a great rebounder. I love her game too. She's the one where coach was like "You gotta box out, you gotta box out." She's a great player and was always very respectful whenever we played them. She's a sweet girl.

Fifi Camara on Sherill Baker:
She's an incredible player and defender. She's very fast and she has fast hands. I think I would love to play with her instead of against her.

Fifi Camara on Alexis Kendrick:
She's a great leader on her team. She hit a couple of big shots against us. She seems comfortable all the time.

Fifi Camara on Liad Suez-Karni:
We played against Villanova this year and I think she did a pretty good job against us. She can shoot over people. She can defend inside as well and she's a very smart player.

Liad Suez-Karni on Barbara Turner:
Very athletic. Can do pretty much anything. She penetrates really well. She can go hard to the basket. She has great post moves. She hustles all of the time. She's a good leader and plays with a lot of heart.

Liad Suez-Karni on Brooke Quennan:
A very strong player. She has a good perimeter shot and good post moves. She's a good offensive rebounder.

Liad Suez-Karni on Fifi Camara:
She's a great scorer. She can do anything. She shoots threes, she can penetrate pretty well, has good post moves. A good scorer all-around.

Melanie Boeglin on Cassie Hager:
With her height, she has the ability to change the game on the defensive end of the floor. You have to adjust your shot to shoot over her. She has finesse on the offensive end. She can step out and shoot the three.

Melanie Boeglin on Kari Koch:
She is a great shooter and she's a great leader. She can play the one or the two. She's very versatile and on defense, she can really get after it. Her footspeed kind of shocks you. She's a lot quicker than most people think.

Crystal Kemp on Erin Grant:
She's a great point guard with great court vision. She's always finding her open teammates and actually penetrating to the basket when she her teammates are denied on the perimeter. Defensively, she brings great energy.

Crystal Kemp on LaToya Bond:
A great scorer and a very composed, very poised player. She makes it look easy for the most part. She's just a great player.

Christelle N'Garsanet on Brittany Wilkins:
She's a pretty good player. She's versatile. She's very strong in the post, she can shoot from 10-15 feet out and she can also shoot the three. She's a pretty strong rebounder and a pretty good defensive player.

Christelle N'Garsanet on Abiola Wabara:
She's a really good defender. She's really strong and can drive to the basket really strong. She can also post up and she's a really good defender.

LaToya Bond on LaToya Davis:
She's very good on the block and she's very athletic. She can jump and she's very hard to defend. She's very versatile. She can shoot the jumper out to 15 feet and she's a good defender also.

LaToya Bond on Crystal Kemp:
She's a great post player and a great presence inside. She's very hard to defend. She has great moves and she can also move out and hit the open shot.

Erin Grant on Crystal Kemp:
She's a big post presence, but she can also step outside and hit the three on you, so you really have to defend her. It was tough defending her because she can go inside and outside. And she's left-handed which helps her even more.

Erin Grant on LaToya Davis:
She's a hard worker and a hustler. She's so active around the basket and she gets things done. She was our go-to player this year and she finishes all the time. She has great hands and if you get it to her, she can finish it.

Erin Grant on Brittany Wilkins:
She's always a three-point threat. She did really well against us this year.

Crystal Smith on Cassie Hager:
She has long arms and she uses them really well. She can post really well. She just uses her arms and feet to get down low. She's a pretty good player.

Tiffany Stansbury on Tamara James:
She can really shoot and she can handle the ball for her size. She pretty much does it all.

Tiffany Stansbury on Kasha Terry:
She's a good post player. I really don't remember too much about her, because I didn't play that much in that game, but from what I saw, she was pretty good.

Tiffany Stansbury on La'Tangela Atkinson:
She's a leaper. She can jump. She's really not that tall, but she has hops. She plays bigger than she actually is.

Kim Smith on Ambrosia Anderson:
She's a great shooter, a lefty. She has great size on the perimeter and she's able to get to the lane as well. She can rebound with her size.

Kim Smith on Shona Thorburn:
She's a great passer and a great leader on the court. She can really get into the lane and penetrate and then she finds people in crazy places that you wouldn't think she would be able to. She always finds you when you're open.

Kim Smith on Kristen Kovesdy:
She's a great post player. She has a big, strong body in the lane and she uses both hands very well.

Debbie Merrill on Aya Traore:
She's long, athletic and she can really get up and down the court. She has a wonderful jump shot. Her jump shot is really sweet. Her game is very balanced.

Debbie Merrill on Megan Duffy:
I know she's a really good point guard. I watched her play in the NCAA Tournament. Her fundamentals are really good which is why I think she's such a good point guard.

Tara Boothe on Candice Dupree:
She's a tough player. I've had the chance to play against her for four years and obviously, I've had my shot blocked by her a couple of times. She's somebody that's been fun to play against for four years because she's such a competitor and it's always a battle when we play. Her arms seem so long and her ability to shoot over people is impressive.

Ashley Allen on Aya Traore:
One of her biggest strengths is her length. I think she uses it well. She can penetrate and she can shoot from the outside.

Ashley Allenon Debbie Merrill:
She's tough. Inside, outside. She can shoot the three, drive, make a move down in the low post and also play defense.

Cassie Hager on Crystal Smith:
She's a real quick player. She's great on defense. Offensively, she looks to create her own shots. She's real aggressive and she loves the game. She's a great passer and she sees the floor really well.

Cassie Hager on Melanie Boeglin:
She can get to the hoop any time she wants to. She's a great defender and she's realy quick. She sees the floor really well.

Cassie Hager on Kari Koch:
She's got a real quick first step and a quick release. She's a good defender and she just has a good knack for the whole game.

Megan Duffy on Ann Strother:
I think Ann's one of the best perimeter shooters in the country. Playing against her, she was No. 1 in the scouting report. We needed to shut her down. She has flourished into the kid that can hit the big shots down the stretch and she's always consistent.

Megan Duffy on Cappie Pondexter:
Cappie is one of the most talented, hard-nosed kids I've ever played against. I played against her at Rutgers and then with her for the USA World Championship team. She wants to win. She can score from any position on the floor. She's just got a lot of talent.

Megan Duffy on Barbara Turner:
We played high-school ball against each other as well. She's an excellent rebounder and a great athlete. She has really developed her perimeter game over the four years at UConn and this year, she really showed the type of player she was and really stepped up her game.

Tasha Williams on Aarica Ray-Boyd
"She's just a tremendous shooter. It's hard to find offensive players that are good defensively, but she's a good defensive player also.