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Sue Bird | Swin Cash | Stacey Dales-Schumann | Asjha Jones
Nikki Teasley | Tamika Williams | Sheila Lambert | Shaunzinski Gortman
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Sue Bird chatted live on following her selection as the No. 1 pick in the 2002 WNBA Draft. Here's what she had to say:

Ron (Virginia): Sue, Congrats on being the #1 pick! Can you describe how your feeling right now?

Sue Bird: I feel pretty good. I'm very excited about the upcoming season and I'm very happy to be working in a place like Seattle.

JC (Jersey): Hi Sue...congrats for a great college career and looking forward to watching you play at the next level. What do you think will be your biggest challenge your first year in the WNBA?

Sue Bird: It's a completely different ballgame. Now you're playing against the best in the world and obviously this is the highest level of basketball. So I hope to learn a lot.

kdh (springfield, ma): congrats sue! what do you think about heading so seatle? best of luck to you! we'll be watching and cheering for you!

Sue Bird: I've only been there once, but from that one experience I thought it was a really great city. I've only heard great things about it so I'm really looking forward to it.

Sue Bird: Thanks for chatting. Definitely check out the Seattle Storm this season! Go Seattle!

Swin Cash chatted live on following her selection as the No. 2 pick in the 2002 WNBA Draft. Here's what she had to say:

Washington, DC: I wish you would have slipped to us,Mystics, but your a great player and I wish you the best.

Swin Cash: Just very happy and blessed for this opportunity and just ready to get started.

Cybercast Moderator: What do you know about Detroit?

Swin Cash: I don't know too much about Detroit. I know they have good core players, I know they like to get up and down the floor. They're a very exciting group and hopefully I can add to the program.

Sue's fan from Taiwan: how u feel about u being the 2nd pick and sue's the 1st pick?

Swin Cash: I'm ecstatic. I'm so happy for everyone that's here. I'm so happy for Sue. Now I'm waiting for Asjha and Tamika. I didn't really care where I went in the draft, but to be selected No. 2 is a great honor.

Stacey Dales-Schumann chatted live on following her selection as the No. 3 pick in the 2002 WNBA Draft. Here's what she had to say:

Tisha(Oklahoma): Stacy, congrats on the draft and marriage, you've created some awesome memories for my sooners! Look forward to watching you with the Mystics!!!

Stacey Dales-Schuman: Well it's certainly been a lot of big events going on in my life as of late. I wouldn't trade any of them in the world. I'm very lucky, very blessed. I'm proud of Oklahoma and our challenge for the national championship. I was thrilled to marry a wonderful man and I'm excited to step into the challenge of the WNBA. I want to help them in whatever way I can.

CRISPYINTN: congrats Stacey....welcome to the Mystics...........a great match for your awsome talent dont you think? with holzclaw and the gang............are you pumped?

Stacey Dales-Schuman: How exciting is it to play with such talented players at Washington! When you're surrounded by exceptional players, you only get better yourself. I think this is a wonderful opportunity to be surrounded by such great players and be a part of something that I think can be really special.

Toni (OKC): Congrats Stacey! What will your new husband think about the new town?

Stacey Dales-Schuman: He's going to love it. He's right there with me in the fact that we are ready and prepared to step into a new life together. I think Washington DC is an incredible atmosphere, I think they have great fans and I'm looking forward to being a part of that.

Asjha Jones chatted live on following her selection as the No. 4 pick in the 2002 WNBA Draft. Here's what she had to say:

Carol, CT: Stacey & AJ ... you think it'll be more fun playing together than against each other?!

Asjha Jones: From the few minutes I've had with her, every time she's had me laughing. She's a great player -- I've played against her a couple times and off the court, she's hilarious.

Cybercast Moderator: How do you feel about going to Washington and playing for Pat Summitt?

Asjha Jones: Just based on the last few days, she showed how classy she was by coming into our locker room and telling us how great we played. So I think it's going to be great playing for such a classy lady.

Laura (CT): Hey Asjha! What do you think is going to be the biggest adjustment in playing in Washington in the WNBA from playing in college at UConn?

Gina-NJ: Asjah-Just wanted to say Congrats..Gina

Robin......CT: GO UCONN

Asjha Jones: It's not the fans because they are the largest in attendance. So just adjusting to the WNBA level and just adjusting to the new team I'm going to be on, my new teammates.

Julie (CT): AJ, are you excited to be playing close to home?

Asjha Jones: I'm definitely excited. When I saw they had two picks in the first round, I was hoping they would pick me because everyone I know, all of my friends were hoping I would go there. So they're probably more excited that I am.

Nikki Teasley chatted live on following her selection as the No. 5 pick in the 2002 WNBA Draft. Here's what she had to say:

Cybercast Moderator: Congratulations, how do you feel about playing at Portland and with Jackie?

Nikki Teasley: I'm excited. I played against Jackie and I played with her on the US team. She's a great player and works very hard. She's a great scorer and I love to pass so it's going to be great fun passing to someone who can score.

Laura (CT): Nikki, congrats! What do you think you can bring to the Fire this season?

Karen (Waterford, CT): Okay lets get TAMIKA drafted!! GO UCONN!!!!

Chapel Hill: Congrats Nikki I wish I could have been there! I will see you when you get home. Collis

Keesha, Va: Congratulations to Nikki Teasley. I wish you the best of luck!!!!

Nikki Teasley: I think I'll bring a lot of versatility, a lot of energy, excitement, flashiness, just looking to have a lot of fun.

Cybercast Moderator: What's going to be the biggest adjustment for you going to the West Coast?

Nikki Teasley: I don't know. The weather's pretty much the same in the summer. I think my biggest adjustment will be having to cook for myself because I can't cook! Being out on my own.

Tamika Williams chatted live on following her selection as the No. 6 pick in the 2002 WNBA Draft. Here's what she had to say:

Laura (CT): Major congrats to you, Tamika, and all your senior teammates!!! So how excited are you to be playing with Svet in Minnesota this season??

Tamika Williams: I think playing with Svetlana will be great. I played with her for three years. I know she'll stay on my case. I think she's a tremendous player out there, breaking her foot and coming back. She's a tremendous inspiration to me.

Uconn fan from Taiwan: Congrats, Tamika, how u feel about u, asjha, swin, and sue being the top 6 picks? how u feel about now you have to play against each other?

Tamika Williams: Being in the top six picks, we're really excited and playing against each other, we all know what to do. So we have a built-in scouting report. It's time to move on. I"m sure we're going to have dinner tonight and win or lose, we'll still remain friends.

Cybercast Moderator: What do you know about Minnesota, are you excited to play here??

Tamika Williams: I know they're one of the most physical teams in the league, with Katie Smith and Betty Lennox. I know they have some of the hardest practices in the league and I'm ready for that. I want to work hard, that's part of my personality so I want to go out and win some games this year.

Sheila Lambert chatted live on following her selection as the No. 7 pick in the 2002 WNBA Draft. Here's what she had to say:

Moderator: Sheila, how do you feel about being headed to Charlotte?

Sheila Lambert: I'm excited, I never thought about playing in Charlotte, but now that I think about it, playing with Dawn Staley will be a great advantage to me. Playing on the court with a great point will only do me good.

Don (Waco): Sheila, We loved watching you play this year. Any timetable on when you'll be over the ankle injury?

Sheila Lambert: I get my screws taken out in about three and a half weeks and then I can start rehab. It's kind of when my body recovers from it. It may be soon, it may be late, but I'm on a team now.

fan33: Sheila, how do you feel?

Sheila Lambert: I'm surprised I haven't cried yet. My mom's here and I haven't seen her in about seven months. So that's exciting having her in and her birthday was yesterday so I guess this was a good present, besides something she's going to want when I get some money.

Shaunzinski Gortman chatted live on following her selection as the No. 9 pick in the 2002 WNBA Draft. Here's what she had to say:

Cybercast Moderator: Congratulations, how do you feel about playing in Charlotte?

Shaunzinski Gortman: I'm really excited about playing in Charlotte. It's really close to home for my family and friends to come see me play and support me. That's really important to me.

Cybercast Moderator: The STing made it to the Finals last year, what will you bring to the team?

Shaunzinski Gortman: I think the Sting is a really great team and I'm excited to be able to play with Dawn Staley and all the great players on this team. I think I'll bring a lot to the table because I'm a really aggressive player and I think I'll be able to contribute a lot to this team.

Michelle Snow chatted live on following her selection as the No. 10 pick in the 2002 WNBA Draft. Here's what she had to say:

Orli: Congrats Michelle! Do you think you might dunk on Lisa in the Comets season opener? Good luck!

Michelle Snow: I don't think she'll let me do that. I really don't know what will happen. If God gives me the opportunity, I'll go for it.

Jwan (Queens, NY): Ms.Snow, you are going to a power packed team, how do you feel about joining the Comets?

Michelle Snow: I feel they're a great team. They've already proven themselves. Like they said, they're just missing that one player to get them back to where they were. Maybe rebounding, whatever they need, I'm willing to do that.

Cybercast Moderator: How does it feel knowing that you'll be playing against Pat Summitt's team and some of your ex teammates?

Michelle Snow: I mean it's exciting and I'm just really looking forward to it. Right now I'm just overwhelmed. I just found out where I'm going and I had no clue.

Charles B (Phoenix): Michelle, How are you going to do banging inside on the boards at this level?

Michelle Snow: The adjustment is a little different from college. It's very physical. I'm going to have to really work on getting stronger. I'm looking forward to seeing what I can do, what I can bring to the game and how I can help my team.

Hamchetou Maiga chatted live on following her selection as the No. 12 pick in the 2002 WNBA Draft. Here's what she had to say:

MattnVA: Hey hamchetou, congrats on a great season. How do you feel right now? How do you feel about playing with Ticha? Go Sacramento and ODU! Matt, with the Mace and Crown

Hamchétou Maïga: I'm really excited. I'm going to have the opportunity to play with some great players and I'm really looking forward to it.

Jwan (Queens, NY): Maiga, how will your versatility add to the Monarchs team concept, and will you be rooting for the Kings now in the NBA playoffs?

MattnVA: Hamchetou, How excited are you to be such a high pick in the WNBA! Go Sacramento. matt from ODU

Hamchétou Maïga: Yes, I'm excited because one of the things we say is once a Monarch always a Monarch. So that's a good thing. I can play a lot of positions on the floor and I'll be looking forward to whatever position the coach puts me in.

HoopMatron (Sacramento): Welcome to Sacramento, Tanti!!! Not only will you be playing with ODU grad Ticha, but Coach McHugh is an ODU alum. Have you met her before?

Hamchétou Maïga: That's of course a great pleasure for me to play with Ticha because I always wanted to do that but I came a year later. As for Coach McHugh that's great because she's from ODU and it won't be that big of a change.

Joe (Iowa City): Hamchetou, how do you feel about being picked top 15???

Hamchétou Maïga: I'd like to say thanks to all of them in Sacramento. I'm really excited and I've heard a lot of good things about them from Ticha. I'm looking forward to the opportunity. Being top 15, coming here, it's a pleasure to me to be in the top 15, but if it didn't happen, I wouldn't have been that upset. I still have to go to training camp, but I'm really happy about it.

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