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One-on-One With Jackie Stiles
April 18, 2002


Who better to talk draft day experience and give some insight into what Sue Bird, Stacey Dales-Schuman and the rest should expect in their first season than 2001 WNBA Rookie of the Year Jackie Stiles? Stiles will join WNBA.com as our cybercast hostess beginning at 11:15 a.m. ET on draft day, Friday, April 19, to answer your questions, to provide live insight on the draft, and to interview the draftees after they're selected.

As a rookie on the Portland Fire, Jackie overcame some critics' draft day doubts to lead the Fire in scoring (14.9 ppg), become a WNBA All-Star and garner the Rookie of the Year award, all in an amazing first season. Here's your chance to ask Stiles what the Storm should do with the No. 1 pick, who she sees as the top five rookies in 2002, who she'd like to play with this season and more!

Send in your questions now as Jackie chats live at 5:30 p.m. ET Thursday, April 18, then join Stiles right here on WNBA.com for the live cybercast of the 2002 WNBA Draft on Friday!

TIFF/N.J: How has being drafted changed your life? It being a part of the WNBA all that your dreamed of? Are you comfortable with being called a superstar?

Jackie Stiles: Defintley playing in the WNBA is a dream job for me, I wouldn't trade it for anything else, but I'll never consider myself a superstar!

Sarah- Forest City,NC: Hi Jackie. firstly I hope your wrist is all healed now! I was wondering if you have been asked advice ect from some of this years draft hopefull's?

Jackie Stiles: Yes, I've talked to a couple of players, Sheila Lambert and STacey Dales and it's a huge transition. You have to go through things like hiring an agent and the mixed emotions of who you'll be playing for and where. This time is very hectic, but also one of the most exciting times of your life.

Celeste: Who do you think the number 1 draft pick will be tomorrow? What do you do in the off season? Hope that the Portland Fire have a great season

Jackie Stiles: If I had to pick the #1 pick, I think that it will be Sue Bird. I was fortunate enough to play on her team with USA basketball and she's an incredible player because she makes everyone on the team so much better the way she sees the floor and she can hit the big shot. This offseason I went back to school to finish my degree, I rehabed my injury and traveled making appearances and worked out!

Sarah- Forest City,NC: Hi Jackie! Would you share your thoughs on how it feel's to be picked to train with team USA? Good luck this season!

Jackie Stiles: That was definitely a dream come true training with the national team players. i know I'm a long ways away, but my ultimate goal is to be an Olympian and the experience of working with the national team was great because it prepares me for next season.

GOJACKIE101: Who do you think will help the Fire the most. Maybe even reach the Playoffs. Best of Luck to you and the Fire. Go Fire and SMS

Jackie Stiles: THat's a tough quesiton because there are so many great players in this year's draft and you never know how players will make that transition in the first year because it is a tough one. I think we're looking along the lines of a point guard.

Rochester Hills: I want Sue Bird to come to Detroit! Do you think she will?

Jackie Stiles: I think she'll go #1 so if SEattle has the first pick then I think she'll be in Seattle.

Sarah*****: What's the one thing about you that would surprise people the most?

Jackie Stiles: I'm horrible with directions, I get lost constantly!

Sara*******: why did you choose jersey No. 10?

Jackie Stiles: My coach in college at SMS, Coach Burnett, wore it an Kansas. That's why I picked #10, my number #45, was taken by an upper classman.

Sweet P: You are awesome!!! Which player in the draft do you think has the most potential?

Jackie Stiles: THere are a lot of talented players that I think will be impact players. I think Sue Bird will have a great WNBA career because of what' she's done with her team at UConn. The UConn post players will also be great in this league. STacey Dales, Sheila Lambert, the list goes on and on with the players who will be great additions on their chosen teams.

HoopMatron (Sacramento): Given your amazing work ethic, I'm wondering what you've done in preparation for your new job as cybercast hostess. Have you been able to interview coaches and draft prospects in advance of tomorrow to get some insight? Is preparing for your job something like what radio broadcasters do -- learning names and key stats -- or is it more social?

Jackie Stiles: I'm a nervous wreck! This is the first time I've ever had to do anything like this, so you'll have to give me some breaks tomorrow. I spend most of my time on the court, so that hasn't left me a lot of time to prepare for these situations, but I'm learning as I go!

Tie (Los Altos, CA): Jackie, You are super role model for today's youth. Are the taller point guards (i.e. Nikki Teasley, Stacey Dales) revolutionizing the game and phasing out the Debbie Blacks, Dawn Staleys and Brandi McCains of the world?

Jackie Stiles: Definitely in this year's draft there are a lot of taller point guards which is something that is important in this league because the player's height in this league. For a team like POrtland wher eI'm at the two guard and one of the shortest guards at 5'10" it would help to have height for matchup reasons. But they don't take the place of players like Dawn Staley and Debbie Black who have tremendous heart and competitiveness. There will always be room for those types of players!

Skeet (Springfield, MO): Hi Jackie! I have a few questions for you. #1 Do you think this year's draft is as deep as last year's? #2 Out of the top prospects, who would you like to see playing for the Portland Fire this season? #3 If you were Coach Hargrove, who would you draft? Thanks and have a GREAT season!!!!

Jackie Stiles: I think this year's draft has a lot of talented players, but it isn't quite as deep from top to bottom. Who we'll get will depend a lot on which players go before we draft. We'll see what the best situation is when the fifth pick comes around.

B: Jackie, I was wondering if you prefer plain M&M's or peanut M&M's the best?? By the way, are you currently dating anybody??

Jackie Stiles: I like them both because I love junk food and anything with chocolate! My favorite junk food of all time is donuts.

milford ct: hey jackie!!! last year.. when you were waiting for your name to be called what was going thourgh your mind were u afarid that you would be put on a team that really didnt fit you thanks so much u rock

Jackie Stiles: I was afraid that nobody would take me at all! I had a lot of mixed emotions. IT was a dream come true to be at the draft, but I didn't know who I was going to be playing for, which city I would live in, whether I was going to fit in with my new team. You're very anxious to have closure and know where you're going to go. It's not like college where you get to pick, it's in the hands of the coaches. I was really lucky that coach Hargrove took a chance on me because I feel like Portland has been a great fit for me!

Sarah- Forest City,NC: Hi Jackie! So how does it feel to go from waiting to be picked in the draft to being picked to host the draft?

Jackie Stiles: I'm a little bit more relaxed this year because I'm not sitting in player's shoes where they have no idea where and when they're going to be going. I'm a bit nervous because this is a new experience for me but I'm excited I get to be here and see the draft first hand!

Gary (Southington): Even though I'm sure you'll say otherwise, you were the most potent scorer on last summer's Fire team, and like on SW Missouri St., teams found that the best way to stop the Fire was to stop you. Would a player who came in as an immediate scoring threat be more valuable to your team, or a proven floor leader. What players, besides Sue Bird, exemplify these traits best. Good luck this season!

Jackie Stiles: I think we need a combination of both. WE need somebody that's able to hit the perimeter shot to open things up for the inside but at the same time we need a leader who can distribute the ball. There are several point guards in this year's draft who can distribute and score Sheila Lambert, Nikki Teasley, Stacey Dales are some of the players that come to mind right now but I know there are several others who can fit the mold.

Thanks for all of your wonderful questions, I wish I had time to answer them all! I hope everybody tunes in tomorrow and follows the draft online with the cybercast! We start at 11:15amET! See you tomorrow!

Stiles to host WNBA.com Draft Cybercast

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