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One-on-One With Michelle Snow
April 12, 2002


Perhaps you may have seen her on SportsCenter highlights ... dunking. Or maybe you recognize her from the NCAA tournament ... Final Four. Or maybe you know her as an AP All-America honorable mention ... two consecutive years. Wherever you've seen Michelle Snow before, make sure you keep your eye on the 6-5 center out of Tennessee. As a consensus "top prospect" in the 2002 WNBA Draft, Snow is currently joining her fellow college seniors at WNBA Pre-Draft Camp in Chicago.

In a live chat from Pre-Draft Camp on Friday, April 12, Michelle talked about if she'll be the first woman to dunk in the WNBA, how Pre-Draft Camp is progressing, playing against former teammates and more! Here's what she had to say:

Tracey, Lexington, NC: First of all, I am a huge Lady Vols fan and season ticket holder and I want to thank you for all the memories you gave us fans. Just wanted to ask you how pre-draft camp is going and if you would like to go home and play in Florida?

Michelle Snow: Pre-Draft Camp is going very well. I'm very excited, having fun and getting a lot of competition. Of course I would love to come home and play, that's my home state!

Kim, Sacramento: What do you think about Coach Summitt's new role with the Washington Mystics?

Michelle Snow: I think it's an interesting role. I'm not really sure about approaching her because of her position, but I defnitely want to get out of her everything that I can. Of course, that team is at the top of my list -- I would love to play for them. I also want to make sure I stay focused on performing well at camp.

Barry (Columbus): What parts of your game have you been focusing on as the WNBA draft and season approach?

Michelle Snow: Rebounding and defense. Those are the top two things. Of course you have to shoot the ball, but I'm not as concerned about that as making sure that I'm a horse on the boards.

Gigi, San Diego: Michelle, I was in Maui when you dunked during the Maui Invitational Thanksgiving weekend 2000. The crowd erupted and it was as extremely exciting thing to see in person. I won't ask "if" you're going to dunk in the WNBA but "when?" Do you have a particular venue in mind? Madison Square Garden perhaps?

Michelle Snow: No, I don't have any venue in mind. I really don't even think about it, but whenver the opportunity presents itself, I am definitely going to go for it.

Katie (Waco): How did it feel to be one of the few women to ever dunk a basketball in a game?

Michelle Snow: It feels great, but I'm not satisfied. I want to keep taking it to the next level. My goal is to master the dunk. I've reached part of the goal, but I'm still hungry.

Orangelove from New York: Hi Michelle. Do you think you'll be more suited to play the 4 or 5 in the WNBA? Good luck in the draft.

Michelle Snow: I always see myself as a four because the weight is not there yet. But, I want to be versatile and play both. It has advantages and disadvantages because I can't outweigh them, but I am quick. I love to play both.

William (Elizabethtown, NC): If you were a WNBA coach, who would be your top selection in the draft, and why? GOOD LUCK!

Michelle Snow: Michelle Snow!! Come on!!! (laughs) She works hard, she wants to get better and she has tons of potential! I haven't tapped my potential yet. I'm not gonna vote for anyone else, come on!

Dawnieka Green/Atlanta: Michelle, how do you think it will be playing in the WNBA after playing for Coach Summitt's program at Tennessee?

Michelle Snow: I'm not really sure. I've heard that it's different. The players are extremely strong and physical. As far as the pace, we're pretty uptempo at Tennessee, but I definitely have to get stronger because it's a pretty physical game. Year in and year out we go against the best and that helps a lot.

Mike from Milwaukee: Hi Michelle! If you had to liken yourself to a current WNBA player, who would that be?

Michelle Snow: As far as who I play like? I really don't know who I play like, I've never been compared to anyone. I do like the versatiliy of Lisa Leslie's game and I'd love to be able to play like her. That's how I see myself playing.

Tasha (Memphis): Who are you looking forward to playing against in the upcoming WNBA season?

Michelle Snow: Probably Lisa Leslie again. In the WBCA All-Star game, I was so excited about playing against her. She's my role model and I got to see what my strengths and weaknesses are.

uthoopster20: Hey Michelle. First of all, you had a great career with the Lady Vols. You are an awesome basketball player. My question is, what will you miss most about Tennessee? Thanks and have a wonderful season!

Michelle Snow: I'll definitely miss my teammates. They are the best, I love them! We are extremely close. Of course the coaching staff, too. I'm always picking their brains for information. Of course, the fans -- we have the BEST!!

Carrie Alexandia: Who is the best point guard you have ever played with?

Michelle Snow: Wow! I had three people pop into my head. Brandi McCain, Loree Moore and April McDivitt.

Alicia (Northampton, MA): Hey Michelle! I watched you play with Tamika (Catchings) and Semeka (Randall) at Tennessee. I was wondering how you feel about playing against former teammates? Good luck this coming season.

Michelle Snow: I thought about that and I was like, well they don't play post. I won't guard them and they won't guard me. But it comes down to it's competition and you want to win at all costs. But we're always supportive of each other!

Matt (Sandusky, OH): How do you feel your ability to dunk affects the game of women's basketball?

Michelle Snow: I think the majority of people are excited about it. They like to see exciting things in games. Like it or not, it sells tickets and it's fun.

Natifia (Brooklyn): Michelle, you are such a great player and a great aspect to women's basketball. How anxious are you about the draft and could you please tell me about the first time you dunked?

Michelle Snow: First time I ever dunked was in eighth grade but it was an 8-foot goal so it didn't count. I put one down my freshman year in high school on the guys ... after about 150 tries!

I have high hopes, expectations and goals, but it's out of my control so I'm nervous and excited.

HOT HANDS: What advice would you give to a high school player wanting to improve her game?

Michelle Snow: You have to work hard everyday.

Renee (East Rutherford): What is the most important thing you did to get you to where you are today?

Michelle Snow: That's an easy one. I always set goals for myself and am VERY determined. If I say I want something, I will work and work and work until I get it. There's nothing you can do to stop me at that point. Guys say women can't dunk, the women's game isn't there yet ... that's just more motivation. Anything you want to do, you can do -- you have to believe in yourself.

To all the young people out there -- keep dreaming! Thanks to everyone for chatting.

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