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Fan Forum Responses: You Picked for the Storm


What if you were Seattle Storm head coach/general manager Lin Dunn, sitting pretty with the No. 1 draft pick for the second year in a row? What would you do with it? Would you select one of Connecticut's ultra-talented seniors? Would you choose Oklahoma's super guard, Stacey Dales-Schuman? Someone else? Or would you trade the pick for some veteran leadership?

Well, you sure let us know what you thought! Here are a selection of the best answers, including which players you felt should be chosen, what trades should be made and more!

Of the hundreds of scenarios we received, we broke down the majority of your responses for the Storm's top pick into these categories:

Sue Bird | Trades | Stacey Dales-Schuman | Other Prospects & Options

Sue Bird


I feel that Lin Dunn should keep the first pick. Sure, trading for veteran leadership is a plus if you can get a 3-for-1 deal, and I think that is what Seattle needs to go deep into the bench. Guard play is key to the game. Getting the ball down the court with few turnovers, getting the ball to the low post, creating plays for assists, shooting the 2 and 3 along with putting the ball on the floor and beating your player to the hoop. Sue Bird has proven ability with her guard skills. Keep the number one pick.
Richard, Springfield, IL

Gee, which UConn lady would best complement and expand Lauren and the Storm's abilities to penetrate and score or rebound offensively and defensively?
Paul, Sammamish, WA

I'm a lawyer as well as a WNBA fan, and we have a saying in the law: res ipsa loquitur, meaning "the thing speaks for itself." In other words, it needs no explanation. That's how I feel about this year's number one pick ... Sue Bird: res ipsa loquitur.
Judith, Washington, DC

Personally, I don't think there's anyone on the planet who is better able to make a choice than Lin Dunn. That said, however, I will offer my humble $.02: pound for pound, Sue Bird is the best player (at any position) in the draft -- she is consistent, intelligent, able to shoot the 3 (and spread the floor), strong, experienced in high-pressure situations, able to defend and unselfish (smart) enough to mix well with your veterans. I just wish the Liberty had the first pick!! :-)
Nancy, Pearl River, NY

I'd pick the best player in the draft, Sue Bird. She's an outstanding player and floor leader ... as intelligent and unselfish as they come. She's a coach's dream come true. She's also incredibly humble and gracious ... a marketing coup as well.

Dunn done good if she gets Sue.
Carol, Simsbury, CT

If I were Coach Dunn, I would be feeling I'm the luckiest person alive. I can say I picked up two EXCELLENT players last year in Lauren Jackson and Semeka Randall, and now I have another opportunity to build the future of this team. I would be looking at Sue Bird. With all the awards she's won it's not hard to say she is the best college player. More importantly, I would be looking at her stats -- incredible. She's one of the best, ranking on so many of UConn's ladders for 3-pt shooting, steals, assists and the list goes on. One look at her win-loss record, 136-9 (93.8 %), and you can see that she's been a part of the best for a long time! That is why I would make her a part of my team!
Kemikal, Bris Vegas, Queensland, Australia

DO NOT trade the #1 pick. Go to Sue Bird, go directly to Sue Bird. Coach Dunn said it herself in her profiles of the top picks, "The best true point guard in the draft." Looking at the Storm roster, she's a natural pick. Bird also has the leadership that Seattle needs. She plays well beyond her years and she will be a HUGE asset to this team.
Carolynn, Los Angeles, CA

Sue Bird, without a doubt. She would be a perfect addition to the team, giving Lauren Jackson a true point guard to feed the ball to the post. She can score, rebound and control a game with the best of them, and coming from Connecticut, she obviously knows how to win. She will produce from the get-go, and will only get better, soon becoming the best point guard in the league. A hands-down choice that will reap immediate rewards.
EDZ, Sydney, Australia

Sue Bird. Seattle needs some excitement -- not to mention a point guard. We need a recognizable "winner," a personality to sell the WNBA to the people of Seattle.
Jim, Renton, WA

SUE BIRD. It's a no brainer. She is a leader and a winner and I would travel to Seattle to watch her play. I can honestly say no other player stikes me that way other than BIRD. Best of luck.
Dan, Mount Vernon, WA

She can shoot, she can pass, she can run the show. Lauren needs someone to take the pressure off of her. Sue's shooting will open up the inside. We can take a big player in the next round, but complete players like Sue Bird don't just fall from trees (ha ha).
Bara, Federal Way, WA

How could you not pick Sue Bird? We'll hate to see her go 3000 miles away but she'll do well wherever she goes.
WBBFan, Cheshire, CT

I would definitely have to say that Sue Bird will offer the best contribution to the team. The Storm has good size in the inside. Many defenses double or triple on Lauren. Adding Sue to the backcourt will get some open looks in the inside. I could see Sue and Semeka running a fast, uptempo game or Sue and Lauren kicking the ball inside and out for some great halfcourt play.
Vince, Tamuning, Guam

I am a UCONN season ticket holder and have had the pleasure of watching the four UCONN recruits for the past four years. If I were Lin Dunn, my No. 1 pick would be Sue Bird. I don't mean to be greedy, but I would also hope (although highly unlikely) that Tamika (Williams) was around for pick No. 3 of the second round! She will excel in the WNBA.
Marianne, Wallingford, CT

Quit teasing all of us already and just say you're going to pick Sue Bird. What a deadly combo -- Lauren Jackson, Semeka Randall and Sue Bird. That's my dream team. Heck, I may even venture to rainy Seattle to see a couple of those games ...
Samantha, Los Angeles, CA

Sue Bird. Seattle needs this caliber of guard. I'd like to see Swin Cash go to Portland (I know that you didn't ask that question, but as long as I'm given the opportunity to offer my opinion ...). Adding these two top players would keep the Seattle/Portland rivalry hot!
Lynn, Aloha, OR

They'd be nuts not to grab Sue Bird. Any team with first pick who doesn't take Sue, doesn't deserve to have a first pick.
Amy, Los Angeles, CA


It seems to me that it would be in the best interest of the Storm to trade its first pick in exchange for some veterans. I believe that this decision will be effective in the long run, if the Storm wants to be in contention for a WNBA championship down the road.
Sarah, Louisville, KY




I think the Storm should trade the pick. As good a prospect as Sue Bird is, the point position isn't Seattle's biggest problem. Sonja Henning and Michelle Marciniak are above average point guards. Seattle was the worst scoring team in the league last season -- they need scorers! Someone who would punish the defense for collapsing on Lauren Jackson inside, a proven WNBA scorer. In my opinion the best candidate Seattle could trade with is New York. The Liberty need to get Teresa Weatherspoon some help at the 1, and what better person to do it than UConn alum and NY native Sue Bird? Seattle could ask for Crystal Robinson, Becky Hammon and NY's 14th pick in exchange for the #1 pick and center Simone Edwards. Seattle is pretty loaded up front and could afford this. NY needs a center badly so that Tari Phillips could move to her natural PF position. NY is giving up a lot here in Robinson (a deadly shooter) and Hammon (talented fearless two guard, who's also a fan favorite), for a draft pick that might not live up to the expectations. Which is why I think Edwards would sweeten the deal for them. This deal works for both teams!
Lior, Israel



I would try to trade the #1 pick to Portland for Sophia Witherspoon and Carolyn Young. Portland does not need three shooting guards, but needs a point guard really badly. While allowing Portland to have Sue Bird in the backcourt with Jackie Stiles would be huge, shoring up Seattle's backcourt with two solid shooting guards would also be a big win. Seattle would have talent at all of the positions and more depth.
David, Aloha, OR

Get Crystal Robinson from the Liberty with our #1 pick. I've loved her game and it's perfect for us -- she hits the 3, which we need badly, can pass and defend. Given how much Sue Bird is probably worth to the Liberty you can probably get Becky Hammon in the deal also and could possibly start them both (Hammon at the 2, Crystal at the 3), although you might have to sacrifice a post player. But that's the beauty of it: they have what we need (outside shooting wings) and we have what they need -- a surplus of post players to choose from and Sue Bird. I've seen fans of both teams talk about a deal like this on the message boards.
Steve, Olympia, WA

I would trade the pick to Portland for their first-round pick (5th overall pick), 25 umbrellas and a case of Vegemite. It would be a win/win situation. Go Fire!!!
mdg_hoops, MyHeartsIn, OR


Trade it to get Cynthia Cooper out of retirement.
bootie22, Houston, TX

Coach Dunn should draft Sue Bird and trade her for two of the best veteran players she can get because even though the Storm have some great players, they seem to need someone that will step up and lead the team. They finished the season with a 10-22 record and Lauren Jackson is the only player averaging double figure points for the team so this tells me that Lauren needs some help with scoring. There are some fantastic players that have just come out of college, but most of them will need time to adjust to the play of the WNBA. These players will be great for the future of the WNBA, but most won't have an immediate impact. The Storm seem to need a couple of players that will help them to reach the playoffs this year and to be able to compete with the other teams in the league. Best of luck in the draft, Coach Dunn!
Michele, Highland, NY




Hi, my opinion is to try a trade. If possible, I would make a trade with New York for Tamika Whitmore and Vickie Johnson and their second round draft choice for your #1 pick and Michelle Marciniak.
John, Kalamazoo, MI

I think Seattle should trade it's first pick to Portland for Sophia Witherspoon (provides leadership and scoring), Portland's third round pick, and Portland's second round pick for next season.
Skeet, Springfield, MO

Stacey Dales-Schuman


Draft Stacey Dales! While both Sue Bird and Swin Cash are outstanding players, they've never failed. They joined a UConn program that was already great. Stacey Dales was part of making Oklahoma into a team that could go from nothing the the NCAA finals in what, five years?
Ann, Seattle, WA

Coach Dunn should select Stacey Dales. Not only is she a wonderfully versatile player, but being Canadian it would be a great opportunity to market the team here in Vancouver.
Larry, North Vancouver, BC, Canada

I believe that the best overall player in the draft is Stacey Dales. She has the ability to play four positions, probably three at the professional level. She is as great a passer as there is in the game right now, but that's not all she is. She can score big points in a variety of ways and can rebound and steal the ball as well. Sue Bird is the best point guard in the country by far, but she doesn't have the versatility that Dales has. She has great size at the guard position and knows how to use it to her advantage. If you are looking for a point guard specifically, then go with Bird. But if you want someone that can play the 1, 2, or 3 and play them all extremely well, then I would go with Dales. One of the best things about her game is that she can play whatever role is needed of her. She gets others involved and makes those around her better, but can be the go-to player if needed. As I said before, she is the most versatile and in my opinion the best overall player in the draft.
Sarah, Springfield, MA

If I were Lin Dunn and I had the first pick of the 2002 WNBA Draft, there would be no doubt in my mind that I would pick Stacey Dales. I had the oppurtunity to watch her play in person and it was amazing. She brings so much energy on the court. Stacey is a very versitile player and I love her unselfishness. She will be the best passer in the WNBA. Dales is truly awesome.
Heather, Enid, OK

Seattle is a big team. It's also loaded with some very talented guards. I am a huge Connecticut fan, but I'm not sure any of those players can solve the team chemistry problem that has the Storm resembling the Mystics when they take the floor. A great fit for Seattle would be Stacey Dales, who seems to understand the "team" concept, is a natural leader, has a fun personality, is a tremendous competitor, is not afraid to shoot, but is unselfish enough to give it up when she's not open. Dales can also run the floor, which would be a great complement to the guards that are there already.
Jody, Stamford, CT

Although Sue Bird is a highly talented point guard and a great player, she lacks height. The Storm will need some height. Picking Bird will only make them a smaller team. Therefore, if you want a ballhandler, a great passer, a tough competitor, a team leader and height all rolled into one, pick Stacey Dales!!
SF, Canada

The Storm should draft Stacey Dales, no doubt. They could start her at the 3 with Semeka at the 2 and Lauren at the 4 with Sojna dishing to all three offensive threats. Or put Stacey at the 1, creating a totally new offensive look that would give other teams defensive fits and impossible matchups. And with her international experience, Stacey is a mature rookie who could lead a team.
Jason, Brooklyn, NY

We've got to have Stacey Dales because she is such an all-around athlete and player! She can definitely score, which we desperately needm and her passing is so amazing, which will definitely help with needed assists. She is quick and her defense is excellent, too. I don't see anyone else, including Sue Bird, who would make a bigger impact on our Storm team than Dales. We are hurting in the forward department and Stacey plugs up that hole, too!
Sylvia, Seattle, WA

Stacey Dales should be the #1 draft pick because she is an excellent player who can hold her own with the elite players in the league, she has international experience and she's Canadian and Canadian girls kick (butt)!! She'll bring Canadian fans (BC is close) into the Storm building. Just look what she's done at Oklahoma! Her resume is better all round than anybody else's. It would be a mistake not to pick her right away in the draft.
Stacey, British Columbia, Canada

Other Prospects & Options


Being from Pittsburgh, I am a huge Swin Cash fan. We've followed her career since she was a freshman in high school. Although Seattle is on the other side of the world, I believe Swin would fit perfectly. She is so powerful and would be a dominating force under the boards. Indeed, Swin Cash is "money" down low. Can't wait 'til draft day.
Tracey/TJ, Pittsburgh, PA

I am a big fan of the WNBA. I also like the Seattle Storm because they have Ms. Jackson! Although I'm not an expert on the draft prospects, I have been following the NCAA tourney. I believe Coach Dunn has three options. If she wants to fill the small forward position, then her player is Stacey Dales. If she needs a stronger, rebounding forward, then Swin Cash is the way to go. When forming a strong TEAM I have always thought of two requirements -- a strong center to build a team around and a point guard to control the game. Hence, the option of selecting Sue Bird. She is a great player who will easily make the transition to the WNBA. The Storm is a team with great potential, but lacking direction in a game. She can be the future leader of the Storm. Bird can pass, shoot, rebound, and defend. She can handle pressure and is used to winning. Bird can only improve the Storm and make players around her better. There are so many great players in the draft this year, however, let me pose this question - would the Utah Jazz be any good without John Stockton? Best of luck to all potential draftees!
Brian, Australia


Snow would really be the best pick for the whole team and would be the perfect partner for Semeka Randall. They 'read each others mind' when it comes to sets and passes at a breakneck speed up and down the floor for a full 40 minutes.
crispyintn, Nashville, TN


I think that Storm should keep the pick in the draft and choose guard Nikki Teasley from the University of North Carolina because the Storm don't have enough leadership from their guards and Teasley can pass, shoot dribble. What makes her different is that she lets her teammates know that she trusts them, and she gives them confidence. She'll pass it to anybody, but will also command the plays the coach wants the team to run. She makes her teammates better. I think that Nikki and Lauren Jackson could combine for a confident duo.
Sierra, Ann Arbor, MI

I'd pick Lindsey Yamasaki of Stanford because she is one of the best all around players out there.
Nat, San Mateo, CA

I'd take Hamchétou Maïga, a gutsy player who plays with passion and aggression. Who needs another flashy player? PLAY BALL!!!
dcsteph, Washington, DC


I think the Storm should draft a forward like Swin Cash or Asjha Jones. Those players would help out Lauren Jackson, and Seattle would then have one of the best frontcourts in the WNBA.
Kelly, Roseville, MI

If I had the #1 draft pick then I would choose Iowa State's Angie Welle. She can run the floor almost like a guard and had the top field goal percentage in college. So that is who I would pick -- a great player with not much pub.
Megan, Dayton, IA


Trade down a few spots and select SHEILA LAMBERT - a local, athletic guard, which is just what the Storm need to help take some pressure off Lauren Jackson. Lambert and Jackson could be a formidable 1-2 punch for many years to come. If Coach Dunn does not improve the team dramatically this year with two straight #1 picks, say good-bye!
Jeff, Seattle, WA

Looking at Seattle's roster, Dunn needs a power forward who can rebound. I'd go for Swin Cash, a rebounding demoness, or Tamika Williams, who quietly led UConn in several offensive categories.
Kat, Henderson, KY

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