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Draft-Day Experiences

As the 2002 WNBA Draft approaches, we thought we'd see what some of last year's rookies were thinking and feeling on draft day, as well as their advice for this year's prospects. More players will be added, so keep checking back. Next up we have Miami Sol center Ruth Riley, selected No. 5 overall in 2001.

The draft is a little chaotic. You're coming off the season and you really don't have any control over where you're going. So you get to the draft and you're surrounded by your family, your coaches, everyone. You're future is up in the air and you're just excited that your dream is coming true. You're finally going to be able to play professional basketball. But at the same time, you're a little anxious to find out where you're going.

When they called my name, I was excited. I was trying to remember how much I knew about Miami. You're trying to think of the players who are on the team, the coach and just try to go through as much information as possible. I was fortunate to have my mom there and so we were both extremely happy and excited.

ADVICE: Just try to relax. There's not much you can do. And enjoy the day. I'm sure that most of (the prospects) have been looking forward to this and it's a goal for all of them.

TAMIKA CATCHINGS, No. 3 overall, Indiana Fever

I think the worst part was actually having to come down to New York and having to wait the day before the draft. But then even draft day, coming in early and getting your hair and makeup done, it's kind of like, "Oh God, what's going to happen?" You don't know where you're going to go. They bring you here hoping that you're going to go early. But you're sitting there and not knowing what's going to happen.

When they said, "Indiana Fever," my heart started beating. Every team that picked, I said, "Oh God, please let me get picked. I don't care where I go!" And then when I heard my name, I looked around, not really knowing if it was me, but looking around, trying to make sure that it was. Then when I got up and gave hugs to all my family, I was just like, "Finally, it's over with. I know where I'm going. Everything is all figured out." After that, the day went by real quick, but that morning -- and it wasn't even that long -- it just seemed like it took forever.

ADVICE: Just savor the moment. Draft day, it only happens once. You're only going to get drafted one time. I think like, what I did, I went not knowing where I was going to go. I was nervous, but I wouldn't trade that moment for anything.

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