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Randall knows what it is YOU want to know about this year's senior class. So we took a moment with one of the 2001 draft prospects, Tennessee guard Semeka Randall. We asked her the "Tough Questions." Semeka talks about it all, from her career with Destiny's Child to the true essence of a goober. Read what she had to say in this 2001 Draft edition of "Tough Questions."

Q: It is the year 2017 and the WNBA and NBA are now a co-ed league. You just graduated from Tennessee and Ray Allen just graduated from Connecticut, and you both are being considered for the No. 1 spot. Tell me why you should be the No. 1 pick over Ray in the new co-ed NBA.

Randall: Women bring so much fun and enthusiasm to the game, Ray may be able to hit a few shots here and there, but the females can get you pumped up and riled up in the game, and hit the shots.

Q: Let's say the WNBA just changed the uniforms to resemble the uniforms the Australian National Team plays in -- would you decide not to go into the league?

Randall: Oh no. See ... I wouldn't do that. I am not going out like that.

Q: In the movie A League of Their Own, in an effort to get fans into women's baseball, they would give a kiss to the person who catches a foul ball. Would you kiss a fan every time you fouled someone?

Randall: Sure I would do it ... if Vince Carter, my boyfriend Tony and my momma were in the stands, I would kiss them. You can't just kiss up on every body -- you don't know where everybody's lips have been and if they brush their teeth.

Q: If you had to lose two of your five senses (sight, hearing, smell, touch, taste), which two could you sacrifice?

Randall: I would lose my hearing 'cause I like to tune people out anyway. The second one is my sight 'cause I don't have to see anyone I don't want to see. So I don't have to hear anyone's mess. I would just sit and twiddle my thumbs and sing ... I can't sing but it doesn't matter 'cause I won't be able to hear it anyway.

Q: Rookies usually get dubbed with nicknames -- what do you think would be a good nickname for you?

Randall: I guess goober. Ya see, you can't really define goober -- we are an odd breed. We are a mix of silly and a little goofy ... We just make you laugh and have a good time. Every time you see us, we put a smile on your face.

Q: Would you rather increase your IQ by forty points or your game by forty points?

Randall: Well, since this is the next level and you want to be the best you can be, I want to increase my game. We can wait till the offseason to increase my IQ -- I have nine months for that.

Q: If someone was going to pay you a half-million dollars a year not to play basketball anymore -- no pick up games, nothing -- would you do it? And if you took it, what would you do with the half-million dollars?

Randall: Every year?!? I would do it. I would give some to charity and my momma and my dog Scrappy -- because he needs dog food and a nice little house and a platinum dog collar and he would be at the spa every day chilling.

Q: Would you be a member of Destiny's Child knowing that you would be kicked out in a few months?

Randall: I would be there and I would just use that as a starting point for me to do my own thing ... 'cause the club is jumpin' jumpin'!

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