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Which team did the best for itself in the draft?

Hey fans, the experts told us what they thought, and then we opened it up to you to let us know which team you felt did the best in the 2001 WNBA Draft. Here are some of the best responses we got:


I think overall Portland got the best deal. Jackie Stiles is a real powerhouse. She can create shots out of nothing and is lightening fast, I'll let her 14 state track medals in high school speak for themselves. To back it all up, she has an incredible work ethic and is one of the nicest people you'd ever want to meet. I must say I'm biased because I've gotten to watch Jackie play every game for the past 4 years but I've watched her grow from a shy, girl to a national phenom. She's the best and Portland is sure to go far with her in the mix.
Angela, Mo.

I believe the Orlando Miracle faired the best in the draft for one reason, Katie Douglas. Douglas is the most versatile player coming out of the draft and will add an instant spark to the Miracle.
Linz, California, Mo.


In my opinion, the best bang for your buck in the draft: Tamika Catchings. Period. She's versatile, she could potentially start any of the five positions. Great rebounder, defender; pushes the ball up the floor with the "handle" of a point guard; offensive threat from anywhere on the floor; and works hard on and off the court to improve her game; true team player! The best in college ball, and will follow Swoopes as the best in the WNBA … just wait and see!
Monica, Washington, D.C.

From top to bottom the WNBA's best draft ever. The quality of this bunch both on and off the court is quite impressive. Congratulations and the best of luck to all this season!
John, Raleigh, N.C.

I think Portland did the best because they got Tasha Pointer. As I watched the draft, I grew furious at all of the teams who passed on her numerous times. I am I huge Mystics fan, but I hope she'll show the rest of the league what they passed up on.
Loren, Washington, D.C.


I've been a hoops fan longer than I can remember. I've watched Lauren Jackson since she was a gangly teen. This woman will have an almost identical effect to Tim Duncan upon his introduction to the NBA. Lauren plays with a maturity beyond her years and has a remarkable grip of the fundamentals much like Timmy. She can also do it all, plays well in the post, has a mature and mechanically decent jumpshot (especially face up)and a good eye for passing out of a double team. Despite being a little biased, I think she was the player on the 2000 Olympics and matched up more than well with anyone the U.S. team put on her. She is a future multiple MVP.
Jimmy, Australia


SACRAMENTO MONARCHS! Maybe they didn't fare the best in the draft, but they fared the best in the whole offseason. The Monarchs have just built to their already talented squad. Adding height with Kara Wolters and Jackie Moore, and speed with Edna Campbell; what more could you ask for? I see the championship in the future for the Monarchs. How much more pure talent can you have on one team? Look for L.A. and Sacramento in the Western Finals, and the Monarchs to win that matchup.
Jill, Courtland, Calif.

I think the team to watch is Washington! Now that they have Coco Miller, they will be killer!
Dolores, Trenton, Ga.


It was a miracle that Orlando got Katie Douglas! She is an inspiration, an outstanding player, and an even better person! She has all the qualities of a great player and the intangibles of a great leader. Orlando did the best in the draft because of Katie's versatility, experience, and personal ties to Coach Peck. Let's go Orlando!
Wynter, N.Y.

I think that the Miami Sol came out on top in the draft because they went with Ruth Riley on their first pick. I think that a good post player can make all the difference in a game! I think in the end that pick will payoff BIG time for them. Elisabeth, Covington, Tenn.


Cleveland will benefit most from the recent 2001 WNBA draft. Their pick of 6-1 forward Penny Taylor from Australia was an excellent choice. She is a great athlete who is a future star. She was MVP of the same league that Lauren Jackson played in the past year, averaging 25 points and 10 rebounds per game. Look out WNBA for this 20-year-old star in the making.
David, Lakewood, Colo.


With nearly the last pick in every round the Comets had an outstanding draft. The addition of Amanda Lassiter, Tynesia Lewis, ShaRae Mansfield, Shala Crawford, and Ace Clement, the Comets have filled needs at every position. Van Chancellor and his staff simply do their homework and outwork everyone else. Indiana and Seattle had great drafts but for the position that they were in, the Comets out did them all.
Greg, Hattiesburg, Miss.

All I have to say is … STARZZ! By far, the Utah Starzz had the best draft imaginable. Firstly, Marie Ferdinand. Player with the quickest first step in the draft. She can score! The Starzz also landed Michaela Pavlickova and Cara Consuegra! Already they have the greatest draft! I need not mention that they picked up Shea Ralph with the 40th pick! Finally, Utah has someone that can run the point with some explosiveness and heart (Since Tammi Reiss anyway). So, obviously the Utah Starzz had the best draft this year!
Kyle, Kapaa, Hawaii


The team that had the best draft picks was the Los Angeles Sparks. With the last pick in the draft the Sparks did wonders, picking up Camille Cooper, Nicole Levandusky, Kelley Siemon, and Beth Record! With all these players were steals in the draft for the Sparks, a lot of the Spark rookies will turn heads.
Todd, Honolulu, Hawaii

I think that the New York Liberty fared the best. They got Taru Tuukkanen which will really help their inside game. They also got Tara Mitchem (who is a personal favorite) who can really rack up the points-just look at the first round game in this year's NCAA tournament. Forty points isn't to shabby. She may not be a big name, but that girl has got game. The Liberty definitely got the best girls.

Consdering all the great talent in this year's draft, I have to say that the Detroit Shock came away with the best overall draft. They got an explosive big guard in Deanna Nolan from Georgia, they got two international players in Jae Kingi and Kelly Santos, who will both bring valuable experience from overseas, and they got Svetlana Volnaya from Virginia. Plus they acquired Jennifer Rizzotti from the Houston Comets, and she is definitely capable of being one of the best point guards in the league. So all things considered, I feel that the Shock had the best draft and that they will definitely be a contender this season.
Clint, Oakland, Calif.

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