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Fan Forum: Dunn for a Day
With the draft fast approaching on April 20, there are a lot of things to be considered, facts to be checked and decisions to be made.

This was your chance to add your two cents. dubbed you the Head Coach/GM of the Seattle Storm for a day. Now what are you going to do with all that power? You have the number one pick in the 2001 WNBA Draft and it is YOU who has the final say.

You let us know which player you'd select with the number one pick and why:


Tamika Catchings would be my first choice. She has all around game. Even when she is not scoring she is doing many things for the team that do not show up on the stat sheet. I feel her injury will only inspire Tamika to work harder and harder to get back onto the court. Look out when she does!
Harrison, MI

Lauren Jackson, definitely. Aside from her obvious talents and the fact that she's one of the best players in the world, the reason I would choose her is that she's a proven professional, and that gives her the edge over college stars who might not be able to successfully make the transition to the more physical and tougher play in the WNBA.
Los Angeles, CA


My number one pick would be Ruth Riley. She is the most versatile post player available . The inside game needs to be established. Riley is excellent at passing out when the shot is not there or when she gets doubled on defense. She deserves to be the number one. She brought an NCAA championship to her Fighting Irish.
Westbury, NY


Katie Douglas. The WNBA is all about versatility. KT can give you a shooter, ball handler, rebounder and, most important, a winning ball player. Hopefully she will be around when Indiana picks third.
Indy, IN

I would select Ruth Riley because she was outstanding in the championship game. She can play defense (shot blocking), and she also has a good post-up game. She can also make free throws, which is important because she is going to get fouled a lot because of her tight post-up game. That's why I would select Ruth Riley. She got game!
Gallion, AL

I would pick Lauren Jackson from Australia because she's tall and talented. Seattle needs someone to help Quacy Barnes and Edna Cambell in scoring. So if they pick Lauren Jackson they would be getting a rebounder, shooter, shot blocker, and a great passer all rolled up in one.
Country Gates, NC


It would be Svetlana Abrosimova, most definitely. She has the poise, the quickness and she has all-around smarts for the game. She came here from Russia at age 17, she is mature beyond her years and she has been someone that I look up to since she arrived at UConn. She should be the number one pick. She would add a flare of style to any team she is on.
Protland, CT

Jackie Stiles, because she is the most complete player. She showed the world in the national tournament that she is the best player in college basketball. She also will, apparently, always be a hard worker and gracious professional. She is what all pro athletes should aspire to be, as are most WNBA players. They are the best role models in sports, much better than their male counterparts.
Navajo City, NM

Megan Franza! She is an awesome all-around player! She always gets the job done and shines under pressure!
Columbus, OH

K. Miller

I am of two minds ... Things being equal, I would take Tamika Catchings. However, since I am a Comet fan, they need either a point gaurd or a GOOD center. So in that case I would take Ruth Riley or Kelly Miller, in that order.
Rowelett, TX

I would choose Svetlana Abrosimova because she has a well-rounded game. Her exposure to playing against top players when she played in the Olympics and her attitude sets her in the #1 draft position. Svet is all of what Seattle Storm lacks and more Svet is the missing piece to Seattle's puzzle, fit her there and the Storm will be a complete picture.
Dallas, TX

Tamika Catchings would be my number one pick not only for her accomplishments on the court, but for those off the court as well. Besides being one of the top young players in the game, she is an extraordinary role model not only for young girls but for women and men of all ages. Not only did she become one of the top players in the game, but she did so while overcoming a hearing impairment at the same time. She's a great player who gives her all on the court for her team every play. She's going to be one of the top players in the WNBA and will be around for years to come.
Pensacola, FL

Jackie Stiles. She is everything you want with the first pick. She is a team player and works her tail off to get better. She makes the people around her better.
Birmingham, AL


Semeka Randall!!! Is there any question ... by far the best player in the draft!
Dallas, TX

I would pick Katie Douglas because she's a very inspirational player with her mother and father dying of cancer. You can tell she has the ability to overcome obstacles, so I know that she will be very successful during her WNBA career.
Colonia, NJ


Seeing that I'm from New Jersey, I would have to choose either Ruth Riley or Tasha Pointer -- they are aggressive, and they get to the point, they also broke several school records. So I wish them the best of luck where ever they go.
North Brunswick, NJ

I would pick Jackie Stiles from Southwest Missouri State with the first pick. I would select her because at anytime you can go to her and she will, nine times out of ten, score. She can also do some many things with the ball, she can shoot three's, she can penetrate, or pass. I think she takes over at a pivotal point in a game, like against Duke in the Sweet 16 she probably scored 18 points in about seven minutes, that is why I would select her as first pick.
Richmond, VA

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