On Dec. 2, the WNBA made the difficult decision to suspend operation of the Houston Comets for the 2009 season. We truly appreciate the tremendous support of Houston fans, whose passion, commitment and loyalty helped make the Comets a cornerstone of our league for the past 12 years. The team's incredible four-year championship run in the league's early years established a level of performance against which WNBA teams will forever be measured. And, perhaps the greatest tribute of all, Comets players will always be proud to have called Houston their home.

The vibrancy of the WNBA will live on in our teams and our fans. As we move forward we will look to build on the momentum evident in 2008 when our game on the court flourished and we saw growth in attendance, television ratings and other key areas. And while we are saddened that our 13th season will go forward without one of our original franchises, we encourage you to visit WNBA.com and support our other 13 teams.

The heartfelt outpourings we have received from Comets fans have assured us that your passion will live on and that you will engage with civic and business leaders to keep the interest alive in the great Houston market.