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A Day At the Office with Brooke Wyckoff

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December 21 -- After her first season with the Chicago Sky, forward Brooke Wyckoff has remained in the Windy City and accepted an internship position with a premiere financial institution in Chicago. She is also back on the court after breaking her hand during the season and continues to make appearances on behalf of the Sky in the community. So as she wraps up an eventful 2006, we caught up with Brooke during a break at her office.

Q. So how is the job going?
Wyckoff: "Really really well. I am working for Ariel Capital Management here in Chicago, an investment firm that manages mutual funds. They invest money for individuals and institutions. I work with the mutual fund marketing, which focuses on marketing to individuals, regular, every-day people."

Wyckoff has spent her offseason thus far working in finance.
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Q. Making sales calls?
Wyckoff: "No, not at all."

Q. I was going to ask you for some hot tips.
Wyckoff: "No, we don't do that here. We field calls from shareholders or interested potential clients. You have to have a license to actually work with clients on sales. It requires a higher level of certification. The company also handles press and the materials produced for shareholders as well as the partners and sponsorhip relationships. That is more what the team I work with does. I help wherever they need me. Little things here and there. This is actually my last week here. I am then hoping to go overseas."

Q. This isn't your first office job, though, right?
Wyckoff: "No, I worked for an advertising agency before the season. So now I know, at least a little bit, what everyone else in the working world is experiencing."

Q. Do these experiences give you any clearer idea of what you'd like to do after your basketball-playing career?
Wyckoff: "Nope. Well, that's not true. I knew nothing about either industry before coming in and I learned that I enjoy both and have learned a lot about both areas of business. Both experiences have centered around marketing, so it's good to have that experience and knowledge under my belt. We'll see what happens."

She takes the morning train...
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Q. Do you think you would like to do another internship next offseason?
Wyckoff: "Possibly. I've had great times at both places I have worked, so definitely. I recommend the experience to other players who can find a good place to work. If you want to work 9-to-5 instead of, or even in addition to going overseas."

Q. How do you get to work?
Wyckoff: "I take the El."

Q. Wow, you're like a real working person!
Wyckoff: "I am."

Q. Does anyone ever recognize you on the trains?
Wyckoff: "No. No."

Q. So what else have you liked about living in Chicago? Obviously something as you're staying there even in the offseason.
Wyckoff: "People are very nice and kind here and it has everything you'd want out of a big city: shops, good restaurants, places to go out... but it also has a midwestern feel."

...She works from 9 to 5...
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Q. Did you grow up in a big city?
Wyckoff: "No, I grew up in the suburbs of Cincinnati?"

Q. Have you ever seen the movie "Airborne" where they rollerblade through the street of suburban Cincinnati in a winner-take-all, no-holds-barred race? Seth Green was in the movie.
Wyckoff: "Negative. But apparently you have."

Q. It's about a guy in high school who moves from California to Cincinnati but has to adjust without getting surf every day?
Wyckoff: "You can surf in Cincinnati. We have a river there."

Q. Have you ever surfed?
Wyckoff: "No."

Q. Ever surf on a river?
Wyckoff: "No."

Need a hot investment tip? Perhaps you should try the Wall Street Journal.
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Q. Exactly! Anyways... have you had a chance to meet your new coach, Bo Overton, yet?
Wyckoff: "I have met him. I talked to him briefly. He has a great sense of humor and is really enthusiastic about the women's game and the WNBA. And our team. He has a great attitude. And he comes highly recommended from Stacey Dales, who played under him while in college."

Q. Are you and Stacey still roommates in Chicago?
Wyckoff: "No, that was just for last offseason."

Q. That would have made for great television. If not a reality show, maybe a sit-com. Like Laverne and Shirley.
Wyckoff: "You don't think that would be really boring to watch?"

Q. Not if we paired you with another roommate. Like the President's daughter or a grandmother or alien from another planet or something. Hilarity and hijinks would ensue, no doubt. Guess not. So where in Chicago are you living now?
Wyckoff: "I live in Gold Coast, a modest apartment in a nice area. I live alone. No hijinks."

Wouldn't you watch a show about two players living together?
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Q. Figure out your holiday plans yet?
Wyckoff: "I am going to go home to Cincinnati and spend time with my family. I have bought some things for people already."

Q. Because that's not vague or anything.
Wyckoff: "Well, it was really just one thing so far. Wow, this is a great interview."

Q. Would you rather talk about basketball?
Wyckoff: "Not really."

Q. Have you been playing yet?
Wyckoff: "I've been playing as much as I can with an 8-to-5 job."

Q. What was it like losing as much as you did this past season?
Wyckoff: "Shut up. That's not cool."

Q. Seriously, it's not like you were used to that in Connecticut.
Wyckoff: "I have blocked it out already. There are things we can use to focus on as motivation for next season, like the sting of losing. You don't go into the season thinking you are only going to win five games. You know you probably won't make the playoffs, but you don't ever think it will be terrible."

Q. When are the playoffs a realistic goal for the Sky?
Wyckoff: "I don't know. It will get better every day and we have a new coach who will continue taking us in a positive direction."

Q. So as you finish up this current job in finance, are they having a farewell party for you?
Wyckoff: "I don't think so. I don't want one. We go out after work sometimes and I get along really well with everyone. That's the best part of this job. I like it so much."

Brooke cannot wait to get back into "game rhythm."
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Q. What's next for you?
Wyckoff: "I am working on my job for overseas starting in January, but I will be in Chicago until then."

Q. What goes on in Chicago for New Year's? Do they have a ball that drops there, too?
Wyckoff: "I'm not sure. We'll have to see."

Q. Are there specific aspects to your game you want to focus on when returning to competitive action?
Wyckoff: "Because I was injured last season, I want to focus first on getting into a rhythm again. I broke my hand at the end of June and I have not been in a game situation since. Game rhythm involves playing and practicing every day with a team. I will then work on the same things I always work on."

Q. Well good luck with that and thanks for taking the time to talk.
"No problem."