Time Out With... Erica White
Erica White was a member of the U.S. U20 gold-medal team at the 2006 FIBA Americas. After a terrific career at LSU, Houston made White the 17th pick in the 2008 WNBA Draft. Though she's getting limited time in her rookie season, she's playing a solid role off the bench for the surprising Comets. Get to know Erica better in the latest edition of "Time Out."
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  • What is your full name?
    "Erica Renee White."
    What was your major at LSU?
    "General Studies, with minors in Communications, Sports Studies and Sociology."
    What is your birthday?
    "August 26, 1986."
    What's your hometown?
    "Jacksonville, Florida."
    What high school did you attend?
    "Ribault Senior High."
    Do you have any brothers or sisters?
    "I have one brother, Terry Jr., who is 10, and three sisters: Leslie, who is 25, Courtney, who is 16, and Jordan, who is 7."
    What are your parents names?
    "Robin Manigault and Terry White, Sr."
    What do they do?
    "My mom is a Coach Inc. warehouse supervisor, and my dad is a correctional officer."
    Do you play any other sports?
    "No, really just basketball."
    Do you have any hobbies or interests outside of basketball?
    "I like bowling and movies."
    How do you think others would describe you?
    "Confident, outgoing and well-spoken."
    How would you describe yourself?
    "Confident, calm, easy to along with."
    What would you like to do professionally after your playing career is over?
    "I would like to get into broadcasting or sports commentating."
    What is your favorite food?
    What is your favorite color?
    What is your favorite book?
    "The Bible."
    What is your favorite movie? "Training Day."
    What TV shows do you watch?
    "Anything on HGTV."
    Who is your favorite actor?
    "Denzel Washington."
    Who is your favorite musician?
    "Anthony Hamilton."

    (Photos: Andrew D. Bernstein/Bill Baptist/NBAE/Getty Images)