TIME OUT WITH... Cappie Pondexter
After growing up in Chicago, it probably won't surprise you that Phoenix's rookie guard Cappie Pondexter considers Michael Jordan her basketball role model. However when it comes to music, it's another Michael (Jackson) that is a favorite of the former Rutgers star. Get to know this rookie sensation from the Windy City in the latest installment of Time Out.
Hometown/Birthplace Oceanside, California
NIckname? CP.
If you have played overseas, where was your favorite place to play and why? My favorite place to play overseas was Belgium because I like the shopping.
If you could play one-on-one against any player of athlete, who would it be and why? Michael Jordan, because I would pick his brain and get tips on winning championships.
Who has been a role model for you in basketball? Michael Jordan.
When did you become interested in the game of basketball and when did you decide you wanted to pursue it professionally? 10 years old.
Do you have a favorite on-court moment? 40 points in my senior year against South Florida.
Do you have any superstitions or rituals? Take a shower before each game. I did this once and played well so I have done it ever since.
Desribe your daily workout routine. Healthy breakfast, focus time to gym, 15 minute shooting, and practice.
Name a coach who has inspired you and describe how he/she improved your game and/or helped in you development off the court. C. Vivian Stringer instilled great values on and off the court.. the improtance of image and community relations. Encouraged me to push my efforts to the next level and demanded only the best.
Which other sports do you play? I only play basketball!!! Basketball, basketball .. b-ball.
What are your hobbies or primary interests outside of basketball? I love suspense movies, shopping, listening to all genres of music. I love nature and people watching.
What other talents are you proud of? Singing, dancing, and rapping.. (just kiddin).
Who were the major non-basketball influences in your life and why? My mother as she was a single parent but also taught my siblings and I to believe and strive for our dreams.
How would others describe you? Shy to some, outgoing to others.
How would you describe yourself? Competitive, fun, and light-hearted.
What is one surprising fact about you that many people do not know? I am very religious and attend church services regularly.
Of which achievement are you most proud? I am proud to be the first to graduate from college in my family.
What would you do with an Olympic medal if you won one? If you have one already, where is it and why? I would give the medal to my mother as she is the most important person and she would cherish it as much as I would.
If you were not a basketball player, what would you be? I would be an actress.
What is your favorite food? Eggplant parmesan, salmon.
What is your favorite color? Pink.
What is your favorite book? The Bluest Eye.
What is your favorite movie? Finding Forester.
What is your favorite television show? ESPN News.
What is your favorite actress? Cicely Tyson.
Who is your favorite actor? Denzel Washington.
What is your favorite musician/artist? Michael Jackson.
Best song of all time? We Are The World.
Favorite song to do a karaoke number to? Bad.
Favorite place to visit/spend time? Chicago.
What is your jersey number? Does that have special significance? 23 - Michael Jordan's number.
When your playing career is over, what might you pursue professionally and why? Preschool teacher, as I love kids.