Time Out With... Leilani Mitchell
Leilani Mitchell had a terrific senior season at Utah and was a second-round draft pick of the Phoenix Mercury. But a preseason trade brought her to New York where she has settled in nicely and is playing a major role as a backup point guard. Get to know Leilani a bit better in the latest edition of "Time Out."
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  • What is your full name?
    "Leilani Seamah Mitchell."
    Do you have any nicknames?
    What was your major in college?
    "Human Development and Family Studies."
    What is your birthday?
    "June 15, 1985."
    Where were you born?
    "Richland, Washington."
    Do you have any brothers or sisters?
    "I have 5 brothers: Travis, Reggie, Tyler, Troy, and Robbie."
    What are your interests outside of basketball?
    "I like swimming and other sports like mountain biking."
    What other jobs have you had besides basketball?
    "I worked at a car wash and as a pre-school teacher's assistant."
    How do you think others would describe you?
    "Shy at first, but nice and caring."
    Do you have a Web site or Myspace page?
    "Yes, I have a Myspace page."
    What do you plan to do professionally after your playing career is over?
    "I would like to coach or teach."
    What is your favorite food?
    "Curry chicken and rice!"
    What is your favorite color?
    What is your favorite book?
    "The Wedding."
    What is you favorite movie? "Remember the Titans."
    What TV shows do you watch?
    "Desperate Housewives and any sports."
    Who is your favorite actress?
    "Julia Roberts."
    Who is your favorite actor?
    "Denzel Washington."
    Who is your favorite artist or musician?
    "I like Jack Johnson."
    What's your favorite song to karaoke to?
    "Oooh, I have lots of favorites... but I usually stick to the oldies."

    (Photos: Jesse D. Garrabrant/Barry Gossage/NBAE/Getty Images)