WNBA players spill the dirt on their friends and co-workers

About My Teammates

December 11, 2006 -- 'Tis the season of good wishes and holiday cheer... friends and family gather if and when they can, but the scheduling demands of WNBA players often makes it hard for teammates to get together around the holidays. So instead of bringing them together, which would cost waaaay too much money, we are doing our part to spread the goodwill and warmth from teammate to teammate. Have you ever wondered who your favorite WNBA players hang out with during the season? How about who their favorite teammates are or if they know things about a teammate that the fans have no idea about? The WNBA.com staff asked players to share their thoughts on their teammates (five things or less) and here's what they said...

Lindsay Whalen on Katie Douglas, Connecticut Sun

Shameka Christon teaches Hammon how to dance, according to Ann Wauters.
D. Clarke Evans/NBAE/Getty
"She's deceivingly lengthier than people think, she's a lefty and she loves to watch complete TV series on DVD.

Becky Hammon on Shameka Christon, New York Liberty
"Athletic, very graceful, good dancer, she likes Kentucky Fried Chicken, she makes the bomb Chicken Cheese Spaghetti."

Ann Wauters on Becky Hammon, New York Liberty
"She loves Mountain Dew. She needs her caffeine before the game. I love her car. She has a Cadillac Escalade. She let me drive it when she had to stay in town one night because we live just north of Manhattan. She asked if I could drive her car, I was like 'okay.' She is a good dancer. Shameka Christon is a good dancer, and Becky is trying to learn her moves. Sometimes when we are lifting in the weightroom, we put some music on and they dance. Shameka teaches Becky some moves. She's getting there.

Sue Bird on Lauren Jackson, Seattle Storm
"Before games she listens to Marilyn Manson and that hard stuff, but one of her favorite songs in Laffy Taffy. She always has her ipod and is a Sidekick fiend like all of us. She's a really good cook. She makes pot roast and good potatoes and stuff like that.

Deanna Nolan on Swin Cash, Detroit Shock
"Number one, no one likes to room with Swin on the road. Number two, the reason being is because she likes the room hot. Number three, Swin can't live without her Sidekick or cell phone. Number four, Swin owns maybe 50 pairs of jeans. Number five, Swin is on her own time. That's Swin."

Rebekkah Brunson on Kara Lawson, Sacramento Monarchs

Tamika Catchings likes Tamika Whitmore's attitude.
Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE/Getty
"She has a great work ethic. She's very intense. She always makes me feel like I'm the worst eater in the world because she eats so healthy. She'll get a salad and I'll get a salad, but her salad will have light dressing on it with tomatoes, and I'll have chicken and eggs and croutons. Her personality. I think she's turned around so much since I met her. I grew up watching her play, I didn't play with her but we were in the same area and I watched her in college, and I think that her personality has just developed so much over the past two years. She doesn't really say much, but when she does she's hilarious. She's so funny and is a character. She has a great personality and she has a great heart."

Tamika Catchings on Tamika Whitmore Indiana Fever
"She definitely brought a different dimension with her toughness, and her hate to lose, just all out gutsy attitude. As a person, she's just real, she's one of those players that you love to play with because she is going to tell you how it is, whether it's basketball or off the court, it doesn't matter."

Kayte Christensen on Penny Taylor Phoenix Mercury
Five Things About : "She is foreign, she's extremely sweet and very quiet, and she got married in the offseason and her husband is here now, so it's really cute to see them together."

Katie Douglas on Nykesha Sales, Connecticut Sun
"She loves to come over and steal my DVDs, she is a couch potato, loves chilling out and doing nothing. She loves to interior decorate her house, she's making many home improvements to it. She takes about a year to get to know her, but she's a great person once you get to know her, and she's in desperate need of being a mom. She's great with kids."

Candice Dupree on her favorite teammates, Chicago Sky

Cappie Pondexter likes Diana Taurasi's ride.
Barry Gossage/NBAE/Getty
"One of my favorite teammates last season would have to be Elaine Powell. I call her grandma. I don't know if she likes that, and Ashley Robinson, before she got traded. We used to hang out a lot. And Stacey Lovelace, she likes to play dress-up with me, she treats me like a Barbie doll."

Cheryl Ford on Katie Smith, Detroit Shock
"She's a nice person, great personality, great leader, she's fun to be around, she's laid back, she's just so relaxed and down, she's cool."

Yolanda Griffith on Ticha Penicheiro, Sacramento Monarchs
Five Things About : "Fashion queen, best passer in the WNBA, probably the goofiest person you'd ever hang around with, a person you can always count on, always in your corner, and a loving, caring person."

Ticha Penicheiro on Yolanda Griffith, Sacramento Monarchs
"Competitive, a warrior, funny, fighter, and a loveable person. Sometimes she has that intense look on her face, but deep inside she's a good person, and she has a lot of love for everybody. She's a great teammate and I'm very fortunate to be able to play with her."

Cappie Pondexter on Diana Taurasi, Phoenix Mercury
"She has a great personality, she has a nice ride, she's a great player, she's a great leader on and off the court."

Asjha Jones on Lindsay Whalen, Connecticut Sun
"Off the top of my head, on the court she looks serious, but she might be the most silly person on our team. She has humor you don't really expect because she says things in a flat tone and you're like 'oh my god she just said that?' She's hilarious.

Diana Taurasi on Kamila Vodichkova, Phoenix Mercury

Yolanda Griffith says that Ticha Penicheiro is a fashion queen.
Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE/Getty
"She makes a killer tomato soup. Her nickname is Killa. She has abnormally long toes. She has no body fat and doesn't eat heavy weights. And she loves chicken wings and ribs."

Tina Thompson on her favorite teammates, Houston Comets
"I would probably say Kim Perrot, as well as Tammy Jackson. I've had a lot of great teammates, but just standing out as far as their personalities that made them stand out, they were wonderful people. As far as one of my newer teammates, I would say the rookie, Mistie Williams. She has an unbelieveable attitude, she is a great teammate all around, not just to me but in general. It's not often you find someone that works hard all the time, and is happy all the time. I can say that I work hard all the time, but happy all the time, absolutely not, haha. But she has one of those bubbly personalities where it's almost like she doesn't have a care in a world, and when you walk into a locker room and you're not necessarily having a good day, she can make you brighten up and change your day."

Seimone Augustus on her favorite teammates, Minnesota Lynx
"Tamika Williams, Vanessa Hayden, Chandi Jones, and Tynesha Lewis."

Lindsay Whalen on Margo Dydek, Connecticut Sun
"She speaks five languages, shes makes really good crepes, she's taller than me, she can dunk and she's a really really cool person."

Sophia Young on her favorite teammates, San Antonio Silver Stars
"Right now I like hanging out with Vicke Johnson, because she's been in the league so long, she knows what she's doing and what she's talking about so I can learn a lot from her."