Our Heros’ Favorite Superheroes

WNBA players are role models in the way they lead their lives on and off the court. Some may even call them heroes (or heroines). But just like they are looked up to and worshipped, WNBA players also have their heros. Of course, we're not talking about your typical, everyday heroes. We're talking about superheroes! So was it their superhuman strength, the ability to fly or even a cartoonish sense of humor?

Sheryl Swoopes, Houston Comets
"When I was younger, I loved Wonder Woman and Bionic Woman. I love them. I thought Lynda Carter was cute and when she put on her little Wonder Woman outfit, she could basically just save the world and do whatever. And I loved Bionic Woman's strength and I said if I had any super powers I would want those powers so I could be strong and do whatever I could do."

Shameka Christon, New York Liberty
"I really loved the Road Runner and I really liked Bug Bunny. Bugs Bunny was hilarious and I loved all the things that the Road Runner would do to the coyote. I can't believe I'm telling people this."

Lauren Jackson, Seattle Storm
"None, not really (laughs)."

Lisa Leslie, Los Angeles Sparks
"My favorite superhero is Wonder Women. I think we have a lot of similarities. When she's not in her uniform, she's very nice and mild-mannered. But when she goes into the phone booth and just kind of turns around and changes (clothes), she became very aggressive, and was always for the good of the people, and I think that's a lot like myself. I'm very mild mannered and calm off the court, and really relaxed. But when I change into my uniform, I'm for the good of my team. Just making sure I get out there and I'm aggressive and I play hard."

Sue Bird, Seattle Storm
"Wonder Woman because my mom has this awesome vintage poster of her in our basement back in Long Island from like the 1950's. It's the coolest poster and I always ask her if I can take it. You really have to see it. It's in a cool frame and I might have to steal it."

Becky Hammon, New York Liberty
"Superman, because he is the man. The Man of Steel."

Diana Taurasi, Phoenix Mercury
"Huey, Duey and Louie, from Duck Tales. They may not be the traditional superheroes, but they were to me. I would have always wanted to swim in all that gold with Uncle Scrooge."

Nykesha Sales, Connecticut Sun
"I liked the girl that could make herself disappear in The Incredibles. Her name is Violet. I'm kinda into being nosy, so with her powers, I'd love to disappear and find out what's going on around me. I can also get out of trouble easier that way as well."

Nicole Powell, Sacramento Monarchs
"My favorite superhero when I was really young was Rainbow Brite. She was all over the place - in space. She was awesome. But as far as real superheros go, I always liked Superman. He's just the bomb. Then Dean Cain played Superman I was sold."

Deanna Nolan, Detroit Shock
"Not a superhero, but a person that I like and admire is Allen Iverson."

Kara Lawson, Sacramento Monarchs
"He-Man. Is he a superhero? Of course. He's the master of the universe."