Players Ponder Strengths and Weaknesses asked a player or two from each team to describe their teams' strengths and weaknesses heading into the 2007 regular season. Below, they provide their insights.


Candice Dupree, Forward/Center
"I think some of our strengths were that we had a lot of talented players on our team last year. The weaknesses were that they weren't utilized the way they should have been utilized. I think we were pretty close in the games that we lost, but I think we now have a coach that knows a little more about the WNBA and the women's game. Other than that, I think everything went well considering we were a first year team."


Nykesha Sales, Guard/Forward
"I think our strengths were we played together. We had some vets on the team that were the core of the team, and we had the same chemistry and the same coaches that allowed us to do some great things in the past.

"Unfortunately, our weaknesses were our injuries. We just seemed to have some critical injuries near the end of the season where we are supposed to play our best, and it's been really difficult to overcome that. For the past three years we've been healthy throughout the year and then at the end something happens."


Swin Cash, Forward
"Our strength was our experience. With our core together for so many years, we understood what it would take to get to the Finals, just how much of a sacrifice each of us would have to make individually. Our weakness was that we weren't always able to get the most out of the talent that we had on a game-by-game basis. I think we took our talent for granted, at least early on."


Sheryl Swoopes, Forward
"I think we've always had talent, but now that some teams have as much talent as we do and some have much more, we can't rely on talent alone. I think our strengths were obviously our experience, with myself and Tina and Michelle and Dawn. That experience (is something) you really can't make up for.

"Our weaknesses (were) not having a good backup for Dawn, Dawn not being able to play the minutes we needed her to, our subs on the perimeter and our inside game. Hopefully we will be able to go out and find those types of backups this year."

Tina Thompson, Forward
"Our weakness was rebounding. Teams were getting tons of offensive rebounds against us, and I think that just the lack of having players in their true position poses a problem, and we're kind of out of sync when players are not totally comfortable in the positions that they are playing. But if we fill those holes, it can definitely make a difference."


Tamika Catchings, Forward
"I think our biggest weakness last year — which this year will be a strength for us — is the fact that we only had four returning players and eight new players. It was a year of transition and there was a real adjustment period, so this year should be better for us. Our strength was that we ended up working well together given all of the change. The thing we need is a more dominant post player. The post players we have are all really wing players, threes or fours."


Temeka Johnson, Guard
"Our strength was the talent we had on our roster. With Lisa Leslie in the post and Chamique Holdsclaw on the wing and other players like Mwadi Mabika and myself at the point, we had a good collection put together. The teams we lost to last year were teams that all had won championships in the recent years. I am very comfortable looking back on how we did and knowing the obstacles we had to face.

"Our main weakness last year was our susceptibility to the injury bug. Christi Thomas, Chamique and I all struggled and fought through injuries throughout the season."


Nicole Ohlde, Forward/Center
"One strength is that we have a really young core coming in. We have Seimone, who is extremely talented and can create any shot for herself. And we're a young team with a lot of excitement that likes to get up and down the floor. As far as weaknesses go, defense hasn't been our strong suit in recent times. Hopefully we'll correct that and get back on track."

Shona Thorburn, Guard
"Obviously Seimone was a strength for us, and it great to have her coming back. I think our weakness was definitely our defense. When it came down to it, we didn't trust each other and you need trust in defense and that's going to change this year. Our strength was I think we were able to get along on the court."


Sherill Baker, Guard
"Our weakness was that we had a rough start to the season. We ended on a really good note. We had 11 wins, so that was very good for us."


Cappie Pondexter, Guard
"We just need to improve in all aspects. We're gonna be committed to improving to make the playoffs!"


Kara Lawson, Guard
"Our strength is our defense. That's what makes us a good team. That's what makes us one of the toughest teams in the league to play: our commitment to defending all the time. A lot of teams turn it on or turn it off or they're not consistent throughout the season or even through a game. We make it a priority on that end. I also think we have great chemistry as far as enjoying playing with each other, being unselfish, not caring about who scores or who gets credit… as long as we win. It's a lot of fun to play on this team.

"As far as weaknesses, we just didn't play well in Game 4 (against Detroit in the Finals). I think we had the opportunity to close it out at home and we played probably our worst game of the season. For whatever reason, it just wasn't clicking. I think we had a good year."


Kendra Wecker, Forward
"We were playing really well prior to the All-Star break last year. We got some tough wins on the road, won a few games in a row on a tough West Coast swing where we felt really good about how we were playing together. After the All-Star break, I don't really know what happened. We had some injuries and were never really all on the same page again. Chantelle got hurt, LaToya Thomas was hurt and I really believe that if we could make it through an entire season, we'd be okay. Things kind of fell apart for us, but at the same time, we still competed, we were in games and had a good attitude, but we could not get over the hump to push for the playoffs."


Betty Lennox, Guard
"Our team weakness is injuries. I hope we all can be healthy because we cannot be stopped when we all are feeling good and strong. Our strength is our respect for each other's game and pulling together when one is down."


DeLisha Milton-Jones, Forward
"Our strength is health, but our weakness could be injuries."