Sparks teammates chatted with fans live from Las Vegas
Leslie and Johnson NBA All-Star Chat Recap

While on hand to take part in activities and festivities for 2007 NBA All-Star in Las Vegas, Sparks stars Lisa Leslie and Temeka Johnson chatted with fans.

Leslie is the reigning WNBA Most Valuable Player after winning the award for the third time in 10 WNBA seasons. She has scored more points in the WNBA than any other woman and was selected as a member of the WNBA All-Decade Team. She has been an ambassador of the game as one of its most recognizeable and enduring images over the past decade. However this offseason, Leslie announced that she and her husband, Michael, will be welcoming a new addition to their family in 2007, thus forcing her to miss the upcoming WNBA season.

Guard Temeka Johnson will be entering her second season in Los Angeles. The 2005 WNBA Rookie of the Year joined the Sparks prior to last season after a trade that sent her from Washington. At only 5-3, she has defied the odds to become a WNBA star, but will have an even greater burden fall on her shoulders this season with Leslie out of the lineup.

Find out how both have been keeping busy since the end of the season in September and what they are looking forward to in the months to come.

Moderator: ...And we're off... get those questions in!

helena (manchester): So what has been your favorite part of Las Vegas so far? Or in general?

Lisa Leslie: Tough question... my favorite part is Circus Circus, the hotel. But I've outgrown that. I used to come as a kid often. Now, the smoke-free casinos, which are rare. There is a lot going on.

Temeka Johnson: This is my first time here, so far so good.

Ft. Washington: Temeka, Hated to see you leave the Mystics, but am glad you're doing great with the Sparks. What do you consider to be the primary difference in running the point for each team

Temeka Johnson: It's the tempo of the game. The continuous speed. In Washington, it was more about setting up the offense. It was just a different the pace. But I'm having a lot of fun now.

Lisa Leslie: She likes the up-tempo better. She has more control. And she truly gets to the show.

Tonette Chicago: Just wanted to say first off I love the Sparks and have since opening day and congrats to you and ur hubby Lisa. My question is how has the game plan changed for the Sparks since the end of last season?

Lisa Leslie: We don't know the game plan yet, but I'd imagine it would be based around our defense. With Temeka running the point, we will be an up-tempo team.

Karisa (Goldsboro, NC): Tameka, who do you think will win the title this year for women's college basketball, and do you think duke will have a undefeated season?

Temeka Johnson: (Laughs) the talent level is very good this year. It's hard to say who will win. Any of the top ACC teams, as hard as it is to say this, will come out on top. But you cannot forget about the SEC. I'm all for LSU and the SEC Conference. It will be fun to watch Duke in their undefeated quest, but I doubt it will happen.

Samantha (Bridgeport): What do you think of the new ownership??? Is it helpful or noticeable that two businesswomen and season ticket holders now own the Sparks?

Lisa Leslie: I love our owners and the direction that our organization is going in a short period of time. I think it is beneficial, not because they are women, but because they understand how a business should be run and what fans want. Their needs are central to our success.

Matt (Kennesaw): TJ and LL, what do you all think the Sparks should do in the upcoming Draft or free agency market? Time to get active!

Lisa Leslie: We need a backup point guard to give Temeka some help - a little rest - and a back-up post.

Temeka Johnson: I agree with Lisa. I want people who can run the floor and fill the lanes.

David (Farmington): Lisa, are you playing this year, or no? Come back at the end of the year perhaps?

Lisa Leslie: No.

Lisa Leslie: I would not want to do my team a disservice by coming back only half-ready to play.

Beraca (boston): What NBA player do you guys mostly want to meet and why?

Temeka Johnson: Wow. There are a ton I would love to meet. I really like Steve Nash and the way that he breaks down a defense and runs a team. He's unreal.

Tracy (Jacksonville): Hi Temeka, I'm one of your biggest fans. Are you following the Lady Tigers? What do you think of Erica White at point guard? Take Care, Tracy

Temeka Johnson: Erica brings great energy to the Lady Tigers. She's an important factor in the direction that the team will go. I am confident in her play and I'm sure she will continue to do well.

Ryan F. (Tiburon, CA): Hi Lisa! What do you think about being included in the next NBA Street video game? Do you think they got you right? Are there any of your moves which you made sure got into the game?

Lisa Leslie: I think it's awesome to give little girls and boys an opportunity to experience the WNBA from our perspective and to recognize our skills. We'll see tonight at the EA Party. It should be fun and I'm excited for the party.

Deshawn Singlton: Hi lisa, I just wanto to know with you being the great player you are what motivates you before a game?

Lisa Leslie: Winning. I think I thrive off of the comeptition and I love the camaraderie with my teammates and the energy of the fans - for us or against us - it is still energy.

California: Lisa - what are you going to name your baby? Congrates!

Lisa Leslie: Most likely named afte rmy husband.

Barry (Phoenix, Arizona): Temeka and Lisa: Did you catch Tamara Moore's appearance on "I Love New York?" She certainly did herself proud in defeating most of the male competitors.

Temeka Johnson: I did see it ! She did well.

Lisa Leslie: I didn't. What did she do?

Temeka Johnson: She played against the guys in Venice Beach. She did well. She looked cute. She had her hair done, makeup and the works.

Brenda (Seattle): Lisa, do you have any advice for Temeka as she represents Team LA in the Shooting Stars event on Saturday? Temeka, what do you think will be the keys to victory?

Lisa Leslie: Yes, make the first shot! Dont do like me and miss the first shot. That's not my shot. Whatever you do, make the first shot. I'm not worried about the jump shot from the corner. And it would be nice if she hit the half court shot.

Temeka Johnson: I'm not nervous yet. But maybe Saturday afternoon I will be.

Kristi(Detroit): Temeka, How have you been keeping in shape for this coming season and how do you think the season will go for the team? Lisa, Congratulations to your husband, yourself,and the new baby coming!

Temeka Johnson: Yes, I have been keeping in shape. It's part of my job. I've been working out daily. The upcoming season looks promising. I'm excited.

Carrie Aurora, IL: Lisa my daughter has been a fan of yours since your first Olympic run, she's worried you won't return now that your starting your family. Have you considered at this point not returning?

Lisa Leslie: Yes, I won't be back this season, but I want to play through the 2008 Olympics and WNBA season. That's what I want to do.

tammy brooklyn ny: temeka i wanted to know when did u start playing basketball, and i think u best point guard in the wnba

Temeka Johnson: i started playing when I was six years old. That was organized basketball. And thank you very much for the compliment.

Lisa Leslie: How old when you first started playing or dribbling.

Temeka Johnson: I was a young one. My mom gave me the ball.

atlanta: hey lisa! I love your since of style. Do you have your own tailor. If so, can I get their contact info?

Lisa Leslie: Yes and no. Some things I buy shopping. Other things I get tailor-made. I think style is dressing how you feel and according to your mood. It's not about following the trends.

Lisa Leslie: We are always appreciative of fans who write in and ask questions. Unfortunately we have to run off to some other appearances, but thanks for your time, but I look forward to chatting with you all soon.

Temeka Johnson: She said "we," and I echo what she said. Thanks!

Lisa Leslie: Take care everyone.