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December 10 - A lot has happened to Shock guard Katie Smith since Detroit won the championship back in September. Okay, well maybe not THAT much, but she is currently back at her home in Columbus, Ohio, cheering on her Buckeyes in a number of sports. She continues her academic work along the path toward dental school after she is finished in the WNBA, which she hopes to put off for at least a few more years. Katie gave us a shout to say hello and shoot the breeze this week.

Q. So how is life in Columbus right now? Is the entire town going football crazy?
"It's been great. Buckeyes are number one and going to finish it out strong. I was at the Michigan game and everyone is obsessed."

Who is the best Smith in Ohio State history: Troy or Katie?
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Q. Do you tailgate at the games?
"Of course. Though I don't paint my face. This is a some good down time to rest and get ready for the championship game."

Q. You know they should be playing Michigan, right?
"Oh whatever."

Q. Ohio State has totally become the center of the college sports world. Not only football, but both basketball teams are at the top of te rankings, too. Speaking of, how's Jessica Davenport doing? Break down her game for people who may not have seen her?
"Jessica Davenport is 6-5 and plays well in just about every aspect of the game. I've been around the team for awhile and seen her since she was a freshman. I'd say she is a legitimate top five pick in the Draft. She totally has that Tim Duncan-esque spin move and bank shot down pat.

Q. What about the men's team? Have you seen Greg Oden yet?
"No, not yet. He just came back this week against Valpo, but he's a big boy."

Q. You don't have season tickets?
"Nah, but I could get tickets if I wanted. I'm connected, if you know what I mean."

Q. I do know what you mean. And that's why we're friends. So how are classes going?
Well, we are in winter quarter right now, so I am not currently taking classes, but I will be back in the classroom in January. I have to take a math class and some of my lab requirements. I know one of them will be a physical anatomy class."

Q. Is that like dissection? That doesn't gross you at all?
"Yes, I will be doing some dissection of small animals. I'm cool with that stuff. It doesn't really bother me."

Ohio State senior Jessica Davenport could be a top pick in the 2007 Draft.
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Q. I guess if you are going to be a dentist, you have to get used to seeing blood. Can your fellow students expect to see you hard at work in the library, then?
"I don't study out in the library or anything. I'll just come home and do the work I need to get done. Of course, there are the inevitible distractions... Logan, my dog, or just doing some of the things around my house."

Q. So if you're not in classes, what have you been doing?
"I worked out 'til about noon today. I was up and at in. This week I've been lazy, ran a couple of errands and cleaned up the house. I've been back-and-forth with Detroit, doing some appearances there. A lot of random things that just add up, but don't seem like you're doing a whole lot."

Q. And before you know it, it's April. Watching a lot of television?
"Grey's Anatomy has been great, and I also watch Desperate Housewives. Those have been my big two shows. I have heard good things about Heroes, but I haven't gotten into it."

Q. What are the plans for the holidays?
"Well I have two brothers, they will be coming in from out of town. We haven't figured out our plans yet, but we always take turns as to who goes where for the actual holidays. For Thanksgiving we were all home and it was wonderful to get to hang out with everyone. For Christmas, I'm not sure what the plans are. Everyone has families so it is hit-and-miss. You take it when you can."

Katie had Izzie's back when she cut Danny's LVAD wire on Grey's.
Q. Have you started shopping yet?
"Of course not. I've been a bit of a slacker. I think I may just buy Ohio State gear for my nieces and nephews, but I haven't gotten on that yet."

Q. A little young to get them started on that, no?
"Well one of my sisters-in-law played basketball at Minnesota and the other one is from Michigan and played volleyball at Akron, so I have to get the Buckeyes implanted in their brain at a young age."

Q. Have you given them your wish list with what you want to get?
"No, I don't have a clue. Honestly. In all honesty, I don't need anything. I'm actually trying to get rid of things from my house."

Q. Garage sale at Katie's!
"I definitely don't need new clothes, though I may need some shoes. I think I may need to get a little hipper with my footwear. Not sneakers, but some nice boots, maybe. If you want to help me renovate my house, maybe get me some French doors, then that's what I want."

Q. So just a few more questions on my own wish list of topics... It has been around three months now since you won the title and held that trophy. Have you had some time to reflect on it and think about what it means to you?
"It's kind of weird because it almost seems like it didn't happen."

If there were no pictures, she might not believe it really happened.
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Q. Well I was there and I can tell you it did happen...
"It was such a whirlwind, then leaving to go meet up with USA Basketball for the World Championships, I look back and ask, 'Did we really just win this?' It was fun and people still congratulate you. I loved going through the whole thing, putting it all on the line like that. But now you have to already think about getting back in shape and ready for next season to do it again."

Q. Do you think it will be harded to get up and motivated now that you have already done it?
"I think it's harder because you have one, but you have to almost let it go and start thinking from scratch. Not saying to forget about it, but almost not think about it to compete. I hate to lose and want to get out there and win. I hope we are all able to come in and focus on what we need to do."

Q. Well you could and should have the nucleus returning, which makes it cool. The opportunity is definitely there again.
"A majority of them have been there before though it didn't go so well the year after they won it the first time, but I'm hoping that we will have a business-like approach in the sense that we have the tools, but we just have to be consistent. We'll see, though. It's anyone's ball game in this darn league. Especially if Candace Parker comes out and Phoenix takes her, that would be a little bit of a jolt, a shift in the balance of power. I'd be glad we only play them twice a year."

Q. How come you never had a nickname?
"Nothing ever stuck. People have tried... 'Casper' was one and Rick (Mahorn) calls me 'China White.' "

Q. Are you the kind of teammate who makes up nicknames for other people?
"I haven't necessarily made them up. I'm not the creative type, but I'll go along with them. I'm more of the 'tell me what to do' type."

Wishing you eight craaaaaazy nights.

Q. So you're a doer, not a thinker."
"YEAH! It's easier to jump on board."

Q. Well then please DO have a good holiday and a great new year.
"And you have a Happy Hannukah! Those eight days, boy, I can't wait!"