Best of the Best: Part IV

Points of View: Best Backcourts

In the fourth part of an ongoing series leading up to the season, WNBA players go around the league and call out the best in the business. From scorers to shooters to creative passers, we get to the heart of the matter to answer some big questions. In this edition, we look at some of the best backcourt tandems, guards who play well together and make their teammates better.

Tamika Catchings, Indiana Fever

Helen Darling, Charlotte Sting
"Last year I liked the Phoenix backcourt. I always thought they were tough, They had Diana at the one, Anna DeForge at the two and Penny Taylor at the two-three. That's tough. All of them can shoot, all of them can penetrate and pull up, yet they are very different players. DeForge will be in Indiana this year, but I also really like Connecticut's backcourt. Those three players are so tough, Lindsay Whalen, Katie Douglas and Nykesha Sales. Whalen can get to the hold off of a screen-and-roll, Douglas is a great left-handed shooter and Sales can throw up anything and it will go in."

Betty Lennox, Seattle Storm
"Well you would have to say Sacramento just because they won the championship. You have to give credit to their backcourt and their entire team. I also would give credit to Connecticut since they have been the contenders and their backcourt is strong with Whalen, Sales and Douglas. That's a great trio. I also would have to say Detroit. Deanna Nolan, Katie Smith lead the list, but you can go down the list. With free agency, it makes teams even stronger. You can put together great combinations."

Kristen Mann, Minnesota Lynx
"For sure, Connecticut is at the top. Whalen at the point and Sales and Douglas creating and shooting. That's tough."

Nikki McCray, Chicago Sky
"I think L.A. had a great backcourt every year with Nikki Teasley and Tamecka Dixon. Neither is back there, though. You can't get any better than that. Detroit with Deanna Nolan and Katie Smith will be strong."

Kelly Miller, Phoenix Mercury
"I really like the Connecticut Sun backcourt and the many ways that they can beat you."

Katie Smith, Detroit Shock
"Right now, I'll say Detroit. We have a good one. I like Houston with Arcain and Swoopes. They are solid. Connecticut is very solid with Whalen, Sales and Douglas. They have a nice mix."

Teresa Weatherspoon, WNBA legend
"At this moment you have, I think that Vickie Johnson and Shannon Johnson are gonna be great together, you look at Sacramento, you see Ticha Penicheiro and you have Kara Lawson in at the same time, that's an incredible backcourt, Ticha sees the floor so well, and Lawson, if she is set somewhere she is gonna knock it down on you, you have young players in Indiana that I think are going to really come along this year, because the first year is tough for you, you have a young lady Tan White, I think that she's gonna come along very well, and you have to choose Phoenix because there's Diana Tuarasi and her counterparts, Anna DeForge was there, she has someone alongside her now, they're going to be awesome together. Diana Tuarasi brings so much, and you have to bring it right along with her."

Lindsay Whalen, Connecticut Sun
"Sue Bird and Betty Lennox in Seattle, and you look Indiana last year with Kelly Miller and Tully and Tameka kind of plays 2 as well, so that backcourt's pretty tough. This is where you see free agency come into play, as you look at Becky and Vickie no longer together in New York, and in Indiana now Kelly is gone, but those were two formidable backcourts."

Brooke Wyckoff, Chicago Sky
"Connecticut is obviously very strong. I think Sue Bird and Betty Lennox make a great team and have a lot of talent. Last year, I would have said the Phoenix backcourt of Taurasi and DeForge, though I think Kelly Miller will be great addition."

*Photos: NBAE/Getty Images