WNBA players from each team express their needs
What My Team Needs In the Draft

Kristen Mann, Minnesota Lynx
"I definitely think we could use a point guard or a guard pick in general. I'm not sure who we are thinking about taking with the first pick but I can probably guess from a handful of names to fill a guard spot as well as someone who could score."

Round 1
1Minnesota Lynx
2Phoenix Mercury
3Charlotte Sting
4San Antonio Silver Stars
5Los Angeles Sparks
6Chicago Sky
7Minnesota Lynx
8Washington Mystics
9Indiana Fever
10Charlotte Sting
11Seattle Storm
12New York Liberty
13Sacramento Monarchs
14Sacramento Monarchs
Round 2
15Houston Comets
16San Antonio Silver Stars
17Detroit Shock
18Phoenix Mercury
19Washington Mystics
20Chicago Sky
21Phoenix Mercury
22Los Angeles Sparks
23New York Liberty
24Houston Comets
25Seattle Storm
26Indiana Fever
27Charlotte Sting
28Connecticut Sun
Round 3
29Charlotte Sting
30San Antonio Silver Stars
31Minnesota Lynx
32Phoenix Mercury
33Washington Mystics
34Chicago Sky
35Detroit Shock
36Los Angeles Sparks
37New York Liberty
38Indiana Fever
39Seattle Storm
40Indiana Fever
41Sacramento Monarchs
42Connecticut Sun
Niele Ivey, Phoenix Mercury
"I'm a point guard, but probably another point guard out of the gate. We're moving Diana Taurasi to the 2 so she doesn't have to run the 1. That means we need somebody who can help her in the backcourt. Our post players are great, so whatever else they think is special out there."

Helen Darling, Charlotte Sting
"In my opinion, I think we have a solid starting five, but our reserves are what we need to focus on. We need to strengthen our bench. I think any of these top girls coming in have the ability to come in and start, though I don't think anyone is going to give it to them. They will have to work for it, but I do expect that anyone who comes on board with us is going to play a significant role and will be instrumental in our success."

Kendra Wecker, San Antonio Silver Stars
"I think we can improve upon our team unity a bit. Coming from college, that was probably the biggest change for me. I came from a program where we did everything together, but in the WNBA a lot of times, you are kind of on your own. But we have a lot of young players who really like each other, which will only increase when we add a top four Draft pick, so spending more time together will only be more beneficial for us."

Lisa Leslie, Los Angeles Sparks
"Posts in general is always an area you can be stronger in so I'm pretty sure we are looking to get another post player. Then possibly a backup point guard. Those are two areas where you always want to be efficient and have some depth. That's what I would say offhand without speaking to our management."

Brooke Wyckoff, Chicago Sky
"As a new team, we need more of everything. But I think the most important thing in our first season is to put ourselves out there in the community and really promote the team and the sport of women's basketball. Obviously we want to win and will work hard, but a primary focus will be to get the city of Chicago excited about us being there."

Coco Miller, Washington Mystics
"Last season, I think our strengths were that we had a lot of athleticism in the post and on the wings. We were a fast team. This year we have made an effort to get bigger, so we need player who can play together all the time and then we'll be in good shape."

Tamika Catchings, Indiana Fever
Our biggest weakness last season was our height. As a team we were really small. At times, we weren't really quick, either. When you look at Sacramento winning the championship and you look at their team, they're quick, they have athletes, and they can get up and down the court, so to get quicker."

Betty Lennox, Seattle Storm
"I wouldn't necessarily say we need to fill a particular position because I don't want to go there, but I would say that we need someone who will give us something extra. Whatever it takes, doing the dirty work, hitting a big shot, shutting someone down on defense, not that they have to do it every single time down the court, but delivers when called upon for a big rebound, a big pass or a big rebound. With Lauren Jackson, Sue Bird and myself, we will continue to get stronger. I've only played two seasons with them and hopefully those years behind us will make a huge difference. We can get together, be even more comfortable and make everyone else around us better."

Becky Hammon, New York Liberty
"I think obviously you have to start with the 5 position. We need to have that inside presence and build from there; that anchor in the middle. All the very successful teams in this league have that, so that's the first position we need to take care of and then build from there."

Kristin Haynie, Sacramento Monarchs
"We may have won a championship, but there is always room for improvement. Last year seems like so long ago, but we need to take care of the ball better. Losing Chelsea Newton to the Chicago expansion will be tough. She was my buddy and I'm going to miss her. That will be a big hole to fill because she was such a great defender for us and made things hectic for opposing point guards bringing the ball up the court. That will be a big loss for us."

Sancho Lyttle, Houston Comets
"I don't think we have any holes that need to be filled, but we need to be more focused in the beginning of the season instead of waiting until towards the end, making every game we play count, and taking it like every team could beat us and that every team we play we need that one win to make it further into the playoffs."

Swin Cash, Detroit Shock
"We'll probably just take the best available player, but right now, we are just worried about us. We understand that we have a team in place that can win, a nucleus. We need veteran leadership, and I think we got that already with Kedra Holland-Corn back. I think the experience of not getting past the first two rounds the past two years has really rocked our core and we are motivated."

Lindsay Whalen, Connecticut Sun
"I mean we were right there with the best record in the regular season and we swept through the Playoffs to the finals. Honestly I think if we can just do what we did last year and get back to the Finals, we are so motivated to take the final step. I'm not sure the Draft is where we will build anything immediate this year. Looking back, you couldn't ask for a better season and most of the year was really fun.

Kelly Miller, Phoenix Mercury
"I'm new to the team, obviously, but from what I know and have heard about Paul Westhead's style of play, I think we'll be looking for players who like to run and play an up-tempo style of play."