What WNBA players like most about coming to the Big Apple

New York City State of Mind

While WNBA stars were in New York City for All-Star festivities last summer, WNBA.com wanted to find out about their favorite places to see and go in the Big Apple. Some players listed many favorite sites, stores, restaurants and shows to visit when they visit New York while others just focus on avoiding the traffic in the busy city.

Sue Bird was happy to be home during the All-Star break.
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Yolanda Griffith, Sacramento Monarchs: "My favorite thing in New York is trying to find a hotel that doesn't have a lot of traffic. I got a carriage ride, one time, which was really nice. This summer, I even went down to Times Square and caught a movie. We go to a couple of different restaurants when we're there. My favorite is Mama Mexico. It's a pretty good Mexican restaurant. I've also been to Diddy's restaurant, Justin's, and I had some good catfish there."

Sue Bird, Seattle Storm: "If I get the chance, whenever we come back to New York I like to go home. See my mom, go to my house, that type of stuff. I know those aren't the sights to see, but for me they are.

Becky Hammon, New York Liberty: "There's a couple places I really enjoy going. Like the Blue Fin in Times Square, I really like that restaurant a lot. John's Pizzeria on 44th and 8th. For visitors I'd say you have to visit Times Square, the Statue of Liberty, and to check out the Garden. It's always good to go down and visit Ground Zero. There are endless things to do. And you'd have to hit some Broadway play."

Deanna Nolan, Detroit Shock: "Of course Nike Town, but also just walk around Times Square and do a little shopping on 5th Avenue. Go to some restaurants such as Juniors Cheesecake."

Alana Beard, Washington Mystics: "I can only take so much of New York. It's not my favorite place to hit. I'm not going to sit here and lie, there's just too much going on for me. There's too many people. I hate the fact I have to bump into a few people to get where I want to go, and I hate the fact I have to walk a long way to get where I want to go. If you jump in a taxi and say 'take me two blocks,' he's going to look at you like your stupid. Every time I walk outside I feel dirty and got to come back in and take a shower, stuff like that. I don't mean to insult anybody, but it's not my thing. I can come in for a day and be good."

Alana Beard is not the biggest fan of New York City.
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Rebekkah Brunson, Sacramento Monarchs: I think that I found something new that I like to do. The time before last when we were here I went to a Broadway play, The Color Purple. Now every time I'm in New York I try to go to another play. It was just a great experience.

Candice Dupree, Chicago Sky: "I've only been to New York a couple times, so I haven't really had a chance to explore."

Ticha Penicheiro, Sacramento Monarchs: "Fifth Avenue, all of the shops, during the daytime that is the best place to be. I was there yesterday and I spent so much money, haha. At night everywhere there's been a party and we've been having fun. All-Star weekend is good because you get to hang out with other players, and you're still competitive on the court but off the court everybody is really cool so you get to hang out with everybody."

Cappie Pondexter, Phoenix Mercury: "I love going to the Pier, I like going to the village, Times Square, and definitely the shopping and Broadway."

Nykesha Sales, Connecticut Sun: "I love New York. I like to go down to the Village and shop, and I like hitting a lot of the shoe stores out here because they have more selection and bigger sizes. Other than that, there's a lot of restaurants and things to do."

Tina Thompson, Houston Comets: " I love Barneys. Every time I come I go over there and do a little shopping, and the Shark Bar, I like eating there so usually when I come to New York I have dinner there."

Tamika Whitmore, Indiana Fever: "I actually got to go to see the Lion King the musical, and I liked that a lot. I went to see the Christmas show at Radio City Music Hall, I've gone to quite a few concerts, I guess the most memorable one was Patti LaBelle, and I've been to the Statue of Liberty. But I have to say my favorite place is this little restaurant on 52nd street called El Motestrello, it's authentic Italian and it's really good. The hospitality is great and the food is terrific. I haven't been able to get there since I've been in town, but I might try to go tonight."

Sophia Young, San Antonio Silver Stars: "Times Square, everyone likes to go to Times Square. Broadway, I went to the Lion King show and I love that stuff. I mean New York is fun, everywhere is fun in New York."