How Has Offseason Player Movement Changed the Game?

This Is What You Think...
The Biggest Moves of 2006:

"In my opinion the biggest and most significant signing this year would be San Antonio signing Vickie Johnson. She will be very much missed by her NY fans. I believe she happens to be one of the most underated players in the league."
-LEECHA, Bronx, N.Y.

"I think the trading of Nikki teasley and Tamecka Dixon from the Lasparks.Now that the sparks traded those two key players, I really think they are going to suffer. There's no way that I would've traded those two. Houston has alot of key players this year. If they stay healthy this year, I think Houston will go all the way in 2006."
-Tiffany, Chicago, IL

The Indiana Fever were very active in the free agency market, and trading block. Signing Charlotte Smith-Taylor, Tamika Whitmore, and Olimpia Scott-Richardson was huge because they needed more post presence, especially after Natalie Williams left.
-PCatch, Naperville, IN

"No doubt the biggest offseason trade was the Teasley for Johnson trade. Nikki Teasley's addition to the Mystics will make them more uptempo and more exciting to watch. With Temeka Johnson going to L.A. she will make Chamique and Lisa better while making L.A. a more organized team. In the Trade the Sparks also got a higher draft pick in Lisa Willis, and a great role player in Murriel Page. This trade makes the Sparks a Championship contender."
-Jaime, Los Angeles, CA

"Indiana got an enormous boost by acquiring Anna DeForge. Paired with Tamika Catchings, Indiana could be a contender. On the flip side, Phoenix didn't do too bad themselves acquiring Kelly Miller in that same deal. She is quick, can score and is a perfect fit for 'paul ball'.
-Carol, Phoenix, AZ

" I think the biggest moves were those taken by the Connecticut Sun, they resigned some great players and brought in Erin Phillips, Donna Loffhagan and Megan Mahoney is back from injury.
-M.J., Belfast, Northern Ireland

The WNBA has grown in a number of ways overs the past ten years, but perhaps no change has been bigger or had a more pervasive impact than free agency and blockbuster trades. Players changing teams during the offseason has become the norm, turning lottery teams into instant contenders. It also means greater financial windfalls for some players, but unemployment for others.

Ruth Riley, Detroit Shock
"I think it's exciting for our league. It's exciting for players to have the opportunity to find the right fit and for teams to have the opportunity to make a bid and to build their team and to mold their team. It will be fun to see players you've seen on the same team since they've been in the league are now able to move and change and I think it's a good thing."

Lindsay Whalen, Connecticut Sun
"With the trades obviously we made a trade last year to get Margo, and so I think it's just expanding the league, helping the league, getting players in different situations, so overall it will be good for the league."

Tamika Catchings, Indiana Fever
"I think that's cool, just looking at the changes that have been made and the player movements that have been made already. It's cool to be able to see players take advantage of it. Some places, the players have been locked in, and its like ok, I just need a new start, and to be able to go somewhere and hopefully have that extra energy, or motivation to do better and become a better player. And I think that overall will help the league too."

Becky Hammon, New York Liberty
"I think it's great. I think it gives the players a little bit more flexibility, it allows teams and players to pick what systems are going to fit them correctly, it just gives the player a little more say, and of course being a player I like that. I think its part of the evolvement of the game; this is a business as much as we love playing it. I think its good that the business model is crossing over to the WNBA from the NBA, but we're still in our learning years, we're still green in that market area, we're still evolving."

Sancho Lyttle, Houston Comets
"I don't know anything about free agency really because I haven't been in that position, so I can't comment on that."

Coco Miller, Washington Mystics
"I think it's a very good thing, it makes the league very competitive, teams are changing because of the free agency, and a lot of players have moved around a lot, so I think the teams, like New York they lost Vickie and Crystal, are going to be a lot different than in the past."

Niele Ivey, free agent
"I think its great. It's something new. I think it gets a lot of players the opportunity to start fresh, on a different team that maybe complements their skills, so for the organization and the player it's a good thing.