It's looking like a rematch...

WNBA Players’ NBA Playoff Predictions

Well, it's unanimous. At least among the WNBA players we spoke to about the predictions for the upcoming NBA Playoffs... If these basketball experts really know what they're talking about, it looks like we'll be back in San Antonio and Detroit come early June...Click for complete NBA Playoffs coverage.

Will the San Antonio Spurs defeat the Detroit Pistons again?
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Ruth Riley, Detroit Shock
I think the Eastern Conference Finals between Miami and Detroit is going to be a great series again this year, but in the end, the Bad Boys will be defeating the San Antonio Spurs to bring the the championship back to the D!! The Pistons have brought and "old school" feel back to the game, their talent and chemistry have given them a consistancy that we haven't seen in awhile.

Lindsay Whalen, Connecticut Sun
Look for San Antonio vs Detroit once again. I know, really original, but right now, I don't see any of the close competitors beating them in a seven game series. They each have home court advantage throughout and with the format of the league's Playoffs being the way it is, I must pick these two teams.

Ok, a sleeper you ask... I will go with New Jersey from the East and the Phoenix Suns in the West. Why? Because I play for the Connecticut Sun and "Sun" and "Suns are kind of similar ya know? Almost like some distant cousin that lives all the way across the country, yet you've never really met, yet you still cheer for them
because it sounds like you could have something in common. This really is how I feel about the Phoenix Suns.

I look forward to watching the Playoffs and always enjoy seeing new teams and talent emerge in the postseason.

Kara Lawson, Sacramento Monarchs
Finals: Detroit over San Antonio
Sheed matches up with Tim Duncan, he doesn't get the better of the match-up, but he makes Timmy work and we all know Duncan is not at full strength this year. Billups can overpower Parker, TP has problems with bigger, stronger guards. And it goes without saying that Detroit has by far the best starting lineup in the NBA.

X-Factors for San Antonio
Ginobli- This guy, to me, was the difference in last year's Finals, Detroit didn't have an answer
Flip- How this guy manages the big games.

Dallas- don't think you're too much of a darkhorse when you win 60 games, but they have a great shot at beating SA in the 2nd round. Anybody in the bottom half of that Western conference bracket could have a somewhat free pass to the conference finals because the best two teams are in the top half. Love Michael Redd and the Bucks too.

Tamika Williams, Minnesota Lynx
Piston vs Spurs... Pistons will win.

Seimone Augustus, Minnesota Lynx
Detroit and San Antonio. Detroit will win it.

Betty Lennox, Seattle Storm

and a sole dissenter...

Cappie Pondexter, Phoenix Mercury
Well well well... the time we as basketball players and fans have been waiting for. The NBA playoffs. I was asked two choose my picks for the NBA F
inals. Since I was drafted by the Phoenix Mercury, it would make sense to pick the Suns as my team coming from the West. My other choice is the Miami Heat out of the East. The winner is.... P-H-O-E-N-I-X