Lisa Leslie Blogs about The Superstars

Lisa Leslie is no stranger to blogging. Already she has shared her thoughts on her trip to Washington D.C. for the inauguration of President Barack Obama, as well as future trips to the nation's capital for White House visits and appearances.

Now she is back with a new blog about her appearance on the ABC show The Superstars, which premieres Tuesday night at 8:00 p.m. / 7:00 p.m CT. Lisa will offer some insight to the episodes and offer some behind-the-scenes musings from her time on the show.

Get Ready for The Superstars
Posted June 22, 2009

I had an awesome time shooting The Superstars. One of the cool things about Superstars is that we had no idea who our partners were going into the show and we never knew what challenges we had to face until we arrived at the venue. On the first day, they brought us into a room and all of the athletes and celebrities were introduced to each other; we didnít all know each other, but it was really cool to meet everybody. Then the next day we went to our dressing rooms and we had to get dressed Ė individually, of course - and we had on sweat suit zipped up to our necks where we could not see which color the other one was wearing. The teams were not revealed it was actually revealed on television.

With my height at 6-5, obviously it would seem that I would have more of an advantage in most sport other than a water sport, but that was not necessarily the case (laughs). In fact, I donít think I had much of an advantage in anything we did (laughs). Iím sure that joke will unfold itself because I think people you may think should win donít win consistently. Itís actually really funny. This is the first time Iíve participated in water sports. Iím from the inner city and havenít had much experience with a lot of water. I can swim. But after shooting The Superstars I probably wouldnít even go in the can-swim category (laughs). Iíd probably be in the beginnerís category.

We had a great time. I think the best thing about shooting the Superstars is that everyone was so nice. Well almost everyone. We had two participants that were... a little... how do you say... attitude challenged at times. But aside from that the overall cast was great.

The first event we had was called the Run and Ride and it was literally a run and ride Ė you have a partner and one rides a bike while the other one runs. And the challenge was basically to get across the finish line with both partners. It wasnít based on time, it was just whichever team got both partners across the line, that is who finished first.

There were a lot of laughs going on. Well actually we werenít laughing while we were doing it because it was extremely hard and there was a huge bridge that we had to run over or ride over, which was major. It was a little bit over a mile for the Run and Ride. By the time you see that and you see who finishes last, its comedy. I think people will find that even though it is a sports show, there is a lot of comedy involved. And I being Lisa Leslie Ė and at times being Lucille Ball Ė am a part of that.

Our second event was the kayak and that involved not just kayaking but the roaring rapids that did not make kayaking easy, especially for me being a first timer (laughs). Letís just say there were some flips involved (laughs). Oh boy.

The way the show works is that your first goal should be not to go to the obstacle course, which is the way that you get eliminated until the last episode when you want to go to the obstacle course because that is how you win the show. And then if you go to the obstacle course, then the main goal is to win the obstacle course so that you can avoid elimination and come back to the next round. I had a great experience, thatís all I can tell you. I got a chance to learn the obstacle course very well (laughs). And the last thing I'm going to say is that Iíve never lost and won so much in my life!!

I will keep you all posted regarding episode 2!!