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Happy Days Are Here Again!
Posted: March 13, 2007 5:42 p.m. ET

Folks, this Comets fan is about to burst. What a start to the month of March!! With Coach Thompson in place, I allowed myself to call the Comets ticket office and begin thinking about where I wanted to sit at Toyota Center this season. I have already secured my mini-plan with the San Antonio Silver Stars, so it was time to pony up for the home team in Houston.

I spoke with Miss Mandy, and we decided to meet on Wednesday at the arena, where she would take me around and show me some seating options... for floor seats!!! I had floor seats in San Antonio last year, and I am spoiled rotten... or I spoil myself rotten every chance I get to sit either courtside or on the floor. Being short leads to a lot of interesting choices... LOL. When I met with Mandy, we were going down to the court, and she noticed that the Rockets were still on the floor... which meant we couldn't go down to look at the seats. Fortunately, the guys were finished with their practice, and the press had them spread around the place, getting precious prognostications.

So, down the multitude of steps we go... from one end of the floor seats, across from the Comets bench, all the way to the other end, facing the opposing team's bench. Then I decided. I wonder if Tracy McGrady will be sitting in the place he usually sits this year??? I will do my best, but somebody might have to keep me from reachin' out and touching him... Whoo-hoooo!!

The Season Ticket Holder event held on Tuesday night at Hilton's place was apparently a huge success. Coach let a few tidbits of news out of the bag, regarding players, and her decision pertaining to assistant coaches. She played who she was considering close to the vest, but I was told Karleen had interviewed several candidates, in short order. Now we know her choices: Ryan Weisberg, her buddy from her Sparks days, and Jessie Kenlaw, recently an assistant for the Seattle Storm.

Did I tell you I was about to burst today?? I have been calling for Miss Jessie to come on home to Houston since the announcement of her departure from Seattle. Some thought it was a good idea, but we actually didn't know who the HC was going to be, so it was difficult to say how Kenlaw would fit. We will also have an additional new member of the Comets family in Laurie Byrd, as Director of Player Personnel... welcome to the home of the first WNBA dynasty!!!

Coach has her eyes peeled for some great players to fill the point guard position, and is getting advice from someone familiar with the college game, so get us a good one with that Number Eight pick! I am still wishing we could get Camille Little out of UNC, so she could be mentored by Her Majesty, but I will leave those decisions up to Coach Thompson... after all, she is sitting in the Big Chair now... LOL. You Go, Karleen!!!



Since I feel like shouting today... how about a shout out to April Saunders, Comets Ticket Office Woman-of-All-Trades! It was nice visiting with you...

Shout out to Katie Feenstra, who posted 43 pts, and 20 rebounds in a game recently in South Korea... I will miss her dearly in San Antonio, but I will be in Detroit for at least one game this summer, with a new jersey to be signed... LOL.

Finally, if you are not aware of this, Lauren Jackson is BLOWIN' UP in Seoul!!! Stay healthy, matey!

Have a great weekend, y'all...

Coach Thompson is a Welcome Sight in H-town
Posted: February 14, 2007 5:22 p.m. ET

The long day's journey into night for Comets fans is finally over. Today, new owner Hilton Koch named Karleen Thompson as the General Manager and Head Coach of the Houston Comets. At least for this fan, this announcement is a relief.

As local fans, we have been subjected to weeks of rumor and speculation regarding not only who the new owner would be, but who he would tap to be the Head Coach and General Manager. Many of us thought that the infrastructure of Tom Cross as Director of Player Personnel, and Karleen as a two year assistant under Coach Van Chancellor was not too bad a tandem for a new sports franchise owner. Of course, it is common practice for new owners to bring in their own team of managers and coaches, and that was the major area of speculation. The entire management team for the new Comets has not been completely revealed, but today's announcement is a huge step in getting the basketball-operations side back in business. Free agents need to be signed, as well as preparation for the college draft in about 90 days.

The question was posed on a prominent basketball forum, regarding why Coach Thompson is the "right" coach for the Comets; what is it about her coaching style that will make her good as a WNBA coach? And what has she demonstrated so far that speaks to success as the Comets Head Coach? The short answer for me was summed up by a fellow blogger... she gets the most out of her players.

I remember back to when she was co-head coach in L.A. after Michael Cooper resigned. I remember seeing a Sparks bench with only eight players in the playoffs, and still taking the Sacramento Monarchs to a Game 3 in the first round. That impressed me. Of course, Coach Cooper had that team playing as a finely oiled machine at times, but the roller-coaster of his possible departure was evident from time to time in the team's play that season. What would happen after he was gone? Well, they still made the playoffs, and almost made it through to the Western Conference Final.

Coach Thompson was not chosen to be the head coach for the Sparks the next season, and opted to come home to Texas. Comets fans, for the most part, welcomed her, and looked forward to the breath of fresh air she might bring. For me, one of the most telling effects of Karleen's stint as assistant coach in Houston has been her influence on Michelle Snow. Bottom line, Michelle Snow was an All-Star for the first time in her career after Thompson came to Houston. Much has been written and said about Snow's inability to achieve what many see as her true "potential," but under Coach Thompson, Michelle at least received recognition for a standard of play she previously had not. I have witnessed myself how KT is able to calm the demons that are Michelle Snow, the basketball player. It is what it is.

The predominant issue for me in choosing a successor for Van Chancellor in Houston was that it had to be a coach that the veterans would "play" for. It had to be someone they respected, not just as a person, but also as a student of the game. It has always been my thought that Karleen Thompson is someone that SS22, and TT07 would play for, and be happy to play for... making them the leaders a young coach needs, so the other players will follow. I also think that Coach Thompson is a coach that understands the importance of team chemistry, and will bring players together who will buy in to the goal of the teams leaders. That goal: WIN BALL GAMES! And do whatever it takes to win them. That is Comets Basketball... and well predicated on tenacious play on the defensive end of the court.

So, what am I expecting to see early in May? The new day dawning many of us demanded at the end of last season. Granted, we took a lot of twists and turns on the road that got us here, but I am excited for us as fans, for our players, and for our new owner... and it doesn't take a lot to get Hilton going!! Karleen Thompson is the steady-eddie to balance out the Comets Crazy we all long to be! The next order of business is to get lots of fannies in lots of seats, and get Toyota Center rockin' the way it was last night in the fourth quarter of the Rockets/Kings game! The Rocket Rowdy's got nothin' on Seasoned-Four-Peat-WNBA-Champion Comets Fans.


Shout out to Donna Orender... thanks for your integrity. I look forward to meeting you at the All-Star Game this summer.

Shout out to Leyn Jack Sun... the Samsung Bichimi are tied for second place in the Korean League.

I'm Going To The All-Star Game
Posted: January 16, 2007 3:36 p.m. ET

Yeah... I really am. I have my room reservations, my ticket to the game, and now I just need for Southwest Airlines to do one of their special fare deals to DC... and I AM GOLDEN!!!

I have never attended an ASG, to date. I had planned to go to Uncasville, however work issues made that impossible. But, I am ready to roll this year! I haven't been to DC since I was in high school, and being a history buff, I have to see as many of the sights as I can consume. I know there are a couple of new memorials, so those will be first on the list. I have seen the Hope Diamond, so I can push that to the back of my list, for now anyway. I didn't see the White House all those years ago, so that will also be on my agenda; and I am staying only a couple of blocks away, so that makes one thing on my list easy to access.

Washington DC has one of the better transit systems, from what I have heard. I am looking forward to using those trains to get around. I just have to make sure I don't end up in that would not be on the list of things to do, not that I have anything against Virginia...especially as a history buff.

And, oh yeah, the game stuff...and the team practices, and all the excitement that goes with a WNBA All Star Game!! Man, I am probably going to be the oldest 12-year-old-girl in the place. I am a goffy kind of fan...harmless, but not afraid to say something that seems to come out of the blue. For example, I was with a friend in Phoenix last summer, and she saw Kristin Rasmussen, and Belinda Snell on an escalator at the airport. We knew the Merc were going to Chicago, but figured they would have taken an early flight out...but there they were, all over the Phoenix airport. So I scuttled over to the escalator, and walked up a couple of steps, still leaving a good arms length away from Raz, while saying "Hey, Number 52!". She, of course, turned around, and I extended my hand to shake hers, and told her how much we missed her in Houston...Miss Whiney, I was. Of course, Belinda Snell is standing there taking this all I had to say something to her, right??? So I says: "Snelly...(I can't believe I just out and called her "Snelly"...don't you have to be an Aussie, or at least a Merc fan to call her that??? Well, I am a calendar-carrying member of the Brigade, so I claim all rights and privileges therein)...Snelly, if Coach had played you last night, you all might have always kill the Comets!!" She just grinned a Snelly grin...and off each of us went. The next time I saw Snelly was in Durham when the Opals played Team USA...and I reminded her that the Merc beat the Comets when Coach played her...more giggles. But, totally harmless.

Wow...I am really excited about getting to go to this event. I always vote a ton of times for my favorite players to be All Stars, and I am sure this season will be no different. I have quite a system for punching out the ballots...but, if Tully Bevilaqua is not on the main ballot, and I have to write her name in hundreds of times again this year...I might have to take a minute of Donna O's time and have a heart to heart about why my favorite shorty didn't make the ballot. Tully rocks...

Now for some shout outs:

Shout out to Katie Feenstra for scoring 30 points in her last game in Korea...imagine if she had snagged another 29 rebounds as she did in the Cool Cats season opener to go with it??? I hope her knee is sure looked wrapped to mummie degrees in the game against Samsung.

Shout out to Lindsey Harding...and to Coach Dan Hughes, who needs to draft her and bring her back to Texas! Coach, you know I don't play about this stuff...LOL.

And finally, shout out to all who are having to deal with this extraordinary weather in the Mid-west, and Plains states. I hope your electricity is restored quickly, and your lives are not too badly interupted.

Is it May yet???

Big Day, Historically Speaking
Posted: January 3, 2007 5:36 p.m. ET

January 3, 2007 is a huge news day in WNBA history. We received news locally that Comets coach of ten seasons, Van Chancellor is hanging up the sneakers in H-town. There will be another announcement tonight, probably before the Rockets game.

And, we also received word of contraction within the league, due to the Charlotte franchise folding. Not something any of us were looking forward to, even if we were of the opinion that something had to be done to stimulate interest for that team.

Wow...I have been on the boards, and just thought I would take a second to reflect on what this all means. Not just to me, but to all of us who are fans of the WNBA.

I have been a campaigner for a new direction in the leadership of the Houston Comets. I walked out of the wings joint after the dismal performance of my team in the first round of the playoffs saying it was time for us fans "to take our team back." I meant it then, and I mean it now. That is not to be misunderstood as a lack of appreciation for Van Chancellor the man, the person. Who can dislike VC? If you ever caught one of his Jolly Ranchers at a game, and that includes you road team fans as just couldn't forget the guy. Van Chancellor has accomplished more in the last ten years of coaching than most of us could professionally in two life times. So, please understand the root of my sentiments for there to be a new coach and General Manager for my team. It is not a personal issue...strictly professional.

I have watched my team get so close the last two years, and the collective efforts of all involved. But, there are times when difficult decisions have to be made before an organization, or group can make further progress. We see this in business all the time. Sometimes entire systems need to be changed, sometimes only a small tweak gets everything back on the winning track. In this case, I see it as a need for a change in vision, as well as system. Who doesn't know the Comets' offensive system? It is something we openly laugh about as Comets fans, because in reality, eventhough you know that Swoopes eventually going to get the ball, and is going to her still have to stop her. That's the difficult part about beating the Comets. It doesn't matter that you know every move they might well make, you still have to interupt their progress.

So, a new day is dawning for the Houston Comets franchise. Ironically, the final days have set for the Sting. My heart breaks for the faithful fans in Charlotte. I honestly cannot imagine what I would be feeling if I were in their shoes. Not to say that we won't know what that is like, depending upon the outcome of the sale of the Comets...we could eventually find ourselves in the same boat, a city with a winning tradition in the WNBA, and no longer with a team.

I am remembering all those great games with Staley and Stint, and Feaster knockin' us on our keester!!! Charolette fans have a lot of great times and memories to hold on to. I guess I am just trying to let you all know that we are all in this together, and that our hearts are with you. It is an interesting thing about this league, the WNBA...we all see that this little experiment in women's professional basketball is still on a tenuous path. And, it will take all of us to keep the league growing. We do not really have the liberty to scoff at what becomes of another city's team. So, let's make a date, say for around mid-July at the All Star Game. Wear your road green jerseys so we can pick you out, OK???

So, there are some reflections of one fan on the events of a busy news day during the WNBA off season.

What's next? Is it May yet??

Well, no...but, I am very excited that LJ will be playing her first regular season game in South Korea in a few hours. She put up 30 points, and double-digit rebounds in her final practice, Lord have mercy...what will happen when she actually turns on the jets??!!!


And shout out to all our players in international leagues...take care of yourselves, and hurry back home.

Miss Parker... Miss Parker...
Posted: November 27, 2006 5:42 p.m. ET

When thinking about this last week end's match up between the Lady Longhorns and Lady Volunteers, those words came to mind several times. I am quoting Taj McWilliams-Franklin from her in-studio commentary during the World Championships last September. She would ever-so-breathlessly say: "Miss Parker, Miss Parker...", as if she were seeing a vision, or at least something she would love to see again. That was my mind set when I purchased my tickets to see the UT vs. UT matchup. It would be my second time to see Miss Parker, after seeing her in Team USA colors in Durham this fall.

Next question was: Who will guard her? The obvious matchup I wanted to see was Parker/Jackson; that would happen later in the first half. To start the game, Earnesia Williams drew the prime time assignment. A lamb to slaughter, I thought; and I really like E-Will, and was at the Duke game last season when she went down with her ACL tear. She was having a great game that day, and we can only wonder how much farther along she would be, save for that injury last year. But this day, she seemed a step and a half too slow to keep up with Miss Parker. Advantage Lady Vols.

Tiffany Jackson was banging with Anosike. I don't remember ever thinking NA is that big...she looked much larger than TJ, and they were getting after it in the paint. Classic warfare down low. Advantage Lady Vols on the boards. They completely controlled that part of the game. UTX only scored 18 points in the entire first half, but UTenn was not glowing offensively, either. I was just plain ugly...certainly not what I expected.

Texas came out with more intensity in the second half, but it was too little, too late. I grew weary of Miss Parker sitting on the bench for so much of the game (she only clocked 22 minutes), but the Lady Vols had the game well in hand, and there was no sense in taking a chance for an injury on the road. Plus, Alexis Fuller was getting the job done just fine, thank you. Oh, and did I mention Spencer and the hot hand she had in the second quarter? When she hit a second three ball, I knew it was a back breaker for my Lady Horns.

I had not seen Shannon Bobbit before, either. I was impressed by her ability to not only run the team, but get her shot off, to boot. She is in a most compressed package, but don't blink, cuz she will blow right past you. While I expected UTenn to win, I was hoping to see a more competitive match up.

Which brings me to my Lady Longhorns. I love my Lady Longhorns, but they were too much smaller than their opponents on this day. Usually what a team lacks in height, they can make up with speed. But, in this case, no amount of speed could counter what the Vols brought to the game. I fell in love with Carla Cortijo again this year, and Brittainey Raven lived up to the hype on this day. She was all over the place...lots of fun to watch on the fast break. And Niqky Hughes brings so much energy to the floor when she checks of those players every team needs, especially when things aren't going well. She was the spark plug on Sunday, and I look forward to seeing more of her over the next few years in Burnt Orange. My conclusion is that Texas has a lot of work to do. They have not matched up well against Top 25 teams, and have now dropped out of the rankings.

Big 12 play will also not be kind to the Lady Longhorns. A friend and I both went silent while contemplating what a fiasco that will be. Another friend has a chance to get some great tickets for the TX/OU match up in Austin, but is hesitating because they are not sure they want to witness what might happen. I guess after several years of carrying the standard for excellence in the women's game, my Horns are now having to learn how to get back there.

Shout out to Jeff Bagwell with the announcement of his retirement from the Houston Astros. I have a feeling he won't be too far away from the game he was such an exemplary player in. Bags and Beege will be the faces of Houston baseball for the rest of my life time. Salute!

Shout out to Hometown fave Vince Young...just to shout out to him!!! What a wonderful rookie season he is having!

I Went to See Her, But She Didn't Show Up
Posted: November 27, 2006 3:10 p.m. ET

I have been waiting to see her, but she hasn't had a game televised nationally, that I know of. I was looking forward to seeing her, because she is capable of throwing a block party the likes of Miss Margo. I went to see her, to see her specifically, when she came to my town... but, she didn't show up.

Oh, she was there -- all six feet, nine inches of her were there physically. And against my hometown Lady Cougars, who didn't field a player over 6'1", I was expecting young Allyssa DeHaan to have a game of her college career down low. Stats for the day: 1-7 shooting, 2 rebounds, 4 assists, 2 blocks, all in 17 minutes of playing time. I sat on the front row, with my brow furrowing every time she touched the ball, and then passed it back out. And this was before she could tell her shots weren't falling. It was as if Coach P decided that the team was going to work on some basic sets with this game, knowing the Lady Spartans would be able to pull out a win.

I arrived at the University of Houston campus about ten minutes before the game. There are, of course, a lot of changes since I last attended classes, where did all those glass and steel buildings come from that now fill space that was the closest faculty parking you could try to sneak into if the gate was stuck open? And yes, I did pay for the two tickets I received from parking there illegally my junior year...LOL. But, the walk up the incline to Hofheinz Pavillion has not changed. It was a very comfortable place to be. I paid my $15 for a courtside seat, and made my way to the floor for the teams' warmups. I had to wait for the smoke to clear after the Lady Coogs took the floor with the help of some special effects. I determined that the seats weren't numbered in order, and since I was one of only seven people sitting down there, I might as well sit on the center line.

And then I saw her...for the first time. I kept looking at her slight, and I mean slight, frame. I had seen some photos from high school games, and she did not look as rail thin as she did to me yesterday. I am talking Lauren Jackson-at-age-18 tweeny. So, knowing what has become of She-Who-Is-Beyond-Ledge-Status, I cut DeHaan some slack this early in her career. She runs as easily as any player her height I have seen...and there aren't too many of them. She really can run the floor...because she has no weight at this point. Perhaps it was seeing her thin frame next to those well built women from know, those Shimek-type bodies, built for banging, that affected my perception of DeHaan's size. The jump ball was as laughable as you would expect...and the Lady Spartans were off to the races.

Victoria Lucas-Perry is a work horse. She scored a game high 21 points, and was even knocked to the floor pretty hard during the game, only to come back for more throughout the second half. I don't know if anyone is watching her on a WNBA Draft list, but at 5'9", she could be a nice sleeper, and servicable guard. But, I was looking for a double-double, and bunch of blocks from Number 41. Laura Hall turned out to be the post to watch in Spartan Green, and Ryan Meyers on the UH side was masterful in her rebounding in the second half. At only 6'1", she was getting position and wrecking havoc on the taller Michigan players, gathering a total of 15 boards for the game.

The only hope the Lady Cougars had in this game was to play to their strength, which is their speed. Tye Jackson being out with an injury has made life most difficult this season, coupled with players forced to sit out for academic reasons, and a pregnancy. Coach Curl has his hands full, it seems to me. The UH women stayed in the game, and played with a lot more intensity in the second half, but they were really no match for the Lady Spartans. Coach P was coaching the entire game...and Allyssa DeHaan got a lot of individual instruction from her during the game.

I am looking forward to seeing her in March, after she has had more baptism by fire in NCAA Division I basketball. I would love to see her play against Big Syl...but, that might get a little ugly, because Fowles would literally be able to pick DeHaan up and move her out of the paint. Next year...yeah, that's when it will be an interesting match up. I have to think that Allyssa DeHaan will bloom in Coach P's program. Like another Michigan native, DeHaan seems to absorb all this new and more advanced basketball knowledge the way Feenstra has responded to Coach Hughes in San Antonio. As disappointed as I was in yesterday's performance, I can't wait to see her again.

Congratulations to Coach Boucek
Posted: November 15, 2006 7:10 p.m. ET

The Sacramento Monarchs officially presented their new Head Coach tonight before the Kings game. They have tapped Jenny Boucek to continue the winning tradition established by Coach Whisenant over the last several years. He will be a great help to Coach Boucek as she settles into her new role. I know she has been very patient in waiting for this opportunity, and I am very excited for her. I might even have to send her some flowers today!!!

I had the pleasure of visiting with the Monarchs new Head Coach this last summer in San Antonio. I had driven over to see a game against the Phoenix Mercury, and there she sat on the front row, under the basket, next to the Silver Stars bench. I noticed her at half time, and there were several people visiting with her, so I didn't bother to go over and say Hi. But after the game, I made a point to get in line to at least welcome her to Texas. Well, the line only consisted of me! I just walked up, stuck out my hand and said "Hi, Coach Boucek." She looked a little surprised that someone would call her "Coach", since she had been away from the WNBA for a season and a half already.

I told her that I thought she had done a great job in the first game against Houston in the 2005 playoffs. I didn't know how much responsibility Coach Donovan had given her in scouting and planning the attack for that game, but I had noticed how AD listened intently to both assistants before she met with the team during time outs. That showed me she was in the middle of things for that game, and had accepted the responsibilities of executing a game plan during a key playoff match up. I was impressed, needless to say, because the Storm beat the Comets fairly convincingly that first game. The series had a fateful twist, and that part she didn't care to we laughed that off.

I asked her what she had been doing during her time off, and what had led her to San Antonio this night. Jenny Boo had been "on tour", it seems, after leaving the Storm after the 2005 season. She was actually in San Antonio to visit with Sandy Brondello, who she has known for ages, it seemed. She talked about how Coach Hughes had let her come to some practices and watch how he leads, and had even spent time visiting with her about how he runs an organization. She was very grateful for that, because she knew he didn't have to take the time to share his coaching and management philosophies with her, an outsider at this point. She had also gotten to spend time with all the players, and even gave a shout out and thumbs up to VJ as she headed into the tunnel.

A couple of observations on my part were that Coach Boucek seemed so calm, and relaxed during our conversation. It was as if the time away had been good for her soul. She mentioned having spent a lot of time looking deeply inside herself, and was pursuing answers about some sigificant choices she was making in her life...if they were really worth it. She seemed almost melancholy in saying she had been a part of the WNBA for the years leading up to the 10th Anniversary celebrations, and it was something that had generally defined her life up to that point. When she left the Storm, it was to settle once and for all who she is. She also talked about not being in a hurry to get back into the game; she was going to wait for the truly best opportunity.

And now, that patience and introspection has paid off. I am thrilled for her, the players and management of the Monarchs, and the Sacramento fans. As some have posted on the basketball boards, it will be very difficult to have a negative thing to say when the Monarchs come to your town and play against your team now that Coach Boucek is at the helm. Very difficult, indeed.

Finally, I want to give a shout out to the HOUSTON DYNAMO for winning the MLS Championship over the week-end. It was a run to the end, and won with a block on the fifth penalty kick. The Houston Chronicle even noted that the Dynamo are the second team to bring a Championship to Houston in their first season here...the first, they stated, was the Houston Comets in 1997. And, once you get that championship fever, it is something you want to experience time and again. So, THANK YOU, DYNAMO!!

Howdy from Texas
Posted: November 10, 2006 4:21 p.m. ET

Howdy, from the Great State of Texas!!! Yes, you know you are in Houston, Texas when the date is November 10th, and you can wear cut-offs and a tank top outside. One day last week we actually had to cover our arms in the morning, but that didn't last too long, let me tell ya! Today the temps are back into the 80's.

I work in downtown Houston. As a matter of fact, I can look out the office window of the lawyer across the hall from me (I don't have a windowed office, but an inside-dark-kind-of-thing) and see the Toyota Center. Did you all know that the words TOYOTA CENTER appear in very large red letters on top of the arena in H-town? I didn't until I saw it from the windows of a skyscraper. Not sure how much good it does for the people down below, but for folks flying in to town, it must be interesting to see the place where Yao Ming plays basketball, no? Needless to say, for weekday games during the WNBA season, I simply walk out of my building about five blocks, and I am in Comets Land!! My heart goes out for those who have to fight their way in to town for games.

Speaking of which, I will find myself fighting a bit of traffic soon as I am planning on attending the University of Houston vs. Texas Tech game next Tuesday night. It should be a great game, and I will be torn between my Cougar almost-alum status and my love for the Lady Techster's team. The coaching duel will be fun to watch, as well. I have to confess that the last time I saw the UH women play basketball live was in 1974...and Flo Hyman was on the team. That is another blog all together. She was one of the greatest human beings in sports, but could not play basketball...LOL. She was also the first 6'5" woman I ever saw in my 5'1" life. The most gentle of giants. The team back then was basically the ladies volleyball team during their off season. They were very good volleyballers, but some of the skill sets did not transfer as well as they have for Nat Williams or Shannon Johnson, that's for sure! Title IX was an infant back then, needless to say.

I am also excited about the Rice Lady Owls here in Houston. I will have to catch a few of their games as well, mostly because I love Autry Court. I know when I walk in there it will remind me of my amazing experience a Cameron Indoor last September. Now that was one of the coolest things I have ever let myself go and do. A bunch of us are also getting primed for the Lady Vols to come into Austin in December. Could be a game, or could be leading a lamb to slaughter...I just want to see Tiffany Jackson and Miss Parker play on the same court.

Are you getting as stoked as I am about the Women's College Basketball season? I like to follow the college game because these young ladies are the future of the WNBA. The level of talent coming through our college programs will be what sustains and grows the professional game. As more coaches catch the vision of what it takes for their players to go on to the next level, we will see an even stronger WNBA.

Well, there's my first blog. I look forward to sharing more random thoughts about how life is like basketball over the next several months.

Have a great weekend!!!