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You Know Your Ready When...
Posted: November 18, 2006 11:41 a.m. ET

You know you are ready for the 2007 season to begin when:

1. You take a quick glance at a name and sware it read Tamika Catchings.

2. Get excited every time you hear the word spoon.

3. Have flashbacks of your team at the end of game after winning every time you hear "Celebrate"

4. "Have WNBA preseason begins" marked off on you calendar

5. Repeatedly wonder if its may yet.

6. You think the announcers said Crystal Robinson when really they were referring to Nate.

7. Constantly checking the WNBA site, searching for new forums, looking on myspace for new fan sites, checking ESPN for a slight glimpse of new happenings around the W, as goes the same with NBATV.

8.Pull out old game tapes and just get teary eyed thinking about the "good old days"

9.Your friends start to get annoyed at you because you are talking about the WNBA too much and bet you 20 dollars you wont say anything about the WNBA for a week and you loose.

10.You start posting your random thoughts on a "don't read" topic on Rebkells Junkie Boards and have it go on for 4 pages.

My Greatest Moment
Posted: November 14, 2006 9:22 p.m. ET

Hello there! I am currently trying to find out what in the world to do in WNBA and MLB off season, on this place people like to call Staten Island. I am going to start watching women's NCAA basketball this year. I was never really into it, but after all these ladies are the future. Now to the point of this entry.

So this past season a lot of people have been asking me about my favorite Liberty moment. I would always go off on a tangent about Teresa Weatherspoons half court heave, or the Eastern Conference Championship celebrations. Then I tuned into Madison Square Garden's 50 Greatest Moments and found out what my true favorite moment was.

My first Liberty game is my favorite moment. Not just because it was my first game, it was because it was the Liberty's first ever game, played in the worlds most famous arena, in the greatest city in the world. It was the first time us fans got to love and cheer live for our team, and the first time the team loved us back.

I can just imagine it now, the smell of hot dogs and pretzels in the air, and people scurrying to their seats, nothing but smiles on everyone's faces. Then they dim the lights, I was sitting on my dads lap impatiently as the lights of New York Liberty logo, basketballs, and flames traveled around The Garden. The moment we were all waiting for,"pleeeaseee welcome your New York Libertyyyyy."The crowd was the definition of human electricity, you could barley hear the announcer as he read off the players names. All the players received an ovation. Then there was the National Anthem, tears in many of the players eyes, as well as fans. I was confused at 4 years old and really didn't understand tears of joy, but when I look back on it, I appreciate how much of a great moment The Anthem was and am glad I got to be apart of it.

The game of course, it was a lot of fun. The experience of my first basketball game was a lot more special because of where it was played, and who was playing. I had also chosen a hero that first night at The Garden(see bio). It was a happy moment for all us fans and even greater to the people that were born and never dreamed of the WNBA, but always wanted to play at Madison Square.

The piece they had on that first game at MSG was very nice. It was then when I truly picked the greatest Liberty moment in my eyes. It brought back great memories.It was nice to look back on the times the Liberty were the "talk of the town." Hopefully, in the near future, we can have some great moments that we will look back on; But I don't think any moment will ever surpass the first time we as fans got to love and cheer on our team to victory.