Some of the WNBA's younger players agree on the top four picks
Consensus At The Top of the Board

Seimone Augustus
Louisiana State
Cappie Pondexter
Monique Currie
Sophia Young

Sancho Lyttle, Houston Comets
"Everybody is saying that Seimone Augustus is going to be the top pick coming out of the Draft on April 5, but there are several other great players like Monique Currie, Cappie Pondexter and Sophia Young from Baylor. But who knows what position certain teams need and will go with when it comes around time to pick. Sophia Young is from my country, so I am hoping she makes it at least in the top five."

Kristen Mann, Minnesota Lynx
"The Lynx have the first pick barring any trade and I have to think that the team will go with a guard like Seimone Augustus. Trust me, she is that good. I never played with Monique Currie, but I did get a chance to play with Cappie Pondexter during one summer with a USA Basketball select team. She has that international experience that will help her excel at the next level. I mean, come on, I think she's been on like five different USA teams."

Kendra Wecker, San Antonio Silver Stars
"Seimone Augustus, Cappie Pondexter, Monique Currie and Sophia Young stand out for like everyone has been saying all season long. They are dynamic players who have a knack for making things happen. They each have unique skills, obviously, as Cappie is a point guard, Monique and Seimone are two-three combo players and Sophia Young is a post player who does so much for Baylor. Having played against her in the Big 12 for three season, I have seen her grow so much every year in their program. She is very much on pace to break my scoring record that I set last year and her game has extended even further from the basket. She has improved her outside shooting and has a more well-rounded game. I am excited to see how good she can be at this level."

Lindsay Whalen, Connecticut Sun
"Well everyone has a consensus of who they feel as being the top four or five. You'll hear their names a lot during the NCAA Tournament and into the Draft. And deservedly so. Seimone Augustus, Cappie Pondexter, Monique Currie and Sophia Young are at the top, but after that, I'm excited to see some sleepers that come on during Tournament time, because that's the time to shine, you know? I know that those top four players, that's a pretty solid group there, but it will be interesting to see who else breaks out."

Kristin Haynie, Sacramento Monarchs
"I definitely think Liz Shimek (Mich State teammates) deserve their shot along with some of the top players out there. I got to see how good Baylor's Sophia Young was in the NCAA Tournament championship game last year and I think she will be among the top picks. Seimone Augustus and Cappie Pondexter are the top players to come out, I think."