This All-Star doesn't dance around any topics

Catchings Answers Fans’ Questions

In just four WNBA seasons, Fever forward Tamika Catchings has established herself as one of the best all-around players in the world. But when she is not busy leading her team, scoring, rebounding, passing, blocking shots and coming up with steals, Catch answers her fan mail. Here are just a few:

Catchings wants a WNBA title to go with her gold medal.
Jennifer Pottheiser/NBAE/Getty Images
Q. Hey, I'm a pretty big fan of yours and I like your style. The way you run the team shows that you're a great leader. I try to be that way on the court, too. But sometimes I can't help it, I just like passing. But then sometimes my team can't finish what I created for them, like an easy jumpshot or lay-up. So what do when you're down by 6 and your team just can't finish the job? Do you take over and finish with a big win or still try to create plays for your teammates?
- Claudea, Landing, IL

It can be frustrating sometimes when my team doesn't finish plays. But, it's a two way street. Sometimes they pass me the ball, and I miss my shots too. So, you have to learn how to take them as they come. As far as my team being down by 6, I would have to take over, and do whatever I could to get my team that win. In the WNBA, it's all about how many wins you get early that help your push into the playoffs.

Q. Hi Tamika! I am a huge fan of yours. I picked number 24 to be my number when I was 10 because that has been your number for awhile! I am 16 now, so you could say that I am still a huge fan! You are THE textbook player! You can score, rebound, and play awesome defense! What can you say about your newest addition, Tan White?
- Jackie, Pipe Creek, TX

I am excited about having an SEC great on our squad in Tan White. I think that she will eventually be one of the best players in the WNBA. Right now, there are a few things that she has to learn, and she has to adjust to a quicker, more physical game. But, all in all, she can put the ball in the hole, and she can create her own shot. Isn't that a great thing to bring to a team in need?

Q. T- Congrats on going back to school this past offseason. You are a great role model for the youngsters that look up to you. My question is, what did you want to be when you grew up?
- Wilson, Beaverton OR

When I was younger, I always wanted to be a professional basketball player. Since there wasn't the WNBA at that point in time, I was going to play in the NBA with the guys. That was my goal!

Q. This question is for Tamika Catchings. How much longer will you be playing in the WNBA? I hope it's a long time because I want to play with or against you, it doesn't matter who I play for, as long as I get to play on the same court as at the same time. Watch out for me.
- Kristina, Chicago, IL

I will definitely be watching out for you!! I hope to play for a while. I don't know, maybe… 10 more years or so. I am 25 right now, and if my body holds up, I will still be playing by the time you get to the WNBA.

Q. I am keen to grow much taller and wanted to ask if you have any idea how or why you have grown to be so tall? (e.g. exercise, diet, lifestyle, mentality you had when growing up). I know it is a strange question, but I would be really grateful if you could provide any insight, however trivial. Thanks you and good luck for the season ahead.
- Tia, London, England

I don't really know how I got to be this tall. My Dad is 6'10, and my Mom is 5'10, so I am in between the two of them. As far as dieting, or anything else, I think most people are tall through genes in the family, and then you also have to eat right and smart!

Q. Catch, How far do you think the Fever will go this year? You are my favorite Fever player!!!!!!
- Mama Bear, Centralia, IL

Mama Bear,
I think the Fever are going to be very good this year. We are off to a great start 3-0, and are on our way to the Playoffs. We have to make it this year. It has been two years that we should have made it, and didn't, so that's unacceptable this year!

Q. My question is for Tamika Catchings. You play every game the same way, hard, every night with non stop hustle. So, what do you do to prepare yourself before each game to play that way?
- Tasia, New Orleans, LA

To prepare myself for a game, I just imagine what I want to get accomplished in the game. Of course, I would love to have great shooting nights every night, but I know that's not a realistic goal. The one thing that I do have control over is how hard I work. There are many things that you can do as a player to help your team win. It's not always the one who scores the most points that people are drawn too. I just go out there, and give it all I have all the time. That's the only way to play the game!

Q. Hey Tamika, Are you a good dancer? I bet you are since you have such great coordination on the court. If you win the championship this year, can we see a little dance on the court? We're pulling for ya! Good luck this season,
- Adam, Indianapolis, IN

I wish I was a good dancer. Hahaha. I hope that we win the championship too. And, if we do… you never know. I may break down and do a little victory dance!!