Storm guard Tanisha Wright just completed her rookie season in Seattle and had her fair share of memorable experiences. She was the 12th player selected in the first round of the 2005 WNBA Draft and became the first Penn State player ever drafted in first round of an WNBA Draft and made an immediate defensive impact. She even started eight games as a rookie and scored a career-high 17 points against the Phoenix Mercury on August 27, 2005. But now that the season has come to an end, Tanisha has returned to the campus of Penn State to finish her degree. So what is it like for a pro athlete to be back in school? Keep up with T's Blog throughout the winter.

Volume IV: When the Student Becomes the Teacher
Posted: By Tanisha Wright, March 28, 2006

Hello! I know itís been awhile since youíve last heard from me and I apologize for the long delay. So, letís see... I think the last time I blogged I talked about Christmas break. Wow, time flies when youíre having fun!

Well for the past couple of months Iíve really been focusing on my schoolwork and teaching. These last months have been pretty hectic as far asďworkĒ is concerned. Thatís what we call student teaching. Itís funny, when you think about work, you think about long hours, but it worthwhile the day you get paid. I wish I felt that way since I'm working for free. Until the day I walk down the aisle to receive my diploma... Oh boy, I canít hardly wait.

Iíve been pulling a double shift these days. Not only am I working toward graduation, but also itís nearing that special time of the year. Iíve really been putting in some work to get myself prepared for this upcoming season, both physically and mentally. I just feel like Iím ready to contribute and I'm a lot more confident coming in this year. The STORM season is so soon and I am ready to hit the hardwood again. Looking at some of the newbies weíve been able to obtain; this should be a fun season. Iím looking forward to meeting all the new girls as well as hooking up with the old ones. To be honest, Iím just ready to be back in Seattle and playing again. I canít believe itís been a whole year! Before I know it, preseason will be here and then the regular season. Let the games begin!

Speaking of letting the games begin. It is what some consider the national holiday of March... March Madness. So far, so good. I think for the most part the games have gone the way most people would have expected them to go. There have been a few exceptions, but what can ya do? You live, you learn and you grow. There are going to be some really good Sweet Sixteen matchups out there. Iím looking forward to seeing some of these underclasswoman perform. There are some incredibly talented girls out there; they all are contributing so much to their teams. You know the game is really growing when you see a freshman averaging a double double. Most people donít get two or three of those in their career; such an amazing feat. Iím just floored by the things these young ladies are able to do. Not only are the underclasswoman doing great things, but also the seniors from this year's class are really putting their mark down. Starting with the draft... it will definitely be an interesting year for the league. There you have it... my two cents.

Now it's time to say goodbye to all my friends. It was great chatting with ya. Thanks for letting me share my last year of college with ya, I really appreciate the opportunity to share with all of you. Hopefully, the next time you hear from me will be from Seattle. Take care and be sure to go out and support your favorite team this season and if you donít have a team just cheer for the STORM!


Volume III
Posted: By Tanisha Wright, Jan. 16, 2006

Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back, I know you like that.

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all had as amazing a holiday as I did. Letís seeÖ the last time you heard from me I was about to head home for Thanksgiving. Wow, I guess it has been awhile since I checked in. So hereís a brief update on whatís going on with me: Thanksgiving was tons of fun! I had a great time with my family and really enjoyed the holiday. Then I assume you all saw what Penn State did to the ďother teamĒ in the Orange Bowl, right? Ah yes, the ďROARĒ has been restored in Happy Valley and people can go on with their lives now that JoePa and the boys are back on top. Someone, and you know who you are, owes me a nice steak dinner for the win. And for those of you dying (haÖhaÖha) to know whether or not I received a cute little puppy for my birthdayÖ youíll just have to keep on wondering! :)

What else is new with me? I did a bit of traveling while on winter break. Apparently thatís what itís called (winter break); I was unaware since this was the first time I was able to take advantage of it having it. I spent a few days in Tennessee. Who knew that the people there had such southern accents? I mean Iíve heard people with serious accents before, but nothing beats the people in Tennessee! They couldnít have been anywhere else in life but Tennessee. I also made a trip down to North Carolina to visit my cousin and had a great time. He opened a clothing store, so Christmas came a little early for me. After traveling I went back home to Pittsburgh. Whenever Iím in Pittsburgh I never really do much, except for a lot of relaxing and hanging out. While at home, my high school (West Mifflin) honored me by retiring my high school number. That was a lot of fun! I think the thing I enjoyed most about it were the people who came out to see and support me. It was sweet that most of my teammates that I had played with during my four years there came. The team even recognized my great grandma who will be 88 years old in May. Overall, the night was really special.

How could I forget Christmas? Christmas isnít like it used to be. The excitement I would get while waiting and waiting for that day to come doesnít happen like it did when I was a kid. Nevertheless, I had a great Christmas. I finally got an IPod (I got that upgrade Sue) so now I can stop dragging around my CD player and the big CD case. I received some other gifts too, but none as important as the IPod. After opening gifts, I got dressed and went to church. Iím so thankful and blessed to have lived to see another year.

Iím back in the swing of things and just started my final semester at college. Wow, May 13 cannot come soon enough! Thatís when I intend on graduating and I know it will be such an amazing feeling. I canít wait! I know itís a bit premature to be talking about graduation since I have four months to go, but Iím so excited and just canít help but to express my happiness. Until then I am back in the classroom (same one as last semester) full time. Itís twenty times better to be in a classroom where you are already familiar with the systemÖ it makes it so much easier. For the rest of the semester I will be a full time teacher. Iíll be in the classroom everyday, attend faculty meetings, and assist with other teaching duties. All of that, plus getting ready for the 2006 WNBA season and Iím really excited for the season to start. I just keep telling myself, in four months Iíll be back in Seattle. Wow, itís almost been a year, I guess itís like they say, ďtime flies when youíre having fun.Ē Well it was fun playing, but now itís time to work and Iíve got to write a lesson plan.

I want to give special thanks to the Storm organization; the things you sent for the retirement ceremony were awesome. SoÖ Thanks!

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and a Happy New Year!

Volume II
Posted: By Tanisha Wright, Nov. 22, 2005

Itís that time once again... Time for me to get back to you guys and let you know whatís going on with me.

First, I would like to give you my brief opinion of basketball this coming year. I love this time of year! Thereís nothing but basketball; the menís and womenís college games and the NBA, and Iím expecting some big things from my favorite teams. Of course, there is the Penn State womenís teamÖ Theyíre young, but they have some talented players. Then we have the New York Knicks. Yes, the Knicks and with new coach Larry Brown at the helm, I expect them to have a successful season. My new favorite NBA team is the SuperSonics! How could they go wrong with Bob Weiss, a Penn State alum, taking over?

Letís seeÖ We all know that the expansion draft took place just last week. I wasnít sure whether or not I was eligible for the draft and I was excited to see I still have an opportunity to play in Seattle next summer. I have to admit, I was a little worried for a minute, but now itís all good.

In my last BLOG I shared with you that Iím doing some preparatory teaching. Last week I had the opportunity to be in a classroom for the whole week. Wow, what an experience! Being around third graders five days a week compared to being around them two days a week is a big difference. This experience really scared me. These kids gnawed on my legs and everything else. I seriously wish there was nap time in the third grade! My idea of a ďfun jobĒ is not to hang out with third graders all day everyday, but being able to teach some lessons and have the kids engage in the lesson I taught was amazing! We learned about food chains. The kids were so focused and intrigued. I was smiling from one ear to the other. I seriously felt like a proud mother (not that I would know how that feels). I just couldnít stop smiling!

Another reason Iím excited about this month is because itís Thanksgiving time. Man, I just love Thanksgiving! Primarily because it involves taking time off, but also because you can eat whatever you want to eat. Iím really looking forward to going home and spending the holiday with my family and friends. This year I donít have to rush back to school for basketball practice. How amazing is that? My family will be heading in from New York, so itís sure to be a fun time. This will also be the first Thanksgiving Iíve spent with my father. I donít know what to expect, but Iím looking forward to it.

My birthday is coming up as well. Last year (which was my 21st), I was still playing at State so I didnít get to celebrate appropriately. So needless to say, Iím looking forward to having a really, really, really good time.

Ok, what else can I share with you? Oh, Iím getting a dog! Iíve wanted a dog for the longest time. I tried to encourage my gram to buy me one, but she wasnít having it. Although, she did agree to house it for me. I would buy it myself, but dogs are just too expensive, and I canít keep it in my apartment at school. Anyway, someone who loves me will be getting me a dog. Thatís all I have for you, Coach D! So, I think Iím getting a yellow lab for my birthday and Iím so excited. I see so many people (J.B.) with those small dogs and those kind of dogs just arenít for me. Whatever floats your boat, though?

Well itís the end of the weekend now and Penn State football just won the Big Ten Title (We Are Penn State Whoo)! As you can see, while Iím adjusting to becoming an adult, Iím also still a college student at heart. Until next time... Have a Great Thanksgiving! :)

Volume I
Posted: By Tanisha Wright, Oct. 31, 2005

Hey, whatís up everyone? Itís Tanisha and welcome to my life! With the success of the Storm this summer, I missed a good chunk of classes. Since the day I arrived back at ďState College,Ē Iíve been running on all cylinders. I am finishing up my Elementary Education degree here which consumes a lot of my time. In the first week back I was busy catching up on the work I had missed and now I am maintaining a demanding schedule. My days are occupied by class in the morning from eight until noon on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Every Tuesday and Thursday I am spending the day in a third grade classroom. This opportunity provides me with a few hours to work with kids, which will be beneficial in the spring when I begin student teaching. The third graders challenge me daily, as I try to balance discipline with having fun. Academically my time is spent keeping up with journals, lesson plans, group projects and research papers; everything my courses demand.

After the season I took some time off from basketball and allowed my body to take a little rest. Following that brief break I spent time working out and lifting. Coach Annie Troyan has been assisting me with individual workouts. I have been spending time at and helping out with the womenís team practices. Even after spending sometime in the league this past year, Rene still makes me run sprints, only now with a smile.

Overall, Iíve been keeping busy with school and enjoying life without the pressure of basketball. Iíve been able to spend time at home in Pittsburg with my Grandma who I missed all summer. Iíve also been able to travel to New York where many of my siblings and cousins live. Being able to spend time with friends and keeping busy with different organizations on campus has been really enjoyable.

Well thatís it for now. Storm Fans it was great getting out and meeting you all this past summer. I will keep you posted on whatís going on with me as I finish up my senior year. Stay TunedÖ.