Ask The Players:
Connecticut Sun Answer Fan Questions

You sent in the questions, and prior to the getting on the airplane to begin their road trip, we got the answers from the Connecticut Sun.

Megan Mahoney

Q. What are your practices like everyday and how do you guys focus on the game ahead in the playoffs even if it doesn't mean much?
- Joey, Stratford, CT

"Well, every practice I come in just trying to learn from the veterans. I'm following KT (Douglas) and Kesh (Nykesha Sales) so it's hard I have to go battle against them every day in practice. I'm just trying to get better every day and learn something new."

Q. I would love to know what you guys do the day before an away game? I would also love to know what you guys think of your New York Liberty friends seeing they only have Becky Hammon? Thanks and I can't wait to see you guys here in Indiana on July 1st
- Lauren, Brownsburg, CT

"Usually, I just like to walk around and check out what's downtown. Find a nice little restaurant and grab a bite to eat. I just try to relax and take in the sights."

Laura Summerton

Q. What do you think of the league, and your fellow aussies in the league... past and present?
- Risa, Phoenix, AZ

"I think it's fabulous. It's good to see an Australian when you go and play them. As much as you don't really want to play against people like Lauren Jackson or Penny Taylor, who is not here this year. They're such tough players but it's great to see a friendly face from home. We get to chat about what's going on back home."

Q. What is the most important thing you have learned from your experiences of the past two years; in pursuit of a Championship?
"I think it's really important to be together as a team. You can't win a basketball game with just one or two players. Everyone has to work well together and put in 100 percent together every day whether you're shooting, practicing, everything."

Q. What is the funniest thing that has happened to you since joining the team?
- Melissa, New Haven, CT

"Well, it would have to be my first game (in 2005). I accidentally took off my top. Well, we're used to body suits in Australia so when you take off your warm-up jersey you don't need to worry about taking off your singlet as well. Yeah, definitely that moment."

Q. What are the superstitions of each player on the team? Who is the most superstitious?
- Lyss, CT

"I think my superstitions come and go. If I've had a good game, I might wear the same hair elastic or do the same things I did the game before. But then I sort of leave it if it doesn't work. I'm not really sure (if there's one person who is the most superstitious). Like, everyone has their routine before a game and I think routines are good, because then you're ready to go (for gametime). I think Lindsay (Whalen) might have a couple but I don't know if they are actually superstitions or just routines pre-game."

Q. I AM A HUGE FAN OF THE SUN! I wanted to know what you guys do in your free time when you are not playing basketball like the all stars that you deserve to be!
- Tommy, Fairfield, CT

"Thanks! I tend to try and relax a little. Just go to the pool and have a swim. Or just lay out, watch some movies or go to the movies. Stuff like that."

Katie Douglas

Q. Hey Katie, If you were a GM in this league and wanted to start a new franchise and could chose any player (not from the sun)to be on your squad, who would it be????
- Robert, Petaluma, CA

"I'd probably choose Tamika Catchings."

Erin Phillips

Q. Hey, Erin! How do you feel now since you're playing in the U.S. for the WNBA?
Patrick, Ogden, UT

"It's a big honor. I'm learning so much. It's pretty amazing playing with the team that I'm on and with the people around me and also playing up against some unbelievable stars as well."