2007 NBA All-Star Picks Explained

Chasity Melvin, Washington Mystics

I'm a huge fan of the NBA and it's always tough to pick the All-Stars of the league, some players are easier than others but overall it's tough. My first choice for center is Amare Stoudemire because he proved me and a lot of other people wrong. I have to admit I didn't think he would come back strong from his surgery. He came back asleep at first, but has reawakened and is embarrassing anyone who tries to guard him. Please don't let the bum knee fool you number 1 is back. Even micro fracture surgery, one of the toughest, didn't stop this guy and playing with MVP Steve Nash I don't know what will. My runner up Yao Ming, who is really the definition of a true center. He was great to watch before his injury and this guy can really move for his height.

The west forwards were probably the hardest to choose, but my first choice was Carmelo Anthony. I know he was involved in a fight but I play and everyone can loose there temper, no one wants to get suspended and miss games. I'm sure he is really regretful about what he did, but it still does not change the fact that no one can guard him. He has a beautiful shot, and then he can post you up and uses a variety of moves, and last but not least he will just take you off the dribble and score. He does all that a young age, and makes it look easy. He is definitely an all-star and I can't wait to see what he and the Answer do out west. Tim Duncan would be my second choice, because he is just so consistent and I've loved his game since Wake Forest. I wish he would get more excited sometimes but too each his own. He plays the game almost perfect at his position, and you just always know what you're going to get with him and you still can't defend him. Runners up would be and in this order Novitzki, Garnett, Brand, Howard, who are all playing really well.

The guards out west first I had to choose Kobe Bryant, because he is the ultimate all-star. Every year he comes back better and has improved on some part of his game. This year he has stepped up into being a leader and has increased his number of assist and I actually believe he is trying to make his teammates better. I've never been a big fan but that might be changing as of late, but please Kobe, don't change your number again. My second choice was Steve Nash, he is amazing to watch and I feel sorry for all the other guards that try to guard him. He is so amazing because he is a scoring pt guard but at the same time a true point and that happens rarely. He deserves MVP again because he makes everybody on his team look like an all-star. Honorable mention goes to Tony Parker, Chris Paul and T Mac they are all playing great.

We will move to the east now, the side I'm from and who I will be pulling for to win. At center I chose Dwight Howard. Besides Lebron James and Amare Stoudemire this is another "manchild" who reminds me of Moses Malone, without the gold necklaces. Okay he still has a long way to go, but I think he will get there, and the necklaces well the dress code want allow that. He's playing very dominant in the east and he's only a kid, and maybe the last to be an all-star at such a young age. Honorable mention goes to and this may be a surprise but Alonzo Mourning. He is a great looking 37 year old and he makes everyone think twice before coming down the paint. He has overcome adversity and you can see and almost feel his love for the game every time he plays whether starting or coming off the bench.

The east forwards my first choice Lebron James, and he can do it all. He is fun to watch and "I"m a WITNESS" I love him. He handles the ball at ease, and although his two step is questionable, it always ends up in two points or an And-1. He can dribble, shoot, pass and has set all the records for the youngest to reach well everything. Everyone says it, writes it, or thinks it, and Lebron does it, lives up to expectations. My second choice goes to Antawn Jamison he plays this way on every team he goes to and he plays well. His quick release around the basket is untouchable and he also shoots the three well. He is a great compliment to G. Arenas and I think he deserves to be an all-star.

Last but not least the East guards and my first choice goes to Gilbert Arenas. It's not because I've played in DC the last 3 years either. Gilbert is the hardest -working NBA player I know and I've seen it in person. I really believe hard work does pay off when you get the opportunity and number 0's hard work is paying off and his opportunity to be the franchise player of the Wizards may lead him to MVP honors.. He is so fun to watch and he makes it look so easy just ask LA and Phoenix, Lakers and Suns that is. He was overlooked last year and barely made it, but he should start in this year's all-star game.

I chose Dwyane Wade second and everyone knows that "Flash", last year's finals MVP will be an all-star. He's been carrying Miami without Shaq and doiang a great job. His performance on Christmas day was a gift to everyone watching the game. Thanks D Wade for making me remember why "I Love this Game". Much Love to Allen Iverson and Vince Carter but they told me to choose only two.

Linda Frohlich, Indiana Fever

Here are my picks for all-star week.

West: D. Nowitzki – He is my country mate so I had to vote for him and everyone calls me Dirk-in-a-Skirt. S. Marion – We went to UNLV together, we had a lot of fun there. – Rebels fight, fight, fight…. S. Nash – What do I need to say, back to back MVP! C. Paul – Probably the most important player to a team in the NBA. Y. Ming – He is dominating the game, I love his footwork.

East: L. James – The future of game. G. Hill – He embodies what is good in sports, never give up. G. Areanas – A flat out scorer, he truly belives he can get 50 any night, I like his swagger. D. Wade – Well, let's just say he is easy on the eyes, sorry Andrew. E. Curry – He has stepped up his game leaps and bounds this year and as a ball player you have to respect that.

K.B. Sharp, Indiana Fever

Here are my picks for the All-Star Game.

For the east coast, I picked: Jason Kidd because he is a great point guard. Dwayne Wade because he puts his whole body into the game. Jermaine O'Neal because he plays for Indiana. Lebron James because he is from Ohio. Ben Wallace because I love his afro.

For the west coast I picked: Leandro Barbosa because he is fast as lightning. Steve Nash because I think it is awesome that he scores and has assists with a double double. Boris Diaw because he's from France and that is where I am playing now. Dirk Nowitzki because he is from Germany like one of my best friends (Linda Frohlich). Yao Ming because he is the "quiet" killer. I think they're all great players.

Dalma Ivanyi, San Antonio Silver Stars

I picked Tim Duncan because of the San Antonio heart, and his leadership for years. Dirk Nowitzki is in my opinion the best all-around player. Rasheed Wallace is the best bad guy! Paul Pierce has nice moves and I like his commercial. Raja Bell is the best, the big FIU family is the bomb and it rules!!!!! Manu Ginobili is everything a player needs to be! Awesome!!!!!! Jason Kidd is the smartest player, and he can really make you look better on the court. Dwayne Wade is so much fun to watch and the star of the present and hopefully of the long future! Yao Ming is anice big guy! Alonzo Mourning's heart is the biggest! He is the true fighter and sportsman!!!!!!!!

Temeka Johnson, L.A. Sparks

This list was very tough to choose from. There are a lot of talent men on each side, and it makes it even more difficult to only choose 2.

For the west forwards I have Kevin Garnett- plays hard every giving night Josh Howard- who has been playing some great basketball.

For the east forwards I have Lebron James- who is becoming on of the greats in this game. E. Okafor- who also leaves it all out on the floor.

For the west Guards I have Kobe Bryant- Who is doing a great job of getting his teammates involved more. Steven Nash- who is the best point guard in the league.
I also love Chris Paul's game and he will be one of the greats very soon as well.

For the east Guards I have Allen Iverson- one of the smallest yet dominating players in the game today. And I love his transformation and adjustments he has made with his new team. D. Wade- just a pheonominal basketball player. It was hard not to choose gilbert arenas b/c he has been playing some great ball also.

For the west center I have Tyson Chandler who has been playing well without is leader chris paul. I love amarie stoudemire, but i had to chosse tyson on this one.
For the east center I have Ben Wallace Shaq is out and havent performed in a while, but know that I am always rooting for the former Lsu tiger. Go tigers

Nikki Blue, Washington Mystics

West Guards:
1. K. Bryant (Go Lakers!!!! Kobe is the man. 81 points... enough said! He is also my pick for MVP)
2. B. Davis (He's a Cali native and UCLA Bruin so you know i gotta give it up for my dude!)

West Forwards:
1. K. Garnett (It wouldnt be an all star game with out KG... that's a fact!)
2. C. Anthony (I love bad boys with game!!!)

West Center:
1. A. Stoudemire (I played with him in the 2002 McDonalds All American game and i have been a fan ever since... not to mention he's cute also, lol)

East Guards:
1. G. Arenas (Hate it or love it, the underdog is on top. He is killin' the league right now!! Go Washington!!!)
2. D. Wade (He should change his name to "The Truth" because he's so real!!! If the East wins he's my MVP pick)

East Forwards:
1. L. James (It should be a sin to be this good, this young. He is King James for a reason!)
2. P. Pierce (He's a Cali native with the signature California greatness!)

East Center:
1. S. O'Neal (I just wanna see what crazy shoes Shaq brings to the game this year. He is so funny! CAN YOU DIG IT!!!!!!)