After receiving more than 2,000 letters from WNBA fans around the world, several of the WNBA All-Stars arrived in New York ready to answer your questions.
See what the U.S. National Team players had to say yesterday.

Allison Feaster, Charlotte Sting

I remember watching you play at Harvard, and always thought that you would be a great player at any level. So, congratulations! You have worked very hard and deserve the career you having and will continue to have. What advice can you give to any young person, that is from a small school, or one that isn't considered a basketball school, in hopes of continuing there career in this game? Thank you! You are the best.
-Rown (Warwick, R.I.)

"I would say that you have to continue to believe in yourself and take advantage of any opportunities you might get professionally, whether in the WNBA or overseas. I use a lot of my time to improve as a professional overseas. Work hard and play wherever you can."

Becky Hammon, New York Liberty

Since I'm from a small town in Montana I don't get many people to come and look at my skills. How would the players recommend going about contacting colleges?
-Tessa (Whitefish, MT)

"Well, I think you obviously start out by putting the tapes together. But I think if there is anyway to go the extra mile from that, you'd be better off. Nobody came out to see me playing in South Dakota when I was in school, I had to travel to places. I would say you're gonna have to hop in the car, get your parents to drive you, or have someone take you where you can get to a major camp and get some exposure. I don't think tapes can do it all. People can get a better assessment of you by seeing you live."

Mwadi Mabika, Los Angeles Sparks

I would first like to thank all players for having a tremendous impact on women's basketball, and paving the way for young women, like myself, and providing tremendous opportunties. My question is, which coach has had the biggest influence on your life, and your game?
-Pam (Warrington, PA)

"Coach Cooper made me comfortable on the floor. I think I was hiding my game a little bit, but he gave me the opportunity to be myself and show what I can do."

I was just wondering if you had any superstitions before your games?
-Laura (Ft. Gibson, OK)

"Take a nap and have vanilla ice cream with a brownie."

Deanna Nolan, Detroit Shock

Do professional players follow a strict diet in order to stay in tip-top shape or do you eat whatever you feel like and just try to stay healthy? Thanks and good luck!
-Haley (Elk Grove, CA)

"I try to stay to a diet and not eat too much fast food, but that doesn't seem to work for me because we are always on the road. Sometimes I have that little binge where I eat whatever I want, but at the same time, I have a high metabolism, so I don't really gain weight."

I heard you can dunk. If this is true, I would like to see you dunk it in the All-Star game
-Coco (New Orleans, LA)

"Yes, it's true. If I have an opportunity to do it, I will. It's not like I am thinking about it or really want to do it. But if I am in the moment, I will do it."

Nikki Teasley, Los Angeles Sparks

Nikki - you got a sick handle!!! where did you learn to dribble like that? you would be a great street ball player. in fact you should do some kind of camp or something to teach kids your moves!
-Sara (Connecticut)

"Aside God blessing me with this talent, I practice hard and spend lots of nights working in the gym."

Hello Nikki Teasley, are you going to pull of some tight moves like you did at All Star '03?
-Felicia (Mobile, AL)

"Of course I am!"

Natalie Williams, Indiana Fever

How does it feel to play against one player one day and the next you have to support that same player in a game in which you both are on the same team?
-Crystal (Roanoke Rapids, CA)

"It's not confusing. It is easy for us to switch and know that we are all in here for the same purpose. Like Cheryl Ford, I go against her one night and the next night she is my teammate. But we are really good friends, so it's easy to switch. And it makes it easier that they are all great players."

What is it like playing in the WNBA, and how is it different from any other levels of play such as high school or college basketball?
-Megan (Morris Plains, NJ)
"Everybody on every team in the WNBA is an All-Star, an incredible player where in high school, you had one or two good players."

Good luck in NYC, Nat! Wish we could be there like 1999.
How about a double-double?
-Mom and Tom (Rolling Meadows, IL)

"I'll do my best. Love you mom, Love you Tom. Wish you were here."