Talking With Jessica

Connecticut forward Jessica Moore is in her seventh season in the WNBA, but her first with the Sun. A former UConn star who has also played for the Los Angeles Sparks, Charlotte Sting and Indiana Fever, Moore took a few minutes before a recent practice in Minnesota to chat about returning to play in Connecticut.

How does it feel to be playing in Connecticut again?
Its really good to be back. I like everyone. The team is really great. The coaches are great. I really feel like Im starting to blend in and get comfortable with the program and how we run things. Being in Connecticut always feels like Im home, so I really feel comfortable.

Is the role you are asked to fill here a lot different from your roles with other teams, or is it similar?
I think it is similar. Especially coming off an injury, and then being thrown into things, Im still trying to find my way and feel around. It is difficult when you first come in, but everybody has been warm and welcoming and has been helping me out a lot so Im just really grateful.

Youve been in this league for awhile now. Does being a veteran make the transition to a new team easier?
Yes, definitely. This isnt my first merry-go-round. This is the third team Ive been on so I pretty much know how everything goes. I just stay positive, keep working hard and try to help this team win a championship, which is the ultimate goal.

As a veteran, what are some of the things you do now that can help you make this kind of transition to a new team?
I think I am more of a smarter player. I know what to do and when to do it. Im a really good role player and I pride myself on how hard I work. I try to listen and do everything to the best of my ability. I think that is why I am still around, because I try to work so hard and get things right the first time.

You have a reputation for being a good chemistry player who knows how to come in and fill a role. Is that sometimes a tough transition to make after being more of a central player in a high level college program?
Yeah, it can be kind of difficult taking a back seat to somebody, but I think that being at (UConn), you learn how to be a good teammate. It wasnt about being the star. It was about What do I have to do for us to win and be a great program. So for me, I just want to do what is my role, what can I do to make this team better. And whatever that is, I am going to do it and be happy with it.