Renee Montgomery: Dancing My Way to All-Star

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So as you all already know, I am extremely happy and blessed to be chosen by the WNBA coaches as a 2011 WNBA All-Star. What you might not know is what dance I did when I found out I was chosen. Let me just take you through the whole ordeal. It was 10:32 a.m. on a cloudy Monday morning, and I was in my apartment getting ready for practice (ok so I made that time up, but it sounded good, right?).

Anyway, I see a 201 (New Jersey) number pop up on my phone, and I stared at it for about three rings because I usually don't answer numbers I don't know. I decided to answer it because anyone calling me that early must need something. It was Renee Brown (Vice President of the WNBA), and she said, Hi Renee, so I said, Hi Renee. She then congratulated me on becoming an All-Star, and as she was speaking, all I could think is that my Snook (mom) is going to lose it. As soon as Renee and I got off the phone, I called Snook. I told her the news and pulled my iTunes up because Im about to break it down in my apartment.

Well my Snook starts crying (happy tears, of course) but I didn't care. I hit play and started teaching her how to Dougie. Once she gets the tears out, she manages to tell me "Im so proud of you baby." Then goes on to say, "Im not going to be able to work the rest of the day." So apparently, me making All-Star resulted in my Snook having a day off from work. Must be nice to be your own boss.

Theres a story for almost every family member, but I don't have time to tell you because I'm about to head to the airport; San Antonio bound. If you all are watching the game, which I hope you will be, look for my Snook in the stands. She'll be the beautiful lady Dougie'ing when I check in. :)

Until next time... Be Blessed

Renee Montgomery