Nicole (indy): Yo Lindsay how do you feel about not having home court in the finals? Do you think it will be a factor at all for the Sun? Oh yea, next time you drive down the lane throw it up off the back board and tip it in, that would be soo awesome!!!

Lindsay Whalen: I think home court is good for a reason. We wish we had it - it was nice the last two rounds but this is the Finals. They are taking a long flight and that is to our advantage. We've won on the road before so we'll see. As for the backboard move, I'll save that for an All-Star game - not the finals. Coach T wouldn't be too happy about that...

Brittany, Indianapolis: Lindsay! First of all you are an awesome player. My question is how well do you think you handled the transistion from college hoops to the WNBA? Your team did well, but do you give yourelf any credit for that? And if you do how much?

Lindsay Whalen: I think everyone takes a piece of the credit for the season. From college I didn't know what to expect. The roster 1 - 12 and everyone involved takes pride in the accomplishment of making it this far. You never know when you'll be back so we're enjoying it.

Tiarra(Arlington): What do u think is strong about both Sacramento and Seattle?

Lindsay Whalen: I got to play against both teams at home and remember them well. Seattle has a great inside-out combo with Sue and Lauren, have great players who can get to the basket and those who can shoot- they can hurt you on the offensive end. Sacramento has gotten this far because of their athleticism. Yo and Tangela are hitting the boards and Kara is hitting those shots, so we will have our hands full with whoever wins tonight.

Sarah (Sacramento): Who poses a bigger problem for your team Sacramento or Seattle?

Lindsay Whalen: Tough to say - we'll see after tonight depending on who wins...

Rich (Bridgeport,CT): Hello Ms. Whalen, You are an awesome player. It looks like you wear weights around your ankles. If so, how did that come about? Good luck in the finals!!

Lindsay Whalen: I hope it doesn't look like I'm running with weights - no, those are ankle braces. I sprained my ankle back in high school so the trainers at Minnesota made me wear them. Now I think I need them to play because I have gotten used to them...

Matthew (Loretto): Who would you like to play agianst more in the Finals, Sue Bird or Ticha Penicheiro and why?

Lindsay Whalen: Each player presents a great challenge. Sue has a great pull-up jumper and Ticha can get to the rim and make her teammates better. Both present problems.

Meghan Colorado Springs: Man you really came alive in the playoffs. How are these playoffs different from the college tournment?

Lindsay Whalen: It's different because there is the series aspect. If you lose one game you aren't done. However, you have to sweat two out of three. It is a similar feel - do or die, everyone is tired, everyone trying to grind it out at the end. With the pros, you are playing to be the best in your sport. No fooling around now.

Karisa (Lancaster, CA): Hey there Lindsay congrats on making it to the finals. I really enjoy watching you play, you're a great passer and a good shooter. What kind of music do you listen to before game time, and is their any NBA player you would like to play one on one? Good luck in the finals!!! GO CONNECTICUT!!!!!!

Lindsay Whalen: Good questions... Music - lately, it's been a compilation of CDs - it switches up. Ashlee Simpson, Kanye West - the New Workout Plan, Juvenile, Mob Deep... a little bit of variety. For one-on-one, Allen Iverson. I want to see how quick he is in person.

Kirsten (Andover, MN): Hey Lindsay! Im a huge fan of yours! I was just wondering what your plans are for after the WNBA season? Are you planning on doing anything with the gopher basketball team? Thanks and good luck in the finals!!!

Lindsay Whalen: After the season, I have to go back and graduate. After that, I'll figure it out... I'll probably end up helping out somewhere, maybe an internship back in Minneapolis. I won't be coaching but I'll be around and cheering for my Gophers.

Joy (Natchez, MS): Congratulations on making it to the Finals! Who inspired you to play basketball and why?

Lindsay Whalen: It wasn't any one person. I just love to play. A lot of players I look up to - K.G., Charles Barkley, Pete Maravich - a lot of them I looked up to growing up.

Sheila/Wakefield, RI: Hi Lindsay, I hear you are a Fooseball Champ! Are you undefeated?

Lindsay Whalen: We used to have a table at home when I was a kid. My dad is REALLY good. At my house back in MN, we have a ping pong table, that it my new game. So I'm not the champ anymore.

Ron (Gulfport): Lindsay, congratulations on a great year. I notice you play golf. Have you been to LPGA tournaments? Do you have a favorite LPGA golfer? Good Luck on Friday. PLay hard!

Lindsay Whalen: Yup - love golf. I have never been to an LPGA event but my favorite golfer is Patty Burke, because she went to Minnesota. I love to golf, though.

Brian 203 CT: Hey Linds! Congrats on makin the Finals and Congrats on having such an AWSOME rookie season! What has been the best part about playing in Connecticut? Good Luck GO SUN!!!

Lindsay Whalen: The best part has been the opportunity to play and learn at the professional level. I love getting to know my teammates and the fans have been great. I'm enjoying it.

Erin (St. Paul): Hey Lindsay! I'm a big fan from your Gopher days and I'm now following you and the Sun. It seems like you can do whatever your team needs on a given day - assists, rebounds, points, whatever. How did you develop such a well rounded game?

Lindsay Whalen: You have to be able to do whatever it takes on that given day. You can't limit yourself to scoring or assists. The things that go unnoticed are important. Rebounds and steals help the team. The shot might not be on every game, so there are other ways to help the team, so I try and develop those skills.

Katie Fond du Lac: It is great to see you guys in the finals. Are you going to be nervous being a rookie at all in the finals?

Lindsay Whalen: No, I will just go out and play the way I have been playing and the way I've played my entire life. If you get too caught up in that stuff, The Finals, you can get too wrapped up in it and get psyched out. I'm going to be relaxed and play good basketball.

Lindsay Whalen: Thanks for checking in today. I look forward to our next game. Take care. See you this weekend.