Terriís Playoff Diary

Hey Sun fans!

I hope everyone is excited for the WNBA playoffs. All of us on Solar Power truly believe the Sun will go all the way this year!

The Solar Power Dance Team recently attended the Season Ticket Holderís Ice Cream Social at Mohegan Sun. Besides treating ourselves to some yummy ice cream, the SPDT also had a blast greeting the fans and helping out with the raffle. It was great to hear from the CT Sun team members and Coach T, and Iím glad many of you got to meet them up close in person! It was a pleasure meeting all of you Sun fans, and thank you for coming out that night and showing so much spirit and enthusiasm for the Sun.

After the last home game on August 26th, all of us dancers got a chance to hang out together and celebrate an awesome season! We all went to Michael Jordanís 23 Sports Cafť for some dinner and dessert (so good!). This summer I have made such great friends with the ladies of Solar Power, and it was nice to hang up the dance shoes and get together one last time before the postseason.

Most recently, we have been working hard with our coach/choreographer, Andrea Ricci, to get our dances ready for playoffs. At each practice, we designate which dances we will perform at each game. Depending on which dancers will be at each game, it takes a lot of time to change formations and perfect each routine. Because many of us are moving back to school, we are having some practices before or after some of the playoff games. Itís especially hard for those girls attending school in New York and Massachusetts, and Andrea is very accommodating for all of our busy schedules. Despite our other endeavors, we canít help but be thrilled for the playoffs to begin! We are crossing our fingers that the Sun will clinch the 2005 WNBA title, and we know that all your support and cheers will help them get there! See you in the playoffs! Go Sun!