Duke Fan(KS): Are you willing to trade frachise players(ie:Shannon Johnson or Nykesha Sales) For this years #1 draft pick?

Chris Sienko: We'll look at any option to make our team better. Obviously Diana could help us on the court and off the court, so we our open to anything we can do to improve our team.

Nicole (Port Richey): What types of players will the Sun be looking for in the 2004 draft?

Chris Sienko: I think there is no question we need to enhance our post play. But depending on the moves we make, it could be a wide selection of players we need.

Wendy from Worcester: First of all thanks for a great first season!! We are season ticket holders and are looking forward to the 2004 season! I am wondering what The Sun is doing/will do in the way of promoting the team this year? I am also wondering why there appears to be little or no promotion in Massachusetts? I think there is a lot of potential for growth in Mass!!! I also wonder if there are opportunities for charity appearances of any of the team members? Thanks and GO SUN!!! :)

Chris Sienko: Thank you for the support. We have a community relations person in place now and we are looking forward to moving into Massachusetts. Also, as far as advertising, we are also looking to market the team. Our players are excited about going out into the community, like they did last year.

tulsa: what do you think about the up coming season

Chris Sienko: We are excited. Last year we reached the East Finals and next year we want to go beyond that. It is a very exciting time. We are really looking forward to going into next season.

Big Sun Fan( Hartford): Is there any truth to the rumors on the internet that the CT Sun talking to Seattle about trading for Sue Bird and/or Minnesota about trading for Svet? Also what are you looking to do with your 4 draft picks?

Chris Sienko: I think there is a lot of rumors out there. We are talking to all teams about all opportunites. We are listening to offers and making offers.

Julia(Hoboken): I think you should change your uniform color to purple. Thoughts?

Chris Sienko: Ha-ha (laughing). Ironically, we have changed the colors of our road uniforms, but they are not purple.

Kris (Wethersfield): Even though Rebecca Lobo has retired, will she be doing any appearances or other work with the Sun?

Chris Sienko: Rebecca's primary function right now is as an ambassador to the league, doing things around the entire league for the WNBA. We do hope to get her in our market as well.

Randi (Hartford): Next season is going to be weird with the month-long break for the Olympics. How do you think this will affect the team and are you taking potential Olympians into effect as you're building the team?

Chris Sienko: Yes. Pee-Wee Johnson is one of the core seven players on the roster right now. It will be a rare opportunity to go out into the community and promote the league during that time.

juanita, silver city: chris - how did you get into the industry and make you way to a gm?

Chris Sienko: I was involved in the old ABL, the previous women's league. I then worked up the ranks at the Mohegan Sun staff.

Mike (Mystic): How does it work with players going abroad during the 'off' season? are there contracts with WNBA teams only for the WNBA season?

Chris Sienko: Yes. We can have multiple year deals with players, but they are free to play overseas. We then retain their rights here.

katlyn, hartford: I see more men coaching WNBA teams. Do you think that is good, bad or neither?

Chris Sienko: Neither. We polled our players before we hired our coach, but to each their own. They are both qualified. Sometimes it's a male, sometimes it's a female.

SMR/MI: How does trading away the #8 dispersal pick help this team, short term, was it done for payroll reasons?

Chris Sienko: No. The eighth pick wouldn't have afforded us the opportunity to get the player we wanted. We were better off compiling another draft pick, since the college draft is so deep.

Garry (Pomfret): We would like to see more of a UCONN presence on the Sun. Jen Razzotti was passed over; do you think Maria Conlon has enough talent to be a back up 1 in the WNBA?

Chris Sienko: Jennifer Rizzotti was passed over because she has opted not to play next season. However, the Connecticut Sun's goal is not to become the UConn Huskies, The Next Generation. Maria Conlon is still developing her game and has a bright future in the league and with the Suns.

Chris Sienko: Thank you for all the support in our first year and I look forward to seeing everyone out at the Mohegan Sun for our games next season. And come back next week for Debbie Black's chat.