Out for the 2013 because of an Achilles tear, the Sun forward checks in to talk about her rehab process

Danielle McCray: 'I am at a point where I am in control of this injury'

This past winter, Danielle McCray suffered a complete tear of her Achilles tendon while playing for Familia Schio of Italy. She underwent surgery and is currently rehabilitating the injury, which has sidelined her for the 2013 season.

Last week, McCray was back in Connecticut, working out and observing games and practices. She took a few minutes to talk about her progress.

How is the rehabilitation from your injury going?
ďItís been going great. I am going on my fifth month mark, so itís starting to transform to the point where I am starting to run now. Just building that confidence up to start picking my leg up and start running. Itís been going well. Iím excited about where I am at, but Iím excited to see where itís going to go.Ē

Is it difficult not to push yourself too hard?
ďThere are times when I want to go out and try to run or try to shoot or jump. But I am at a point where I am in control of this injury, and I donít want to do anything to harm (the recovery process).Ē

You had to sit out your rookie season while rehabilitating from a knee injury. Does that experience help you this time around?
ďIt does help as far as knowing what to do, what to go by, what to strengthen and just to have patience. The biggest thing is just patience.Ē

But it has to be a challenge watch the team knowing you could help.
ďItís very hard. Just watching is tough. You want to be out there to help the team. The position I am in, you canít do that right now. Itís just good to be around the girls and good to be back in Connecticut.Ē

How did the injury occur?
ďI think it was just wear and tear. I went up for a layup, and after I was done making the layup, I went to transition into defense. Just that first step, it snapped. I knew right away. It was not that painful, just because it didnít roll up to the calf. It did definitely get my attention. It felt like somebody kicked the back of my leg. It was just devastatingÖI was looking forward to this season. New coaching staff, and the opportunity I would have. It just set me back a year.Ē