New York City: Hey Nykesha,Will the Sun win a WNBA championship next year.

Nykesha Sales : Yes. I think we have a real chance to win the WNBA championship. The past few years, I think injuries have hurt us, and if we can stay healthy, I think we can go all the way.

Becca(Ridgeland): How is your offseason coming? What do you think will be the best asset to your Connecticut team this year?

Nykesha Sales : The offseason is going well, I'm resting and rehabbing a bit. I've been working on getting my real estate license. Our teamwork and team chemistry is our strongest point. We have some good players and we really work well together. That's our best asset.

Cheska, Los Angeles: i just want to ask, what did you felt when you were injured and didnt play your first game ever?! when the all star arrived in New York I flew over there just to see you play and im a bit disappointed not to see you play because you are on of my most favorite player ever! Take Care! Thanks! :)

Nykesha Sales : I didn't know how to feel, because it was a totally new situation for me. I just went through the experience, and hopefully I won't have to go through it again.

Melissa New Haven: What got you into real estate?

Nykesha Sales : I don't know, it's a situation where I want to take advantage of having freedom, not being stuck in an office. The real estate market it wide-open and lucrative and also it's something I can do while I'm playing. It's a good fit.

keisha: Nykesha - How will you spend your holidyas and what is one of your favorite holiday memories

Nykesha Sales : I'll probably spend the holidays with my family in Florida. A classic memory is, my brother also plays professionally, and one time we both pretended we couldn't make it back down to Florida because of our schedules and then we really did make it back down there and surprised my Mom. It was really cool.

Mike(DC): Hello Nykesha. I love the way you play the game. It seems to me, as a fan, that the WNBA ball does not give a true bounce on the rim. It looks like a pinball sometimes. Am I wrong? Would you like to play with the NBA size leather ball and do you think a ball change will be a positive move?

Nykesha Sales : I never really thought about that. I've been playing with the same ball for so many years, you just get used to it. But, when I do play with the men's ball, you can tell that our ball is lighter. What that means on the rim or for percentages, I don't really know. I wouldn't be against going to the other ball, but it isn't like I think we have to go to it, either.

Nikki King- Haines City Fl.: When are you coming back to Orlando for a clinic? Please have one for age 18 and up.

Nykesha Sales : I try to get clinics together, but the problem is that AAU is so big down there that to try and schedule something around the high school schedule and the AAU is really tough. I will have to try and do some research and find out when would be the best time to hold a clinic when kids could actually show up, when they're available and not off playing with their high school or AAU teams.

jaja, brooklyn: why do you wear # 42?

Nykesha Sales : I wore No. 24 in high school, and when I went to UConn, another really great player had that number and they didn't want to give it away, so I just flipped that No. 24 and became No. 42.

ollie, hartford, conn: Do you get back to watch your old Uconn team and how will they do this year?

Nykesha Sales : Actually I saw them yesterday. Sometimes it's hard, because I live down south. And last year, I was overseas and couldn't see them much. But I saw them yesterday and they looked really, really good and I think they can go a long way. They are big and very athletic.

Victoria(Ridgeland): What is the best/worst Christmas gift you have recieved/given?

Nykesha Sales : I still think my best gift was a red dirt bike I got. It was a Huffy, with red handlebars, red seat, I swear I was the only person in Connecticut with that bike. I loved it. My worst, was back in the day, I got a dress. I wear some dresses now, but this was a Granma gift from back in the day, and I was like, "What?" Now, times change and if I get a nice skirt or dress now, I can really rock it, so it's OK now. But back in the day, no way, no dresses.

Dante (northampton, ma): You were very well dressed while injured. Do you have your own tailor? Where do you shop?

Nykesha Sales : I'm actually an average size, I get my stuff from the regular stores at the mall. I know a tailor, but I don't really need that. I know the stores that carry my sizes. Also, I do alot of online shopping, that's probably my favorite.

Nykesha Sales : Thanks everyone. Have a great holiday and I hope you'll support us next year for the WNBA season.