Lindsay Whalen and her fiance Ben Grieve are going to be married this fall. We were wondering just how the preparations were going, especially since Lindsay is a little busy right now playing basketball!

How many days until your wedding?

LW: Well it's October 6th, so a little over three months.

Are the invitations sent out?

LW: Not yet, nope.

Are they picked out?

LW: Yeah, sort of. We're still thinking about it.

Do you have your dress picked out?
LW: Yes.
What does it look like?
LW: I can't say!

Who is in your wedding party?

LW: Emily my friend from high school, Jess Brungo (former Sun player), a couple of friends from college, my two sisters Katie and Annie. My brother is on his (Ben's) side...and my little brother is an usher, he calls himself the "Head Usher".

Your mom has been out here this week helping you plan the wedding?

LW: Yeah, it's been good. It was a lot of fun. We got a lot of stuff done. It was fun to just hang out and spend time with her. It was cool.

Church wedding?

LW: Yeah, church wedding.

Being from Minnesota this is a 50/50 question...are you Lutheran or Catholic?

LW: (chuckle) Catholic.

Is your dad looking forward to giving you away?

LW: Yeah I think so. It'll be cool.

What is it like trying to prepare for the wedding while you are busy with the season?

LW: My mom's been helping a lot and Ben's mom has been helping too. And Ben! There's a lot of days when I can't really do a lot of preparations like today when I was stuck in traffic. You gotta work on it here and there and try to balance it.

Are you going to do the Chicken Dance and the YMCA at the reception?

LW: No. No. We're not going to do any of that stuff, I don't think. Ben and I need to discuss that and decide just how corny some of the songs are going to be.

So it will be fancy with lots of flowers?

LW: Yeah, it'll be more on the formal side.

White tie, tails and top hat for Ben?

LW: No. I think more of the basic, classy kind of look.