Leah Secondo Diary #7

Leah Secondo begins her sixth season of affiliation with the Connecticut Sun Radio Broadcast Team. The journey continues as Leah documents the season and travels with the team in her diary.

July 30-31:

The final two road games of the first half did not play out the way any of us had thought...that is why the game is played. Washington played team basketball and that was the reason that they beat the Sun on Friday night 69-68. Without Chamique Holdsclaw, the Mystic are forced to distribute the basketball. Muriel Page told me afterwards that she knows she is going to have to take more of a vocal responsibility to helps this team rise above this mess (the Holdsclaw missing mystery). There is no doubt that through Washington’s adversity, Alana Beard’s game has stepped up a notch. She looked and acted much more confident with and without the basketball.

The Sun had a chance to push Washington out of the playoff picture. Instead, the Mystics carried the momentum into a win over Phoenix on Sunday.

The bus ride to New York after the game was quiet. Lisa Ciaravella ordered sandwiches for the players and we watched the Detroit-New York game which had been played earlier in the evening and the movie “The In-Laws”. Cute movie…and the first time I saw a Michael Douglas movie where he actually kept his clothes on for the entire show. That in itself was impressive. The two videos were perfect length for our 2 a.m. arrival at the Intercontinental-Barclay Hotel

The team got its first look at the “Great Stage” at an 11:00 a.m. Friday shoot around. The bus dropped us at the back-stage door entrance at Radio City Music Hall. We took the elevator up to the fifth floor to the teams “Dressing Area”…plenty of mirrors and lighted vanities for the performers…certainly a better smelling and cleaner locker room than Madison Square Garden. Once dressed the group got back into the elevator and headed to the second level or “Stage Area”. It was spectacular. The magnitude of being able to step onto this floor didn’t hit me until the people started to walk into the building later that evening. I thought covering opening day at Yankee Stadium was neat but this took the ticket to another level. The workers did a magnificent job in making it feel like a basketball court with the glitz and glamour of New York’s Theater District. I strongly recommend that you make the trip to NYC in September for the next game against the Liberty. You will not be disappointed.

We were set-up on a scaffold above the teams. I felt like Bob and I were the two-old men from the Muppet Show. The scaffold was wobbly, so each time the runners brought us box scores we knew we had company. They could not bring us a player to interview after the game because they were concerned about the player’s safety getting through the crowd and climbing the stairs…so much for the radio crew.

I took several pictures and if they come out, I’ll try to get them posted on the website.

Oh yeah the game…well I think after the first five minutes everyone was acclimated with the setting. The best part of the stage was that there were three walls of black for the players to shoot off as a backdrop. The only side that the players may have had difficulty was shooting what would feel like toward the audience. I’ll have to get the stats on how many shots were taken that way and report to you before we play NY in September.

Becky Hammon drilled a season high five three-pointers in New York’s 80-66 win over Connecticut. The Sun were never able to establish a consistent inside presence offensively or stop the Liberty from answering each Connecticut run.

The good news is that despite the loss, the Sun finds themselves in the mix for one of four playoff spots.

Lindsay, Jess, Jen and Le’Coe haven’t had a break since college started last fall so the time off should be good for them. Katie will be able rest her sore ankle …come to think of it…everyone has some sort of aliment so rest will be beneficial for the entire roster. Players have a written plan of what they must do to stay conditioned throughout the break. It will be up to the players to follow it and be ready to practice in a few weeks.

Enjoy the break and I hope to see all of you at the Sun’s next home game September 3 against New York at 7 p.m.