Leah Secondo Diary # 4

Leah Secondo is in the midst of her sixth season as the Radio Color Analyst for the Connecticut Sun. Throughout the year, Leah forwards her diary of travels with team.

Game day at home against Indiana July 6, 2004:

Tonight’s victory over Indiana ranks as one of the tops in franchise history. The grittiness of this basketball team is the difference. Coach T has them believing that regardless of the setback as long as they keep fighting, they come overcome the deficit. The Fever won several key stat areas and yet the Sun just keep plugging away and cutting into the Fever lead. You could see the Indiana confidence shrink with each sun point.

Nykesha Sale’s circus three-pointer to tie the game with the shot clock winding down had nothing to do with form or fundamentals but pure luck. She was at least three feet behind the arc upon the release and let it go with an aim from the hip. Then her game winner at the buzzer was flat out smart hoop. She got the defender to bite her move and that cleared her positioning to the hoop for an open shot. A sixth consecutive win 79-77.

Each night the team playbook has an inspirational quote at the bottom of the page. I have saved each one and there is a perfect quote to go along with this evening’s outcome. It was from the LA Sparks game on May 31, 2004 “The Harder you work, the luckier you get.” Attributed to Professional Golfer Gary Player. The PGA pro was probably referencing to the fact that he has over a dozen holes-in-one…but in this case it works in relationship to the Sun’s game.

Practice at the Mohegan Sun Arena July 8:

The Sun went through a little feeding of the break down on Sacramento. Thanks to the hard work of coaching staff.

Brooke Wyckoff worked out off to the side. She is slowing progressing to on her rehabilitation doing a variety of skipping, hopping, and even crawling drills. The way she is running around on the sidelines, Coach T joked that Brooke looked like she was going through some sort of sorority pledge. You could never tell that she is rehabbing unless over course you tell her to sprint up the floor which she can not do yet. Her conditioning is incredible. I am jealous! I’d love to have those cut arms… ah to be young again.

Sacramento Game at the Mohegan Sun Arena July 9:

Gosh it hurts to watch former Lady Vol Kara Lawson bury a three (five consecutive to be exact) then turn and gesture the crowd.

Now, I understand she was probably just trying to have a little fun with the fans. However, it didn’t come off that way. I believe the late great Hall of Fame Running Back for the Chicago Bears Walter Payton once made a remark towards the younger players in the league, when you get to the end zone act like you have been there before. I would like to suggest the same to Lawson. A basket is a basket is a basket. What are you going to do hop up and down every single time you score during your career? You are a PROFESSIONAL. YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO MAKE THAT SHOT!

Lawson finished with 21.

Sacramento Center Yolanda Griffith told us in the post game interview that she kept telling her teammates to get the ball to Lawson or Bolton on the outside because the Sun were overplaying the post so much. It paid off, the streak is over, Monarchs leave town with an 85-70 victory.

The loss is humbling to the Sun after having so much success the last few weeks. How the team bounces back on Sunday is even more important to how the journey continues!

We fly out of Bradley late in the day on Saturday to begin the road trip. First stop is Indianapolis and I’ll catch up with you soon.